To those who have been following my 10 month saga/fight/journey to get my U.S. Passport so that I can go on the FREE cruise (my first ever) that I won in March to the Grand Cayman along with 1500 other coaches who have qualified. You will know how much today means to me.

In my hands I hold 2 out of 3 IMPORTANT documents that I have been needing and waiting for!

1. A certified copy of my adoption (received a couple weeks ago)
2. A temporary U.S. Passport (Good for 2 years or until I receive my Certificate Of Naturalization that I’ve also been waiting for since April.

I am glad I never gave up. I am thankful for the support I’ve been given by all my friends and followers during this nightmare.

1 more document & I am totally independent and FREE from any control or need to ever contact the people who raised me!

The only thing is that my ORIGINAL passport photo looked much cuter than my retake.. but Oh well!