We are going to discuss SOCIAL MEDIA and HOW it can have a MAJOR IMPACT on your success as a coach. 
THIS IS LONG. But if you TAKE THE TIME to sit QUIETLY, NOT distracted and NOT multi-tastking to READ this and MEDITATE and SOAK it in and start PRACTICING IT, you will find that this is beneficial and helpful information as to how to use Social Media to our advantage to reach others and connect with others and SHARE your MESSAGE and ATTRACT others to YOU!

I hope this info is helpful to YOU to market yourself, the products you are representing and attract people without being to “salesy” all from your computer/smart phone.
These are just some of the basics. Follow the Beachbody leaders as well as leaders on our team to learn how to do this. This is a skill that takes practice and it starts TODAY. You won’t achieve perfection in the first month of being a coach. It is a skill that is developed. 
Many coaches feel that they CANNOT become a successful because they do NOT know enough people. That MAY be true NOW. 
When I became a coach I maybe had 250 Facebook friends. I went NOWHERE. I got up, took kids to school, went to work, picked Rebel up, went home. NOW, almost 3 years later, I have almost 5,000 Facebook friends and over 17,000 followers on my Fit Asian Mom – Coach Mindy HordFAN (LIKE) page. 
How did I do this? 
– I immediately opened up my profile to PUBLIC. 
* Is your profile public? 
– I immediately made my profile picture fitness related. 
* Can you tell that you are into health and fitness, workout, drink Shakeology® by looking at your profile picture? 
– I started posting not just about how I was feeling, my kids, and personal things, but started sharing my JOURNEY. 
This is the FIRST post that I made as a customer and is what prompted me to sign up as a coach myself. 

Over the course of 2 1/2 years, I have built a reputation for being kind, consistently helping others and delivering what I say I will deliver. I do what I say and say what I do. I treat others with kindness. I treat them with respect. I don’t forget about them. I believe I them. I become a good friend to them. Because of that, because they hear about what others say about me, they can come to my page and it’s open. They can watch silently and see that what I say I am doing, I actually do. What I say works, actually works. So as they watch silently and see others who are getting the results they want and see that I am CONSISTENT, they slowly make their mind up and get curious and start wanting what I am providing for others. It is NEVER a fact of them not wanting to look & feel better and be part of something bigger.. It always comes down to the fact that they do NOT think they can achieve the same things I have or you have. It is MY job to make them believe they CAN and WILL do it with ME by their side. My Facebook account is a personal testimony and PROOF that I am who I say I am. 
Take a few minutes to watch this video from Chalene Johnson

Next, I want to address using Facebook, Instagram, etc. for your business at the front end because it is so critically important.  When I started my business, I didn’t realize how important learning the skill of posting would impact my business.  I do now.  And I learn from other leaders how it is effectively done.  

Here is a “CRASH COURSE” from Kristina Delgado (my coach’s sister), who has a very similar social media marketing style. 

Rule 1:  80/20 – 80% of your daily post will continue to be about what you LOVE.  Your kids, your food, your outings, your adventures, your quirkiness, your love of interesting articles, your love of motivational quotes, etc.  

The other 20% will be about Beachbody.  A selfie after your workout, drinking your Shakeology, announcing your next Challenge Group, an interesting article about nutrition, a MOVE of the DAY, etc.  

The point is to continue being YOU, just a better version of YOU.  If you vomit Beachbody all day long, people will get turned off and stop following you.  You need to ADD VALUE to their lives.  Always ask yourself, what will this post accomplish?  

1.  Did I teach something?
2.  Did I inspire someone?
3.  Does this post make people laugh?  
4.  Did I position the Coaching Opportunity in a way that would make ME want to join?  

Rule 2:  DO NOT POST YOUR WEBSITES PUBLICLY.  Yes, I said it.  Think about this, have YOU ever bought something from Facebook from a post with a website.  I but the answer is NO.  So don’t do it.  That screams I AM A SALESPERSON!  Sending someone your website should be done privately and ONLY AFTER they have committed to joining.  

Rule 3:  CLEAR and CONCISE.  And this means your pictures too.  Do not post blurry pictures!  Use appropriate apps to edit photos, etc.  They must be eye-catching for people to appreciate it.  Remember this is a business and sloppiness is a turn off.  

Rule 4:  Facts TELL, Stories SELL.  This is a people business NOT a product business.  It is ok to explain a new product in a post BUT the majority of your posts should tell a STORY.  GET PERSONAL.  How did this opportunity change your life, how did that program change your challengers LIFE?  That is what will attract people to you and the business.

BAD POST:  I am a Beachbody Coach.  I am looking for 5 people to join my P90X Challenge Group.  To order, go to 

GREAT POST:  Just three weeks ago, my friend Sean started T25 and drinking Shakeology daily.  I have seen him work so hard in my group – he’s even been busy traveling for work and took his DVDs with him!  That, my friends, is someone on a MISSION!  Today, he has lost 15 pounds and is FULL of ENERGY.  Seriously, I am so proud of him and this incredible accomplishment.  I am certain this is a life-long change for him and his family.  Help me congratulate him and give me a VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE! 

Here are some additional Social Media training resources: 

 – If you haven’t done so already, listen to this 20 minute call from Katie McCarthy Greene’s Team Call that she graciously shared with me. 

– I hosted a Social Media Webinar that is a great resource for those who do not like to read long material. 

– In January 2014, I published a Blog Post titled Be yourself. Build your own brand. Trademark yourself. Be different.” which is a VERY detailed description on how I have learned to create VALUE, by teaching a lesson and helping others via a simple post on Social Media based on an everyday life experience. 

– I have pretty much learned ALL of my Social Media skills from my friend and mentor Danielle Katz and developed my own style and built my own brand. Please join (the always open to the public) my next Team Relentless Call with Danielle  as guest speaker. She will share some tips on how to brand yourself and share YOUR journey and market YOURSELF on social media! Find out how a former math teacher and mother of 2, has gained over 100, 000 fans on her Fit and Funky “LIKE” page ORGANICALLY. Be sure to save the date and bring your notepad and plenty of sharpened pencils. You will NOT want to miss this call! Click on this link to join the call on November 20, 2014 at 8:45 p.m. or to access the recording at a later date
– For those who feel like your struggling with WHAT to post on your Social media/Blog?youtube or feel like you DON’T relate to some of the people you are trying to help?
It’s time to LASER FOCUS your message and your business to fit YOUR audience, the people you COMPLETELY relate to …and will LOVE working with!
Doing this exercise CHANGED MY BUSINESS….
I went from struggling to appeal to a wide variety of people…to narrowing my focus and attracting coaches who are just like me. It makes your job as a coach a lot easier, a lot more fun (feeling less like work) and gives you purpose because you know who you are trying to help! And when you work with those you can relate to, you connect with them better and you become friends -> family and it feels less like ‘business’.
Check out this picture- this represents Kati Heifner’s personal Ideal Customer/Coach. She named her Kaitlyn. “Kaitlyn” LOVES the beach, she’s super carefree but then stresses about random things, she likes to research before she purchases but then ends up making impulse buys based on her gut, she loves ordering things online. She is an animal lover and would rescue every dog if she could. She reads People magazine but loves personal development as well. She bites her nails unless she has a manicure & hates scary movies. She’s never been “Fat” but wants to tone and lose 5-10lbs. She could go on & on about my Ideal Customer. This person is someone she made up…but by creating her identity and relating to her….She get ideas for what she should post. She think about “What would Kaitlyn be inspired by? What worries does Kaitlyn have?”
By doing this… She’s able to create CONSISTENT marketing and a consistent message that ATTRACTS girls just like her into her business!
Make sense?
Please complete this assignment by the 48 hour deadline: read, watch the training…And CREATE your ideal customer/COACH. 
1) Find a picture online & create a slide describing your girl or guy!

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