Reality Check – You CANNOT compete with bad eating habits!

I’ve ALWAYS had a HUGE appetite.

I can out eat (and out drink) most men.

As a kid, my grandpa used to call me a “Bottomless Pit”.

I assumed that this was EVERYONE’S problem.

When I became a coach, I assumed that my biggest challenge would be helping people who continuously ate unhealthy foods in huge portions.

I was surprised to find that the biggest issues seems to be that people do not eat REGULARLY or ENOUGH!

I think society has been misled to think that FOOD is the ENEMY. When in fact it’s BAD food that’s the TRUE enemy. (I remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed in January 2012, I thought to myself “Great I won’t be able to eat. Maybe I will lose some weight!” Don’t be mistaken to think that skipping meals is a fast& easy way to control your eating habits or slow or stop weight gain. Skipping meals is an UNHEALTHY habit that actually works AGAINST your goals and creates weight GAIN rather than weight loss. I’ve also heard many people say “I workout so I can eat whatever I want!”. Hate to break it to you,but that is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Even as a child, I was never big on breakfast, first thing after waking up. My Mom used to FORCE me to eat it, saying it was the “most important meal of the day”and to eat my “brain food” before tests.

I didn’t grow up on pop tarts or donuts or cereal.

She cooked me eggs and toast or Cream of Wheat.

Still to this day I do not like a COLD breakfast. I prefer a HOT meal.

My life BEFORE I joined Team Beachbody went a little like this —

Years ago Ryan and I would cook things like a BIG rib eye (1 for each of us), canned green beans & potatoes covered in cream of mushroom soup & tons of freshly cooked bacon bits and a can of corn.

I started eating SUPER healthy when I got pregnant with Rebel and when I breastfeed him for 9 months. I knew I needed to do that so that I would have a healthy baby and so that I would not get fat!

But once I stopped breastfeeding, all the good healthy habits I’d developed over the past 18 months, went out the window.

When Ryan went to work out of town, when Rebel was 16 months old, and was gone for 18 months old. The kids and I’s diet consisted of boxed meals and sausage. This caused me to gain a ton of weight in just a few months!

As an adult and mother, a HOT breakfast never seemed to fit in the plan.

I believe in sleeping until the very last minute possible.

So trying to simply get myself + 3 kids out the door and to school on time so I can get to work on time, has always been a task.

My kids lived on Nutrigrain bars, cereal and Toaster Strudels Monday thru Fridays.

On the weekends I’d cook a BIG breakfast.

I’d walk out of the door empty handed. My breakfast consisted of 2 pots of coffee and LOTS of creamer.

Then at lunch I’d PIG out because I’d be SO hungry. I don’t think I ever took the time to really chew & enjoy my food. It was more or less, shoveling food into my mouth and inhaling it.

Then I’d sit back at my desk after lunch and could barely keep my eyes open to make it thru the day.

Dinner went the same way – I hate like a ravenous wolf.

Then after the kids went to bed we’d sit up and share a 12-18 pack of beer & a pack of cigarettes, while we sat outside.

And often times, I’d eat another meal before bed because I was hungry again.

I hit my highest weight (non-pregnancy) when Rebel was 18 months old. And that was pretty much my breaking point. I remember in December 2011, I put on a pair of “one size fits all” leggings. And I remember seeing the ripples through my dress of how the elastic waistband separated my fat rolls/muffin top as I sat at my desk. I remember sitting down on the toilet and looking at all my fat rolls gather up and being disgusted with myself.

In January, I was finally READY. I stumbled across my coach. Made the hard decision to purchase a P90X Challenge Pack for $205 (which is NOW on sale for $180 during the month of October), which was extremely hard. I almost chickened out on “blowing” $205 ALL AT ONCE, but she followed up with me, and then I reasoned with myself, that I was spending more than that a month on beer and cigarettes.

 The moment I purchased my Challenge Pack, I made the conscious decision to get on the right track.

I didn’t wait for my Challenge Pack to arrive to start making changes.

I started eating what I thought was healthy – Salads with grilled chicken and fat free Italian dressing .

(How many of you think that’s what healthy eating is: Salads and Chicken)

 I still had NO clue what a balanced diet was.

I still had NO clue that you must eat OFTEN to maintain a HEALTHY, active metabolism.

I still had NO clue how many calories many foods I ate regularly contained.

I started using the MyFitnessPal FREE Calorie counter app on my iPhone and let’s just say I was APPALLED to learn how many calories I’d actually been taking in. Think 3,000-4,000 a day.

I highly recommend that you download a calorie counter to phone (the FREE app by MyFitnessPal or FatSecret is really helpful) Track your calories for at least 1-2 weeks. It helps you see if you’re getting enough to eat and creates accountability which is necessary if you want results and SUCCESS

(My diet consisted of rib eyes, boxed noodles, canned veggies, gravy, bacon, eggs, hash browns, sausage, hamburgers, chicken strips, and beer LOTS and LOTS of beer)

I started this journey being pretty much CLUELESS, but along the way I’ve learned a lot, mostly from my own research and also taking time to read the program and nutrition guides that come with ALL of the Beachbody fitness programs.

The one thing I can’t seem to stress enough to EVERYONE, is the IMPORTANCE of sticking to a meal plan! Your idea of “eating healthy”sometimes isn’t really all that healthy, especially if you are eating large portions. Also, if you are NOT maintaining a BALANCED diet you will feel fatigued, deprived and suffer from really strong cravings, because your body is not getting enough of the right nutrients. If you are using a Beachbody program, you must understand that each meal plan is designed to work in conjunction SPECIFICALLY for the program you are using. Lots of time and research was put into designing it. Every nutrition guide is not just about “healthy eating” or “clean eating” it provides a BALANCED diet, and helps you lean out/build muscle or whatever the program is designed to do! When people are not getting results, I’ve found that the common denominator is that they are not following the meal plan. Is it hard to do? At first, YES. But then it become routine.

Also, I strongly recommend that you start training yourself to eat REGULARY. I eat 5-6 small meals a day. I eat breakfast around 7:30-8:00 a.m., snack at 10:30 a.m., lunch at 12:30 p.m., snack at 3:30 p.m. and dinner around 6:00-6:30 p.m.
 What happens when you skip meals?

1) Skipping Meals Slows Down The Metabolic Rate
The body is set up to burn calories from the food we eat and convert them as glucose to provide the body with fuel or energy throughout the day. Skipping meals decreases the body’s metabolic rate, the speed at which calories and fat are burnt and slows down weight loss.

The body, in anticipation of further fuel deprivation, automatically goes into a false state of starvation and holds on fiercely to the fats in our body. It looks for fuel it needs from the stored reserves, glycogen in the muscle or liver.

When the body utilizes glycogen for fuel, you are actually losing water instead of fat – which is not what you want. This is because for every one gram of carbohydrate (in the form of glycogen) stored in the muscle or liver, four grams of water are also bound.

Any rapid weight loss as a result of skipping some meals is temporary as the weight loss is mostly water.

As soon as normal eating resumes, the body seeks to replenish its glycogen reserves with the necessary amount of water. The body naturally regains the weight it lost earlier.

2) Skipping Meals Puts The Body Into State Of Hunger
Skipping meals makes you hungry, so you are likely to overeatat the next meal. When you skip a meal, you increase the interval between meals so when you do eat say, after four to six hours, there is a tendency to binge.

Worse, to fend off the sharp hunger pangs, one may resort to snacking on high calorie or high fat foods to give you the instant energy boost. This causes our blood sugars to go on a roller coaster ride as high carb and high fat snacks are quickly digested by the body. What follows is more cravings and more over eating to curb the hunger.

For effective weight loss, the right eating habit is to not skipping meals but eating more frequent and smaller meals throughout the day. The body gets accustomed to burning calories every two to three hours, digesting the food we eat rather than storing fat and burning muscle for energy.

Eating the right foods – not skipping meals is the solution to permanent weight loss.

A study showed that people who skipped two meals a day, but didn’t change their calorie intake ended up with elevated fasting glucose levels and delayed insulin response. What does that mean? It can lead to DIABETES.

Here are some tips I use to avoid skipping meals:

  • Designate one day of the week to prepare all your meals. If you have healthy dishes at your fingertips, eating becomes less of a chore.Take your days off, to sit down for a few minutes, plan out your meals for the week. Make a list, do your grocery shopping, cook in bulk. Then you will be ready to take on the work week. How will this help you? You will save money on groceries or eating out.
  • Set an alarm to sound off at a.m. & p.m. snack time & lunchtime. If you’re on-the-go, set your cell phone alarm to act as a reminder that it’s time to eat

If you are not seeing results or not seeing them as fast as you’d like –ask yourself these questions:

#1) Are following the nutrition guide that came with the program??

I’ve found that the people who follow that (some modifications can be made to cater to certain food preferences) are the ones with the most extreme & dramatic results

#2) Are you eating three meals a day and two snacks in between??

#3) Are you drinking enough water?

Take weight divide by half and drink that many ounces Water increase metabolism& flushes fat from your body!

#4) Have you calculated how many calories you need to be taking in???

Click on fitness tools

Scroll to bottom

Click on caloric needs.

Answer questions then calculate


Start each day by eating a fiber rich, filling breakfast, then have a small healthy snack mid-morning, then light healthy lunch, snack midafternoon and light dinner.
And MOST IMPORTANTLY – Remember this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, not a “diet”.
Pace yourself, don’t expect to make a total transformation OVERNIGHT. These things are developed over time. You must set reasonable, attainable goals and have patience and expect slip ups and screw ups and set backs! We’re all human!

And – You can’t out exercise a BAD diet! It doesn’t matter how hard you train, if you can’t control what is on your plate & what goes in your mouth. Remember this statistic: 30% workout, 70% diet.

I am starting a 30 day Shakeology challenge on October 14, 2013.
The following month I will be hosting a 30 day Clean Eating Challenge.

For more help getting your eating habits in line with your goals, message me at, ormake me your free coach!

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