You can be ANYTHING you want to be – You just have to BELIEVE (and work hard)!!!!

Two things: 

1) Anyone who knows me or has been following me on Facebook for sometime or or has watched my YouTube video ( or has been following my blog, knows that, prior to joining Team Beachbody when I purchased my FIRST Beachbody program on January 28, 2012, I was NEVER ever EVER into fitness & although I ate healthy, I was NOT healthy. NEVER in my WILDEST dreams did I ever think I’d still be on the same track 20 months later nor did I ever think I could inspire or help others via FITNESS of all things! NEVER did I think I’d ever be able to free myself from the bondage of working for someone else, helping them fulfill THEIR dreams and reach FINANCIAL freedom! 

2) I don’t really “read”. I “SKIM” read. 

I became DIAMOND on Rebel’s birthday on June 7, 2012. About 3 1/2 months after joining as a Coach. 

Diamond Rank and ABOVE coaches receive an email on the 2nd Friday of each month. In the email it outlines the stats of your current productivity and your stats produce points that help you qualify for Elite & Premier (Which equates to less than 1% of the current coaches). 

Last year I was NOT working towards becoming an ELITE COACH. But this year, in 2013, one of my MAIN goals has been to step up my level of leadership and help others achieve and grow their BUSINESS and teach them how to connect and build relationships with others to improve many others lives, as well as their own. In August of this year, I had accrued enough ELITE points to qualify for ELITE. I was really humbled when Kristina Delgado notified me that I was the first from our team of over 1,000+ coaches to achieve this. 

I must have missed the notification that our current Elite Status Email would include our current ranking out of all the coaches in the organization. I didn’t know this detail was included until my old, dear friend and personally sponsored coach Melissa Barto posted something about this early and as I stated earlier, I don’t really “read”, I just skim over things, so missed this detail myself. 

As of October 9, 2013, I currently rank #53 out of 139,400 Independent Team Beachbody Coaches across the nation. 

This blows me away. 

Rank, Numbers, Having my name up in lights isn’t my driving force, but to me these things enforce what my main goal is in this industry – That I lead by example, work hard and display a strong sense of leadership and do so with love and humility. 

I could NOT have achieved this and would NOT be where I am today if it weren’t for the fearless leadership of my coach Becky Bergolla Brossettthat I have duplicated for the past 20 months and from her sister who is like a co-coach or auntie-coach Kristy, and my team and all of the support from my besties who have stood by me and believed in me. 

And thank you Coby Mitchell for being a friend and pushing me and listening to me! And for being proud of me. I never get tired of hearing that!

It feels good to finally be good at something!