The “secret” to how I made a career switch after 625 days with NO college education.

I have been officially (paying in taxes) working since I was 14 years of age. In over 18 years of being a hard working Korean-American Citizen, there have been very few gaps in between my work history. I used to always say that I would always work for someone else, because it was safe, predictable & provided more security. I remember saying repeatedly, that even if I won the lottery, I’d still work somewhere at least part-time.

On September 6, 2013, I announced that after much deliberation, with the support (and nudging) from my husband, my team and closest friends, I made the decision to turn in my resignation.

For months, I’d been contemplating & making the leap. I had gone back and forth between asking myself: “Am I just being cautious & responsible? Or am I just scared?”

For months, it seemed like there were signs everywhere, telling me “JUMP. Just DO it, Mindy.”

Some people live as if they are waiting for life to begin. They assume that a perfect time will come to do the significant things of life. But, if we are not careful, life will slip by, leaving us waiting for something that should have been happening all the time.

I am sure you’ve seen it – parents waiting for the perfect opportunity to spend time with their children. They wait until their children are older, or their obligations are less demanding. And before long the best years for knowing them, understanding them, teaching them, enjoying them are gone.

There are friends who intended to make time to be together, but the years passed too quickly.

There are husbands and wives who promised to be devoted to one another, and they meant to keep their word, but intimacy was too low on the priority list. And as the years passed, love was pushed out and alienation took its place.

There are people who intended to break bad habits – sometime soon. But that time never came.

Good intentions are not good enough. What you intend to do, do now. Time is passing. What are you waiting for?

Since I’ve been affiliated with Beachbody as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, I’ve seen so many new faces come & go.
I’ve sat & listened to founding coaches & coaches who have been part of this organization for 3+ years speak about their experience as a coach & how they’ve managed to grow a business, make a BIG impact on thousands of lives & still love what they do. I often wondered what happened to all the other coaches who started when they did, but let their excuses get in the way of their dreams, or threw in the towel way to soon.

I get flooded with emails & messages from other coaches, brand new baby coaches & others who have been struggling for some time.
Some are asking for guidance. Some are hoping I have some secret that I can share with them on how to become successful.

Do you want to know my “secret”? Do you want to how after ONLY 625 days of being a Coach, I am able to retire from my 18 year career of being a slave to someone else’s dream?


I simply do what the other 98% are NOT doing.
In life, there’s the 2% who are successful & come up with solutions. Then the other 98% who focus on their problems & make excuses.

For the majority of my life, I was a 98%-er.
I convinced myself, that I would never be good at anything, much less at the top.
I convinced myself, that I was a failure.
I convinced myself, that because I didn’t have a college degree I would never be successful.
I convinced myself, that because I had kids really young I lost my chance at doing something big with my life.
I convinced myself, that my childhood & past would prevent me from ever being somebody.
I convinced myself, that having no family support, and facing so much family opposition, would make it hard for me to ever accomplish anything great.

How did I move past this typical thinking?


I read this story about this study:

There were several monkeys gathered together in a room. In the room, contained a pole. At the top of the pole, was a bunch of bananas. Naturally, curious & hungry, every one of the monkeys would start to climb the pole to retrieve the bananas. When each one would get almost to the top, a big gush of cold water would be sprayed down on them, causing them to slip, enabling them to make it to the top to get the bananas. After sometime, one monkey at a time, was replaced with a different monkey. As each new monkey was introduced to the room, they would approach the pole, but the other monkeys would pull them down, because they knew this monkey was doomed & would never actually reach the bunch of bananas. Pretty soon, the whole room was filled with new monkeys. As the last one was introduced to the group, the other monkeys stopped it from trying to climb the pole. A room full of monkeys who had never even been sprayed with that gush of cold water, were preventing the new ones from ever trying  to climb that pole, yet they didn’t even know why. They just knew it was safe at the bottom.

This type of thinking is what the problem is with society. Someone who didn’t believe in you, made you feel like you couldn’t do something great. So in turn you projected that same type of thinking onto someone else, sadly often times our own children. This is how naysayers have been created. This is how envy and jealousy have created haters. This is how the rate of depressed persons has increased. Surround yourself with POSITIVE people who believe in your & will support you during your good AND bad days. We become like the people we are around the most. Do not expect to see positive changes in your life if you are surrounded by negative people. You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with. So be brave enough to let go of those who keep weighing you down.

I have been successful because:

I didn’t just hope I would succeed.  
I didn’t compare myself to anyone else.
I am 100% committed – 100% of the time.
I follow directions.
I work hard.
I don’t let others opinions change the way I feel about myself.
I labeled things as setbacks instead of failures.

As I sat at Summit in June of 2013, listening to other coaches speak on stage – instead of saying “That will never be me!” I said “Why not? Why wouldn’t that be me? I am no different than them!”

I look up to many of the top coaches who I admire, respect & have connected with & follow others, who even though I may not connect with, I know I can learn something from. However, I never measure my success by theirs. I never know what their struggles are, what their life has been like in the past or now, or how they really run their business.  Some people make 98% statements like “Some people are just good & lucky unlike me.”, “I don’t have a great fitness/life/health transformation like they do, so that’s why they are more successful.”, “They know more people than I do, so that’s why they are more successful.”, “I live in a small community, so I can’t ever be that successful.”, “They are a stay at home mom, so they have more time than me.”
Don’t compare yourself to others. Stay focused on your own journey and leave footprints behind! And remember, no one could come close to being you, even if they tried!
People often underestimate themselves by comparing themselves to others. Embrace the fact that it’s our differences and the struggles that we’ve overcome that make each and every one of us unique and beautiful!

The people who are succeeding. The people who are at the top. The people who are helping tons of people reach their goals everyday are NOT lucky. It has nothing to do with where they live, who they are related to, how much money they have, or what they look like. It has everything to do with their consistency, their work ethics, their capability to keep their eye on the prize.

I treat this as a business, not a hobby. I treat this as something that is important.

Too often, I find that people put their coaching on the back burner.

Here’s a thought – Picture this: suppose you started a business, such as clothing store, restaurant, construction company. People are counting on you – your employees, your clients, your family to cover the bills. You have a bad day. You go thru a break up. Your car breaks down. An employee quits. You move. Your kids have a lot of extracurricular activities. Another company in the same industry opens up in your area & their business seems to be doing better than yours.  Do you take a week off? Do you shut the doors on your business? (I’d certainly hope not.) So why would you treat your Beachbody BUSINESS this way?

I have worked hard, often times not getting to bed until well after midnight & getting up an hour or more earlier than necessary. I’ve given up full weekends to attend Beachbody trainings or personal development seminars. Why? Because it was important to me, to be consistent, to help as many people as possible, to engage in the 3 vital behaviors, to learn as much as I could, to be surrounded by people who would influence me to be the best coach/person I can be. Did I sacrifice a lot? Yes, but that is why in 1 year & 8 months, I can walk away from an extremely limiting job and be free to work from home, doing amazing, rewarding things and above all, be with my kids more.

Just like when you are trying to reach your health/fitness/weight loss goals, you must sacrifice, be dedicated & work hard in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If you are struggling, ask yourself this:

Have you embraced the 3 vital behaviors and made them non-negotiable parts of your daily routine?
Are you being a product of the product – using a Beachbody program & drinking your Shakeology EVERDAY?
Do you believe in the importance & power of Personal Development? Are you engaging in it regularly i.e. daily?
Are you creating new relationships, focusing on them, NOT you?
Are your excuses stronger than your why?
Are you blaming someone else for your lack of success?
How many hours do you devote DAILY?

Usually the answers will lead you to exactly why you’re not growing and why you are struggling.
You want RESULTS – Put in the work! Drop the excuses.
If you would like to learn more about how to join my team & how you can make a career switch that allows you to do more of what you want, with whom you want, when you want, please contact me via email, Facebook or 

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