Ultimate Reset – Part III

I have decided that shortly after I return from our Leadership Trip in Dana Point, California I will be starting my third round of Ultimate Reset.

I would like to invite YOU to join me in this 21 day program.

Here is the link to the photo album that is like a daily personal diary during my journey and the results I had. https://www.facebook.com/coachmindyhord#!/coachmindyhord/media_set?set=a.436302649735866.97601.100000684030205&type=3

I didn’t really have a specific goal in mind when I started the first time. I had just simply committed to doing it with my coach, her husband, sister and about 10 other coaches.
It really is beneficial to do it with a group for support, feedback, and accountability, but the 2nd time I did it all by myself after surgery since I could not workout and because I knew it would help the healing process. My husband did it last May after surgery and I believe it helped him immensely.

The benefits of participating in the 21 day program are truly amazing. I can honestly say it’s life changing.

My husbands cholesterol dropped 80 points.

It helps you lose weight (I lost 8 lbs. each time), improve your relationship with food, learn how to maintain a balanced diet, learn when you are hungry vs. emotional eating, help improve your sleep patterns and many other health benefits.

The most impressive story comes from when I was in Vegas in June. I met a coach who had been suffering from PCOS and infertility treatments and was severely deprssed. She decided to try UR along with her husband. And guess what? She now has twins! (Here’s her video http://youtu.be/nMZ5__3r9NU) Not saying it’s the solution to infertility issues, but our bodies are so full of “crap” from all the toxins in the air, our food, our water and the foods today are horrendous – packed full of unnatural artificial ingredients with tons of perservatives and GMO’s. #1 preventable disease is food related illness (think Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestional issues, etc)

Reset can help you clean your bodies out in a non-harsh way (don’t worry you won’t be glued to a toilet w/ explosive periods of release), help remove bloating, increase your energy and accomplishing all 21 days makes you feel unconquerable and amazing mentally.

Here is a video on it, if you are interested.

I am starting on September 30th and 3 others have committed to joining me, would you like to join me as well?

Please feel free to share this experience with us!

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