Women for Sobriety – Sober is the new black!

On October 25, 2015, I vowed to get sober!
Who knew that I would ever be an advocate for sobriety!!

639 days later I am STILL sober!!!

Sobriety is not something that you hear of often and with it comes a stigma. I didn’t ever think that I would ever become sober or that I would be an advocate for sobriety. But things change. Priorities change.

In some ways, as each day passes, the easier it gets, but in other ways, the harder it gets. I had a particularly hard time while in New Orleans, LA 2 weeks ago, which I shared LIVE on Facebook.

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I decided to share my sobriety journey via a new blog, after making the decision to start writing a book about my sobriety journey that has led to me getting UNSTUCK, UNFUCKED, UNLEASHED and UNSTOPPABLE.

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