Surround yourself with those who lift you higher – Why you should NEVER miss a Beachbody event!

Warning: This is one of those LONG novel-like posts of mine that many of you were relieved to be spared of while I was traveling & out at sea with limited internet access over the past 7 days. I will NOT apologize like many do. I will simply say that: if you are a COACH. I definitely recommend you read this. (Non-Coaches should do so that you can get another glimpse inside the life of a Beachbody Coach’s life and mind.) But if you choose not to, it won’t hurt my feelings one bit. 

This post is dedicated to the importance of attending Beachbody events whether it be a Beachbody Challenge Group Training, Super Saturday, Success Club Trips, Coach Summit, Success Club Leadership Retreat, LIVE Beachbody trainer based events hosted by founding/top coaches nationwide or even listening in to the weekly National Wake Up Calls on Monday.  

FACT: Sadly, there are so many coaches who do NOT see the value/importance in attending a (corporate) Beachbody event or don’t listen regularly to the National Wake Up Call. I am not clear as to why. Maybe it’s because they don’t think any of it applies to them because they’ve already judged themselves and assumed that they are not capable or have what it takes to be a successful coach themselves. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to take time off of work. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to have to ask a family member or close friend to help with childcare or feel guilty taking time away from their family. Maybe it’s because they assume that they know what takes place at these events or what type of people attend them and the thought of the environment they envisioned in their head makes them terribly uncomfortable. The list of reasons why people have never or do not attend these events or tune in to the weekly calls regularly and CONSISTENTLY could grow longer and longer. 

Warning #2 – You are now entering Hord’s Tough Love Zone (this is not for the weary or overly sensitive. This is cold hard in your face brutal honesty, that leaders need to get comfortable with!): If you are one of those coaches I referred to above who does NOT make every concerted effort to listen to the National Wake Up call every week, attend the 4 Super Saturday’s each year, work your tail off to be on each annual Success Club Trip, attend Summit and qualify for leadership, I am going to tell you WHY you need to train your thinking and retrain your mindset when it comes your willingness to become present at every event possible.  If you refuse to invest your time, then stop complaining about the level of success you’ve had.  

FACT: I registered & paid for our tickets for Summit 2012 and made hotel reservations.
FACT: I backed out & got a refund on our tickets and cancelled our hotel reservations. 
FACT: I had VALID and legit reasons to justify my decision for backing out, but not something I couldn’t have worked around, had I seen the value. 
FACT: Instead Ryan and I took my 2 girls on a trip to Destin, FL since I had the time off of work already. I justified all the reasons why it made more sense going on a family trip vs. attending Summit, but deep down felt insanely guilty.
FACT: I decided to attend my 1st Super Saturday a week after Summit in Spring, Texas which gave me anxiety caused by going having to leave Rebel for the first time with someone other than my best friend ALL day, going to an unfamiliar location to attend an event we knew NOTHING about, where Ryan and I knew NO ONE, and to top it off, I was told there would be a group workout which was the most paralyzing aspect out of the whole situation.
FACT: When pictures and videos from Summit were shown at Super Saturday it made me cry. I was not a crier back then so I hid the tears. It was a totally new feeling to me to have anything move me to tears other than anger, let alone over something that at the time didn’t really mean that much to me. 
FACT: As I sat there, fighting back tears, I made a silent vow to make sure I attended Summit in 2013 & NEVER miss another corporate event within driving distance unless I was bleeding from the head or dead.
FACT: I purchased the $555 Dream Big Summit Package then. I paid for it by using my credit card and made another silent vow to make sure that I worked hard enough and saved enough to get the expense covered before the end of the year. 

I remembered how in January, of that very same year, I stepped back and mentally said to myself, “Wow, Mindy! Even though you are not super dupa skinny or even remotely close to being labeled as ‘fit’, for packing away 4,000-5,000 calories everyday, you don’t look like the Sumo wrestler that you should eating the way you do. Wonder what you would look like if you actually tried to change your eating habits and actually started exercising?!?” (which lead me to P90X and Shakeology). 

So after having my first Coach ah-ha moment there at Super Saturday in June of 2012, I decided to take a step back again and mentally evaluated some of the things I’d accomplished between February 15, 2012 to present (end of June). It was rather shocking to look at what I’d done without really having any particular pattern, long-term goals or system in place. I decided to shift my mentality and see this as a business, not a hobby. I started to take this seriously, not just half ass it and throw shit against the wall and see how much of it would stick. 

I can proudly say that I have missed very few National Wake Up Calls and have NOT missed an important corporate event nor a Super Saturday since I made that promise to myself in June of 2012. I have attended the one in June and September of 2012 in Houston, traveled to Miami to attend first Super Saturday of 2013 with my team, attended the Super Saturday in Houston in April and June of 2013 and hosted the one in September of 2013 and January 2014 and will be co-hosting the 2nd quarter’s with my friend and fellow coach Alex in 2 weeks. I have attended 2 Beachbody Challenge Group trainings  that were 4-6 hours long in Dallas and Houston, the first Franklin Covey Workshop to be offered in Texas in July of 2013, just 1 month after we’d returned from our first Summit in Las Vegas, 2 Dani Johnson events. the 2013 & 2014 Success Club Trips to DisneyWorld and Cozumel/Grand Cayman (and I’m registered for 2015’s Success Club Trip to Cancun, which is already paid for thru my achieving Success Club) as well as the 2013 Success Club Leadership in September of 2013. 

Now to my reasoning as to WHY everyone NEEDS to make the same promise to themselves and WHY it WILL bring value to not only your coaching abilities, skill level, success level, but your life as a whole………

  • This is a business. Treat it like a business. 
  • Coaching requires skill. You need to sharpen your skills to stay up to date. 
  • In order to be successful, you need to study successful people.
  • In order to believe you can succeed, you need to surround yourself with those who are successful, push you to be successful and also believe you can be successful.

  • Many people attend college to obtain a degree (associates, bachelors, masters, etc.)
  • Some people receive a higher level of education of some sort so that they can fulfill the requirements necessary to become some sort of licensed professional. 
  • Some people work for a company, that paid to train them (or have them trained) in a certain area, relevant to their line of work and industry they worked in to make them a better asset to the company.
  • Having been a licensed professional for the past decade and being friends with teachers, plumbers, electricians, hair stylists, etc. I know for a fact that often times there are continuing education classes, seminars, trainings, webinars, workshops that are necessary or required by state law in order to stay licensed in your line of work, help you stay in the know of current changes to the marketplace and to take your skill set to a higher level. 

Let me ask you a few questions: 

  • If it was MANDATORY that you had to attend these classes to be in compliance due to state law or if your employer REQUIRED it, would you object? 
  • If what you learned during these trainings, helped you become more knowledgable than the majority in your filed, would it make you want to be in attendance more?
  • If attending these required classes helped you not only appear, but feel more confident in your line of work, would you still choose to not attend?

  • If you walked into a shoe store in your local mall and had to approach the sales attendants who were just standing there waiting for you to come ask them a question and then they just pointed to the wall of shoes and told you “Let me know if you want to try any of them on.” how likely would you be to walk out and go right across the way to the other shoe store where the attendants were quick to greet you with not only a “Good afternoon! How are you? What can I help you with?”, but also a smile too. while also being sure to ask you what type of shoe you were looking for, for what type of activity, what colors you preferred, while measuring your foot to get an accurate assessment?
  • Would you feel comfortable having an individual, such as a plumber, electrician or HVAC technician, who was not up to date on current codes/procedures work on our home? (Especially if they only worked when it was convenient for them?)
  • If you walked into a local hair salon and everyone customer walking out, every magazine & hair style book sitting on the table, not to mention the hair stylist license was from the 80’s how likely would you be to book your next hair appointment with them vs. the hair salon across the street, that all of your friends are raving about because the salon had a new hair stylist who had not only all of the newest products, but could recommend the best one for your hair and could assess and show you examples of the perfect, latest, in-style haircut that would look best on you? 
  • What is your preference someone who has more time in a position, but less knowledge, or someone who has the ability to provide you with the most knowledge about the product or service you are interested in, regardless of the time spent in position?
  • If you had a health concern and contacted a Doctor that you found in while browsing the White Pages while looking for a specialist in that specific line and after telling them all about the problems you’ve been having and what you are looking for, either seemed totally unsure of themselves, lacked knowledge, lacked credibility. was unable to answer any of your questions or perhaps just sent you a link to a website with possible suggestions that might help you or sent you a video for you to watch about a recommended medicine or procedure that might help you – How likely would it be that you would pay this person for their services, return to them in the future or recommend them to a friend?

Are you seeing the correlation between the above referenced facts and the questions I am asking you to Beachbody events? 

Is anything clicking? 
Do you see how this is relevant to your increasing your Beachbody Coaching abilities, skill level, success level or reputation, value and credibility as a coach? 

If not, I will spell it out for you.

Attending countless events, has helped me in the following ways: 

  • Become more comfortable of functioning outside of my comfort zone
  • Forced me to turn down the internal “Stranger Danger” alarms that most of us were taught as small children
  • Allowed me to meet countless new people from all across the nation, which has helped broaden my friendship circle, which has lead to me experiencing new ways of thinking, other cultures and traveling to different areas which overall has helped me open my mind up more. 
  • Allowed me to not only learn from, but get closer to the Successful coaches, that I once just admired from afar, then inspired me to want more, then became my mentors, then became my friends, then I started to not only want to accomplish what they did, but I actually started believing that I could do it myself, and then I became one of them. 
  • Allowed me to learn about their struggles from day 1 to when I met them to present day. I learned about their journey. I found out that most of them weren’t always the person I had met right them. Many of them shared some of the same scars from childhood, past relationships, financial issues, self-esteem issues and were parents like me trying to juggle the same roles and responsibilities. 
  • They shared their own personal “do’s & don’ts” list and other recommendations and suggestions and tips which helped me decrease the time I wasted on ineffective methods of trying to help others.

It was shocking at first when I realized that they were just like me: normal people.
They didn’t have an advantage over me. 
They didn’t want it any more than me. 
They didn’t want to be dependent on someone else like me. 
They didn’t want to be scared about their future or their finances like me. 
They were tired of working so hard with no guarantee or security for their future.
They were tired of not being able to put their families first, where they belonged.
They were tired of the stress and the toll it took on their health and families.
They were tired of working to help someone else achieve their dream. 
They were tired of being sick and tired.
They wanted to feel good about themselves like me.
They wanted to feel proud of themselves like me.
They worked hard like me. 
They wanted to change lives like me. 
They wanted a better future for their families like me. 
They wanted to be happy like me. 

EVERY single National Wake Up call;
EVERY single Coach Success Story video;
EVERY single Super Saturday;
EVERY single speaker at Summit, Leadership, and training I attended had ONE thing in common.

What was it? Every coach that shared their story, a piece of their life, a chunk of their time, a peek into their mind and heart and life has given me HOPE, given me STRENGTH, given me BELEIF, provided a small NUGGET of information that had a BIG impact on me.

Had I never attended these events. 
Had I never listened to their stories. 
Had I never met all of these amazing coaches.
Had I never made the investment of my time and energy…….
I wouldn’t be where I am today. 
I wouldn’t be living a life that I still can’t believe is mine. 
I wouldn’t be the leader I am today.
I wouldn’t be the wife, mother or friend I am today. 
And most of all, I wouldn’t be genuinely happy or living a TRULY satisfying, fulfilling life. Chances are I would still be living a life constantly in pursuit of true happiness, but always feeling empty.

I am going to share with you several NUGGETS or experiences that have been MONUMENTAL to my success in the past 2 years that I have been a coach, that I have received from some of my favorite coaches that I’ve met at events or thru Social Media after listening to them speak. 

These are things that I am going to share with you, that I would have NOT gotten if I had I not listened in to the National Coach Call, attended corporate events or found the strength & humility to be reach out to these TOP COACHES who I admired. 

These are things that set out DISTINCTLY in my mind. These are things that I will never forget. These are things that made a difference to me, that many may not even realize saying or realize that it would have a big impact on others. What I learned plays a BIG part in WHY I am still here almost 25 months later. These are things I not only heard, but listened to and not only listened to but applied and not only applied them, but still am putting in use, everyday, 2+ years later and will not only continue to do & now I am paying it forward by passing it on to you.

My coach Becky has taught me BALANCE and how to be a leader. She has taught me how to lead and guide, but not coddle or baby or push, pull or drag others along, which helps develop other leaders and a SOLID organization. She has taught me how to be a friend and not just “recruit” for the sake of numbers and then abandon those that trusted me enough to make me their coach. She has taught me how to remain centered, humble and gracious. I have watched her rise from a 1 Star Diamond to a 11 Star Diamond and create a 6 figure income in only 2 years and she still remains the same person: humble and thankful. She has stayed true to who she is and her original intentions. Money, “fame” nor rank has effected her motives or the way she interacts and treats others. She does not act like she’s superior to me. She wants me to truly succeed. Both her and her sister Kristina have taught me to treat my team as family and friends. They have both taught me the value of recognition and appreciation for those who are part of my team. They have both taught me that it’s the whole team that makes the dreams come true. 

I listened to Melissa McAllister & Danielle at a Beachbody Challenge Training in Dallas. The only reason I knew who she was because her and Danielle had just recently spoken on a National Coach Call and I had just recently started following them both on Facebook. I honestly can’t remember anything Melissa said that day other than (not verbatim), “Follow the 5 Step Invitation Process. Follow the suggestions given by corporate. My first year I did that and did great. The second year, I did well, but not as well BECAUSE I tried to reinvent the wheel and do it MY way!” That small statement has ringed thru my ears for 18 months. I have followed exactly what we’ve been told to do. I’ve duplicated what the Top Coaches have done. I have not copied what they all do, but duplicated what I have watched them do by adding a touch of my own personal flare to it. I learned this from Danielle. She has shared so many helpful tips on how to be YOURSELF, brand YOURSELF, and set YOURSELF apart from the rest of the other coaches and make yourself VALUABLE and sell YOURSELF, not a “salesman”. Danielle is one of my favorite coaches, however we have totally different upbringings, backgrounds, histories, goals and personalities, she has taught me to do what she does: Market myself, by being ME. Because of what I have learned from her, I have found my gift and been able to identify and set long-term goals just by following her suggestions and tips. Danielle doesn’t frequently share personal information about her personal life, but I am thankful for one of the times I remember her doing so. She shared a story of her struggles as a young working mother. She shared the story of her working her tail off late at night until the early hours of the morning and then waking up early before work to work some more. She shared that her goal was to earn $1,000/week consistently & then she would walk away from her job as a math teacher. Everything she said was relatable. Looking at who she was at that moment, I would have never guessed she ever struggled. But she did. Why? Because she was a real person, just like me. So I used the $1,000/week goal as  a realistic goal. She taught me that it was okay to share my struggles and stories. I see the importance even more now as I get further into my journey, more people will do what I did and assume that I was predestined to succeed, or always felt this confident, or always had the motivation and determination that I do now! Another thing that sticks out to me about these two women is how they’ve always been kind & friendly and smiled & waved at me and always acknowledged or responded to any question or post over social media. It may seem  insignificant, but to acknowledged and remembered by someone you look up to makes a HUGE difference. Nothing is more shattering then looking up to someone who is not who they say they are or makes you feel like you don’t matter. It’s been very overwhelming at events to be surrounded by thousands of people who may be following you, but you don’t interact with often or ever or don’t look like their profile picture, but I try really hard to smile when I am walking (Sometimes I don’t if I am focused in on something or getting to somewhere at a certain time, so if I didn’t smile at you or get a chance to speak to you I sincerely apologize.) and to acknowledge everyone that comes up to me or rides in the elevator because I know how much this meant to me to be treated kindly & remembered by leaders like them and many other inspirations of mine such as Caroline, Chris, Tommy.

I remember listening to Alli Upham (back then Vaughn) when she spoke on the National Coach Call in September 2012, as we drove to Louisiana to meet Becky and Larry for the first time. I am not sure why I felt such a connection to her. Our lives weren’t very parallel at all & never had been. Maybe it was because she sounded so humble, so genuine & kind even on the call that week. Maybe it was her strong will and refusal to give up NO MATTER WHAT. A statement that was mentioned on that call more than once was “Sometimes you have to jump and build your wings on your way down!” That statement has stuck with me for the past 18 months and was monumental to me finally JUMPING on September 6, 2013, when I made the decision to fire my boss & hand in my resignation, shortly after he told me as a friend a few days before “You don’t have to be great to jump, but you have to jump to be great!”. I have followed her on Facebook since then and got the pleasure of meeting her at Super Saturday in Miami in January 2013. She even more amazing in person. I watched her get married on Social Media. I have watched them pay off debt. I have read stories about their amazing relationship based on teamwork and on the numerous times I have spent with her watched her and Brent it’s obvious that what you see is what you get – 110% legit. She is kind. She is sincere. It’s an amazing feeling when you meet someone that had been at the top of your inspiration list and after spending time with them, you can truly say you made a good choice.

I met Hillary Kelly at dinner in Miami and I remember asking her what she does to get coaches going and working on achieving their goals they set when they decided to join her team. I had assumed that someone as successful as her never had anyone go inactive or fail to do what they said she did. (Ignorant assumption, I know now. But it’s easy to assume that the “Top Coaches” naturally have it easier than the rest!) I found out that she too, just like the rest of us encounters the same obstacles: people who say they’re ready to join our challenge group/team, people who don’t complete their challenge, coaches who go inactive or don’t do what they say they do. The difference between Top Coaches and other coaches who are struggle is that Top Coaches are building  & cultivating relationships with new people more frequently, inviting more often & following up more consistently than those who struggle to make Success Club each month. One specific thing she said that evening has stood out distinctly and that is “If you don’t show up, neither will your people! I show up everyday!” This is so true. I have thought about this a lot. Most people nowadays do not think independently, they need direction. They need someone where to go, how to go and when to go. They look for someone to take the lead. It is our job to be leaders and teach our team to be leaders. If we aren’t being leaders, how would or could you expect others to step up? If your actions weren’t duplicatable, how would expect them to learn? Same goes for those in your challenge groups. If you aren’t drinking your Shakeology regularly or working out, how can you expect others to do the same when you advise and encourage them?  Doesn’t mean you have to eat perfect 24/7/365 or have a six-pack, but your walk does need to match the talk. You can’t convince people that you are a Nike Fan & push Nike products on them, when you are wearing Under Armour from head to toe. They won’t buy it. Hillary helped me realize how important it is to not just be a product of the product but set a good example that is duplicatable and that my followers will follow whatever my lead is. 

I officially met Jason less than a year into me becoming a coach, in January 2013 in Dallas at  Dani Johnson First Steps to Success event that I was simply attending because he’d recommended it. He took me under his wing one weekend in Dallas. He sat there and helped me evaluate what my goals were. He helped me distinguish what goals were more important. He helped me establish my priorities. He didn’t give me answers. He simply helped lead me to making an educated decision and get aimed in the right direction to set the wheels in motion. He helped me set a realistic time table on my goal of firing my boss and becoming a full-time coach. But most of all, his continued friendship and the fact that even though I was not his personally sponsored coach, yet he still deemed me as worthy of investing his time into meant the most to me. I felt important. I felt like he saw potential. Because of that, it taught me how to treat others, who were part of Team Beachbody, but weren’t my personally sponsored coaches.

I attended Dave and Monica Ward, my teams founding coach’s Coach Led training at Summit last June. While in attendance, I got the privilege to listen to Sagi and Tony’s story. I was shocked yet again that these two INCREDIBLY successful men came with stories of struggles, lack of self confidence and had endured ridicule, financial hardship and had had to make decisions that required a lack of faith. During this same meeting, we heard from over 20 2012 Elite Coaches who all shared a little bit about themselves and a little tidbit. Honestly, until yesterday, I didn’t even know what the man’s name was, but today I can tell you his name is Todd Midget. Something he said stuck out BIG time and I have put it into practice immediately and guess what? It worked. He shared with us that the night that Focus T25 was being sold publicly for the first time ever to Elite Coaches & Coaches only at the CORE in Summit, instead of going out to hit the Vegas strip and party, he instead went down to the CORE with his GoPro video camera in hand to get as much information as possible so that he wasn’t just another coach posting that he was selling T25 as soon as it hit the “shelves”, but so that he would be one of the first to be able to give VALUABLE knowledge and information and FACTS and answers to those who sought his help. This would set him apart and would add more value to what he could offer vs. other coaches. I am not even sure if he realized how valuable this bit of advice would be to a teachable coach who was hungry to learn how to build her brand, stand out instead of blend in and be the best coach possible, but either way, thank you Todd. 

Had I not attended Summit. Had I attended Summit, but spent the majority of the time in the bar, by the pool, shopping, sleeping off a hangover or sightseeing, I would have missed this valuable information that has been very insightful.

I listened to Annie Reid speak at Summit and she shared her story of WHY she needed to be able to bring in an additional income without having to leave their family home to seek employment. She shared her story of becoming a coach, quitting, rejoining and still taking a few months to get the wheels in motion, but once she got moving there was no stopping her. It was there that I was able to realize that I should not take it personal if someone decides to quit or if it they don’t take off and hit the ground running like some have. All I can do is be there as a friend and coach for each and everyone whenever they are ready and able to.

I hope that some of these nuggets that I have taken away from some of the events I have attended help you in some areas you may be struggling in and most of all, help you realize just how monumental it is to make it a PRIORITY to attend all of the events that you can  and to constantly surround yourself with those who will help you achieve your goals and can appreciate the importance and significance of your goals and dreams.

I am thankful for all the opportunities that have been provided that allowed me to gain knowledge and wisdom and strength and motivation from others who are doing the same thing as me. I am thankful to all of them for their time and friendship! 

They all helped me set the goal of being Elite and also helped me see myself as being capable of being an Elite Coach! 

Cheers to becoming what I coveted, what I aspired to be thanks to great inspiration. I am a 2013 Elite Coach because of them, because of attending these events!

I have remained in the top 1% of the organization for over a year now, which is full of over 145,000 coaches. At first I was shocked, but then I realized I was following the lead of those who have remained in the same 1% and duplicated exactly what I saw was working and worked just as hard, so why wouldn’t I expect the same type of results? 

And I hope you are thankful for of all the wonderful nuggets, tips, advice, recommendations and suggestions all of the coaches that you see speak at these events and on the National Wake Up call are providing to everyone, totally free of charge. 
There are not too many other industries where your “competition” will graciously share trade secrets and purposely try to help you get to the top of the list of leaders. 
You know what’s different about us? We’re a TEAM! We work TOGETHER. 
Doesn’t that make you want to be a part of it??