Are you DIABETIC or know someone who is???

Have you considered adding Shakeology to your diet to help you manage the symptoms of your Diabetes?

Shakeology is a NO brainer meal. The carbs are EXACT which takes the guesswork out!

Foods can be tested on what’s called a GLYCEMIC INDEX – a 1-100 scale that shows how the body’s insulin (blood sugar level) adjusts after consumption.

The higher the glycemic response (for those who aren’t diabetic) the more likely it is to push you into FAT STORING territory!

In terms of sugar, many protein shakes have 1g of sugar or less. This is because they’re using ARTIFICIAL chemical sweeteners (CHECK LABELS for sucralose, aspartame, or sugar alcohols). Shakeology’s small amounts of sugar comes from NATURAL sources which are easily processed by the body and in fact has been tested and certified by an independent lab to have a LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX of 24, which is lower than most fruits (apple is 36 and orange is 43)

Listen to what a fellow Team Beachbody Coach has to say:

“I’m a 57-year-old insulin dependent diabetic, on insulin for 47 yrs. I’ve been using Shakeology daily since 4/8/10 and it’s a predictable meal, in that the carbs are exact. That has been a major benefit for me. Since then I’ve dropped 22 lbs., reduced my daily total insulin by nearly 40%, and am now off BP medication.

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