Stepping out of my comfort zone!

For months, people have been asking me if I taught classes. Then when we started Brenham’s Weekly Free Fit Club, everyone has been begging me to start teaching a class or have a second night added to our weekly Fit Club schedule.
So I stepped out of my comfort zone last month and asked Danielle Hinson of Fit and Funky if she would come do an Insanity Certification here in Brenham, TX and she said yes. (Thank you Jim & Angie Baker for letting us use your gym!)

I sent her all of the paperwork and last night she emailed me letting me know that the link to register to get Insanity Certifiedwais up on the site!


I am officially registered. Does anyone want to join me on Saturday August 31, 2013 9-5 Brenham Fitness Center (on Market St.)


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