You see an OBJECTION. I see a CHALLENGE.

Does this sound familiar coaches? – You have examined your every action & behaviors to make sure you are in fact diligently following the suggestions laid out for all new coaches to follow to become a successful coach. In fact, you’ve re-examined several times. More & more people are aware that you are a coach, some even going as far as saying YOU inspire them and some even reaching out to you showing interest and asking for details on Shakeology, Beachbody fitness programs and these “Challenge Groups” that you keep referring to.
You truly care about helping each and everyone of these people who have courageously shared private details about their goals and past struggles. You are taking the time to really get to know them, not rushing thru things, trying to force a sell on them. Everything seems to be going well. You feel confident that you will be able to help them. Then it happens – They tell you that they are READY to commit. Then comes the final step – the closing. That’s when you see them pulling back. Objections start flying at you. You are frustrated. You don’t know what went wrong. You were sure that this was a for sure thing. 
I have been a coach for 21 months. In that time, I have built relationships which have helped me change lives, starting  first with my own, as well as build a business, which allowed me to walk away from a confining, 10 year career in the Insurance Industry in only 625 days. During this time, I’ve been approached by many coaches who have asked me what my secret is. Truth is, I have no secret. My success is based on building strong, genuine relationships based on trust and common interest with strangers which has resulted in amazing friendships. In have made a video where I share some tips on  how to duplicate this. I hope this gives you insight on how to do the same which helps you in your journey as a coach.
First off, I want to share some of my thoughts. WARNING: This is LONG. If you know me personally or have ever watched one of my YouTube videos, you will know first hand that I talk A LOT and always have A LOT to say! That’s one of my blessings and curses! 
Are you ready?
I feel that this topic needs to be addressed & discussed. Why? Because this is what seems to be common denominator and what lies behind  most coaches struggles. 
From speaking to so many different coaches from across the nation, from different states, some new coaches, other coaches who have been struggling as far back as 2010, 2011 or coaches who signed up around the same time I did in 2012. I’ve found that MOST of them have mastered the 3 Vital Behaviors, they understand and they’ve learned  what it means to invite and create relationships with NEW people on a regular basis & they have even had a few challengers sign up and commit, but they are not growing their team or getting many new challengers on a consistent basis. And what it all comes down to is OBJECTIONS. Objections are something that I’ve noticed can be fatal to some coaches career path, because each objection they receive seems to eat away at their confidence as a person, as a coach and as to what type of abilities they feel that they possess & excel in when dealing with others. Once this sets in, I’ve then seen all sorts of dangerous self-talk start occurring that they let ferment inside them. No one else can see it, it’s all going on mentally.
So lets discuss this topic:
Are you getting a lot of objections? I am sure you are. No one is immune to that part in this business. It doesn’t matter who you are – if you are an Elite Coach, if you are founding coach, if you have a background in marketing or sales. We all get hit with OBJECTIONS and No’s.
Of course someone may answer no. (Why is that so scary anyways? How many of you said NO originally? How many of you took weeks or months or maybe even a year after “thinking about starting”before you committed? How many of you drank Shakeology, paying FULL price and turned down the coach opportunity for months and months, maybe even over a year before you finally decided to join as a coach?) It’s easy, once you’ve embraced this lifestyle and committed to being a loyal Beachbody customer & product of the product for life to “just get it” and forget what others are fearful of or wondering or questioning, just like you did when you were in their shoes.So tip #1 – Go back to when you were first exposed to this opportunity and was in their shoes. 
If you aren’t  getting hit with objections, do you now what that means? It means you are not asking enough people! So, let’s be real, everyone hears them regardless of who you are, how long you’ve been a coach or how successful your business has become. In fact, the most successful people are the ones who’ve received the most objections. The difference between them and people who aren’t successful: they’ve mastered the art of overcoming the objections. How to Overcome Objections is a great resource  to learn how to overcome common objections, complete with scripts to help you get started. 
(Have you read this document? If you are struggling in this area I highly suggest you read this over several times and have it in front of you whenever you are on the phone or communicating with your  prospective clients 
What are some of the things you have heard and how did you overcome them? Have you used one of the methods outlined in the How to Overcome Objections training like “feel, felt, found” or “I don’t know, all I know is”? How did you feel during the process? What was the outcome? 
Preparation is the key to success in anything. Anticipating what objections you might get and already knowing how you will respond will keep you from being caught unprepared and then walking away and later on thinking “Wow! I should’ve said this in response!” and kicking yourself for not saying that when you had the chance. Being prepared in advance, will help you feel & appear more confident when faced with this situation, we all have to deal with often. Being confident in what you are presenting and being able to make your customer feel that you do believe in what you are trying to sell them on will help you win over their trust. Planning out your response and rehearsing it in your mind or with your accountability partner lessens the chance of you looking unprepared and not fully sure of what you are saying you believe in and then just walking away from the conversation, allowing the NO to be a permanent road block, not a extra conversation starter. Remember, the last thing you want to do is be another person who has walked away from someone who truly wants help and needs it to reach their goals. Most objections are just tests from the customer. If you give up on them, this could only validate tis persons objections and fears that they’d been struggling with internally.  
To prepare and plan ahead: Make a list of every objection you can think of along with the appropriate response. Can you remember what objections you gave your coach? Do you remember what it was that they said that helped you make this decision?
Post your most challenging objections below.What are some of the objections you’ve been getting? What is your response to these? 
You have to remember getting a NO from a prospect does not mean NO – it just means NOT RIGHT NOW. Do NOT take it personally. I have a lot of people that have told me no.. for one reason or another.. I try to find out what their reason is (this helps me understand them and also I can evaluate and check back with them in a few months since circumstances change and it is very common these days, that people change their mind). When finding out the reason behind their NO – I NEVER ever EVER validate it because I know that objections are just them trying to talk themselves out of the decision because they’ve already convinced themselves they will fail (because it’s safer that way in their mind and they’ve already given themselves an “out”), like they did a hundred times before when they tried to lose weight in the past… so all they are needing is one person to slightly agree with them which will give them everything they need to tell their voice in their head “SEE! You were right, this is too expensive. Why waste your money on something that is so expensive that won’t work just like everything else?!?”  
When hitting price objections I have heard coaches say “Yeah I know it’s expensive, but it’s really worth it and will help you reach their goals!” I see and hear coaches who complain and laugh about the objections they get from their prospects (yes, you hear some doozies after sometime in this business) because they KNOW the objections are usually invalid and inaccurate based on assumptions, and not enough research done. So the question is – if the coach knows the objection is not legit or has no factual evidence to warrant someone NOT purchasing the products THEY expressed interest in to help them reach THEIR goals they told you about, then why don’t coaches share with the prospect that their objection is a fear or something that is not accurate because they assumed something that wasn’t based on the real deal?!? I will tell you why! Because most coaches feel like they are pushing something down their prospects throat and they feel like they are arguing with them.  And the last thing they want to do is be labeled as a “PUSHY SALESPERSON” and most people really try to just avoid any type of confrontation. So they get the initial “NO.” They make sure they tell the person they understand and that if anything changes, to let them know. Then they go grumble about it to their coach and then they get frustrated & angry with the person and themselves. 
Here’s the thing though – You are not forcing them to buy anything. You are SIMPLY educating them on a topic that YOU are a pro in and providing them with accurate information so that they can make an truly educated decision based on facts, coming straight from you – The coach, the person representing this company/these products. The last thing you want is a person who has inaccurate information, walking away from the conversation thinking that they are correct and also seeing you as someone who wasn’t fiercely loyal or didn’t 100% believe in the products or the mission behind the company they are promoting. All you have to do is provide them with the correct information. Don’t make them feel like they are stupid. Give them facts and let them put it all together. This needs to be done with a few short, concise sentences that will help them come to the conclusion on their own that their objections are actually no longer valid now that they’ve been presented with the facts. If they are still skeptical (which some are, which is usually because they’ve had a bad experience with a similar company in the health & fitness industry in the past), don’t throw in the towel. Don’t get frustrated. Hel them come up with an alternative to ordering right now or closing off any chance of being receptive in the future. Invite them to a Shake and Share or your local fit club where they can see other members which will prove the support and community feel that you were telling them about. They will get to see and try products such as Shakeology, risk free. Offer them a 7 day trial pack of Shakeology instead of a 30 day supply or insisting that they purchase a Challenge Pack. It’s better to back off a bit, show that you are understanding and respectful of their concerns and that you are going to be here regardless if they sign up today, tomorrow, 6 months from now or never. Remember: You don’t need them, they need you. You have the gift and are holding the most valuable thing. The $40, $50, $60, $80 commission you may make initially off of their initial purchase means nothing compared to what you have to offer them. What they are getting out of the deal is for more beneficial and valuable than success club points or commission. You HAVE to see it this way. You hold the keys. You are the one with the prize possession. The last thing you want, is to appear desperate or beg them. You don’t want to drag or force people who are not ready. You can’t force people to make change if they are truly not ready. Your business and your goals are not hinged upon whether they make you their coach. If their no is based on their lack of financial ability to join now, then instead of moving on to the next person who you think has the funds now – Help them come up with solutions to help them find a way to afford it, maybe not now or even next month but in a couple months. Typically I have found, most people are not naturally problem solvers or people who think outside of the box and many people nowadays do not even know how to budget their finances, living paycheck to paycheck and totally unaware of how much money they are spending a month on items outside of their regular monthly bills. 
I myself, really market myself not as JUST an online health and fitness coach who will help you “get skinny” and “get healthier”, but I instead provide myself as FIRST their friend and someone who is more of a LIFE coach, making sure I provide genuine, invaluable help to them in multiple areas, NOT just in health and fitness. This comes to another point I have to make – It’s fine to follow the founding coaches, top coaches, Elite coaches, and coaches who you see just kicking ass and taking names, that way you #1 surround yourself with successful, positive people and #2 you watch them, gathering ideas and observing how they interact with others NOT so you can copy their every move and mimic them, but so you can gather ideas and create YOUR own brand, based on things you’ve learned form them and found insightful, while adding your own personal flair. Find a skill or capitalize on your greatest strength and don’t copy what all of the other coaches are doing, instead create your own approach and provide something different that not everyone else is doing and you, in turn will have a new feature to share with prospects that will automatically add more value to what you have to offer as a coach. 
Taking time working with people, allows you to get to know them, anticipate what they are going to say. Learn how to read people. Read body language. Read facial expressions. Learn how to ask the right questions AND listen so that you can learn more about them. Your questions do not want to be intrusive or else they will feel comfortable to reach out to you, much less share private information. 
One of the most important things I really remind people is to learn from your failures. Don’t hide them. Don’t throw in the towel. Examine what methods you’ve used and what didn’t work in the past. (If you have ONLY posted about a challenge group in the first month of being a coach and got NO inquiries or NO hits, you have to look at the time line and how possibly the lack of inquiries was not because everyone on your friends list is poor or doesn’t believe in your or hates fitness, but because at the time, the ONE time you started inviting people, you are were a brand new baby coach and they wanted to watch you for a while to see if this is the real deal and you were really going to stick to this. (You have to remember, nowadays you see a lot of people who sign up with a MLM in direct sales because they think they can make a quick six figures, selling health in a bag, while they sit at home and then when things don’t turn out like they thought they did. They bash that company and then next thing you know they are with another Network Marketing Company, claiming their shake is the best ever. So you have to understand because people see this, they are really hesitant to jump on another “fad” health & fitness bandwagon. They want to see it elapse over time and actually yield results from people they actually know, not someone off of the internet that says they achieved this by using your product. And more than anything, they want to see actual results from people YOU helped that way they can see if you are really everything you say you are and are marketing yourself as.)
Remember,  if Plan B fails, then examine it from top to bottom, left to right, inside and out, then check that one off your list and move on to Plan B. Make sure you dig deep and examine YOURSELF. Did you make sure you really tied their emotions in and their real deep seated goals to what you were presenting? Did you find out what didn’t work for them in the past to clue you in on their fears and why they may be hesitant? Are you pushing them too much, too fast, being to “salesy” and not taking time to really show them that you genuinely care and that you aren’t going to just collect your commissions and then be like ADIOS? Have you been a coach for awhile and had bouts of inactivity and showed others who were watching that you may be inconsistent which translates into =unreliable? Have you been a coach for a while, but not helped anyone achieve their goals – if so, ask yourself, if you were consistently helping those who carefully chose YOU as their coach or did you get a sale, and then get sidetracked by trying to nail down more sales, forgetting about the people and the promises you made to them when you offered yourself as their coach?  These are big things you must do. If you’ve been a coach for a long period of time but you can’t show proof that you have stayed by your challengers sides and helped them produce results and helped improve their life, people will actually  be hesitant to select you if they think you may abandon them or you are not doing what you say you are doing on a consistent basis – so make sure you newer coaches remember this as your career as a coach progresses. Even more so when you become successful, don’t forget to keep maintaining the same system and doing the same things you did to achieve your goals in the first place. It is not wise to discontinue the things that were the building blocks to help you achieve your goals, just because you are over the hurdle of struggling as a new coach. Don’t get lax in your daily behaviors because your organization is not concrete just because you achieved success today. It is something that has to be nurtured everyday!
I see so many coaches who get “only” one challenger. And instead of being overjoyed that they themselves were clearly a product of the product, successfully built a trusting relationship with this person and INSPIRED them with either your results or they connected with you and something made them want to walk this journey with you – They get discouraged. They feel like they are a failure. They had a goal of 5 challengers and fellow Coach-Susie-Q just posted that she had 5 people join her challenge group. Their negative self talk convinces them that they are not as good as Susie-Q and Coach Joe Blow who just posted that he already has 20 success club points this month. And so they start to feel so sorry for themselves, and they become so discouraged and start convincing themselves that they made a mistake and they aren’t cut out for this business. They rationalize that this business is for people who are outgoing, only sapphire personalities, only people who have worked in sales, only people with some rags to riches coach (financial) success story, only for people who had it good growing up or only people who had a tragic childhood or life story, only people who have lost 100 lbs, only people who look ripped and toned, only people who have some crazy life transformation story, only people who have always been successful, only people who have a rock star coach as their uplink, only people who sit an office job and have tons of access to computer all day long, only people who are married, only people who are childless, only people who live in a big town, only people who have tons friends, only people who are good looking, only people who have a supportive spouse, only people who were born on Monday, only people with brown hair, only people with blue eyes, only people with a size 10 foot, etc etc. Do you get how silly this can become if you allow your mind take over and you focus on comparing yourself to others using them as a way to measure the type of person you are and the chances of you being successful or if you start focusing on your weakness where you see others excelling, totally failing to see that you have a gift in areas that those same people you are comparing yourself to, possess no talent??? So my advice is – stop focusing on what you don’t have. Instead start focusing on what you do have – ONE person who took the chance on you! The only definition of failure in my book is if you threw in the towel in the very beginning and I’d be really said if you abandoned that one person that took a chance on you, trusted you, the one you promised to help, all because you weren’t satisfied with that one person, because you had your heart set on FIVE. If you ever catch yourself doing this, snap out of it. Get back to your WHY – Why you started this – Did you start it just to sell X amount of challenge packs or because you wanted to get rich or you wanted to become the highest ranked coach in the organization???? If you’ve taken a close look, dug deep and that is most of your main motivating factor, then I suggest you re-evaluate because those goals will be seen right thru by others. People love to buy, but don’t like to be sold and they can always tell when they’re being seen as just a number or a sale and there is no genuine concern or interest behind your words and what your mission is as their personal coach.  So just make sure if you say you are doing this to help otters and pay it forward then make sure your actions, your invitation, the way you treat people, the way you listen to them, the way you help them with their struggles, and respond to them when they need you TRULY does line up with everything you preached & promised you would provide. Just a little food for thought for all coaches to think about NOW and keep in the back of your head in the future as you come up against struggles, challenge groups that appear to be a flop compared to other coaches you may be secretly competing against in your mind, and to the coaches who have been with TBB for a while and struggling to maintain rank, reach new people, reach your own personal goals! Whoever you have that trusts you and regardless of how many you have that actually sign up as your customer – ALWAYS treat them with respect and give them individual care! Help them! Guide them. Become their friend. Their biggest fan. Someone who gave them hope on their darkest days.. Trust me.. they will thank you when you help them reach their goals. They will attribute all of their success to you because you didn’t leave them, you made good on what you initially promised and you helped them change their whole life and open up so many new doors for them. And guess what will happen next? They will tell others. They will validate everything you’ve been saying you’d do. Now you will have real tangible proof. And then you will have potentially your first coach and referrals because you better believe if you provided something that changed their life and you have formed a true, genuine friendship.. they will tell others. I can promise you that! (Same goes, if they feel that you were a fraud or used or abandoned them. Word of mouth is more powerful than written proof or statistics.) So instead of being sad about “only” one challenger look at it this way – You have two choices, bail out because you see this as a failure and the results is that you potentially hold not just your life but someone else’s life from being the best it’s ever been. Are you willing to have that responsibility on your shoulders? 
Beachbody saved my life and saved my marriage. I am so glad my coach never gave up on me or accepted my horrible objections when I threw every excuse in the book at her, as to why I couldn’t do something that I turns out I am actually pretty good at! I’ve thought about it, I’d be pretty angry if she had of given up on me and allowed her ego and pride to interfere and just retreated the first time I said “I can’t afford this Challenge Pack. It’s so expensive.  Do I really need Shakeology? OMG It comes on auto shipments. I don’t want auto shipments!” (I was originally ONLY interested in P90X. Its pretty hard to change my mind once its set, and I didn’t think I needed Shakeoligy because I figured it was just like Whey Protein that I’d drank before & yielded no results, but she still presented the opportunity of the challenge pack and introduced me to Shakeology EVEN though I all along stated that I ONLY wanted P90X) And then she checked in on me after I said I was going to order TWICE and bailed out both times becauseI swore it would be wasted money and I’d never look or feel good about my body again.  Then when I she told me I should become a coach I said, “I Don’t want to be a coach because I can’t inspire anyone. I am not a salesman. I  haven’t reached my goal. I don’t have time. I don’t know anything about coaching or health or fitness. I haven’t finished P90X.” Yes, I SURE DID throw all of that at her. She never made me feel pressured, nor did she seem argumentative or desperate for my business. She simply laid all the facts out and allowed me to make my decisions. She was able to give short concise answers to each of my objections, that gave me proof that all of my excuses were just that – EXCUSES! I had nothing else to argue on after that.  And so she on 2/15/12 gained a new coach on her team. In 21 months I was able to reach my goal of 5* (Elite Coach) and work my way up to #54 out of over 140,000 coaches, as well as leave the industry I’d been miserably working in for over a decade to become a full-time Coach. In that time, I replaced my income (and then some) that took me 10 years to achieve with no room for advancement or making anymore money at the company/position I had and now as a coach I have no caps or limits on what I can do or how much I can make as a Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I am living my life by design, not default. I am happier. I feel relieved. I get to spend more time with my family and not just be there, but actually enjoy them because my mind is free of clutter and stress. My whole life has changed drastically since the day I ordered my first Challenge Pack. My relationships with my family and friends have been renewed and strengthened. My marriage is no longer on the brink of divorce. We’re stronger than ever and more in love than the day we married. My Coach & her sister are some of my best friends. Our husbands are close. Our kids love one another. The list of benefits and positive effects this decision has had on our life is a mile long. Long story short. Had she not pushed me and just given up at the first NO or sign of objection, what the heck would my life be like? I know for sure, not even half as happy or together as it is at this current moment!  Her sister, Kristina has said that, I changed the dynamics of her team when I joined. We all work together well as a team and when I became a diamond, she became a 2 star diamond coach and became Elite in 2012 and has progressively grown herself personally and as a coach and also left behind her full time job – her 15 year, 6 figure career in the construction industry in Miami. So what do you think would have happened, where would we be, if she she allowed my first NO to completely shut her down when trying to sell herself to me, a stranger to be MY coach? Our lives would NOT be the same! So think about that the next time you get frustrated with someone who tells you no. Even if working around the objections and providing solutions, it’s still a NO.. that’s okay… don’t get angry at them. Don’t write them off. In fact, I encourage you to have them sign up for a free membership.. because even if they are not ready or appear to be even close to being ready to commit to a challenge pack, they still have their goals and struggles they are trying to achieve and deal with.. so they still need support. If your motive is to truly help people, then your best method to show them is to provide them with support and help from day 1. Day 1 starts the day they trust that you will help guide them in the right path & believe that they can do this – Day 1 is NOT they day they purchase a Beachbody product thru your website!  
Hope this has been helpful to you! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!
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Be patient. Remain steadfast to your goals. Be true to yourself. Remember you initially started this to improve your life and to accomplish your goals. So even if you are still struggling with reaching and helping others, that is absolutely NO reason to abandon your own goals!