What’s in the box?

I spent most of my life eating food from a box.

I cooked too many meals from a box.
I purchased too many meals from a box.
I ate too many meals from a box.

I have ALWAYS loved food.
I haven’t ALWAYS loved healthy food.

Now the only thing I eat from a box are foods cooked by me that are 100% natural.

In 2009, it dawned me just how much my diet was affecting my health and my children’s health.
When I found out I was expecting my 3rd child in October 2009, I cleaned up our families diet even more.
Our health drastically improved. I noticed a change in my digestion, energy, sleep and my immune system was a lot stronger. I had a healthy pregnancy and high iron levels, which isn’t typically the case during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, after I stopped breastfeeding and when life got in the way, I slipped back into old habits and the first thing to go was my energy and health.

In early 2012, I finally got SERIOUS about my health AND fitness. I was 31 and was tired of feeling bad all the time. I was tired of having no energy. I was tired of being in pain. I was tired of the life I was living. They say when you finally have had enough of your pain, you will change.

It’s taken over 5 years of ups and downs, constantly learning and educating myself.

I have stumbled upon several products and services that fall in line with my priorities and goals. #1 being my SUPER FOOD SHAKE that our family drinks DAILY. (You can contact me for more information if you’d like to hear more about it.) The newest discovery I made earlier this year was recommended to me by a mentor that I trust and respect, so I decided to give it a try.

Today I received my 3rd box from Butcherbox. I have gotten different shipments with different quality meats. The box is customizable and the shipment frequency is also customizable. The price and quality are superb.

You have got to try ButcherBox

Use this link to try -> http://fbuy.me/fsPR5 and get $10 off your first box.

I just upgraded to the XL box – Check out what I got, in this video:

I love a company with an amazing vision and mission that operates with integrity.

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