I want to share an assignment I gave to the participants of my Online Coach Training Group, that kicked off on February 10 for Day 17. 

“GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY. I hope you all slept well. 

Today’s assignment is what I call FUN. I call it “Kickin’ it Jr. High Style!”

So as MANY of you know (if you’ve been paying attention LOL) I don’t have a script I am following to run this online training group. I don’t even have a “plan’ other than to share MY knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 2 years that I’ve learned thru trial and error with lots of failures that you don’t see from the outside looking in. I give you assignments that are geared to PUSH you outside of your comfort zone in efforts to help you BELIEVE in yourself, VALUE yourself, LEARN about yourself thru self-discovery in forms of  “AH-HA moments”, LOVE yourself, BE KIND to yourself and TEACH you how to SET GOALS and DREAM big and achieve your wildest dreams and do things you once thought was imPOSSIBLE.

I am not following a script. So some of this may seem random and jumbled up. 

I am still working on fine-tuning my leadership skills. 
I have a “leader” personality aka bossy. 
I have always been RELENTLESS. 
When I see something I want I GO for it. 
If plan A doesn’t, work, I move on to plan B. 
I make it happen because it’s important to me 

I have found that MANY people who want the same thing as me need a map or a script or A-Z instructions to follow. 

I have found recently that I do not excel in the delegating department and need to work on improving my abilities to create step by step instructions for those to follow – so bare with me. 

For now, the way I teach that I am good at is by explaining my thought process in hopes that you can get a glimpse into my inner thoughts (scary, huh??)

EVERY thing I do is propelled by my passion to serve others and helping them. My mind is constantly racing. 

Let me explain and share with you HOW I came up with TODAY’S assignment. 

As I was driving home from Brenham’s Weekly Free Fit Club, (don’t shoot me), I was replying back to a text from a friend. She was puzzled by my last reply. Then I was just about to type back “Sorry meant Burton. Was at Fit Club. I SUCK at multi-tasking.” But then caught myself in that moment of NEGATIVE self talk, so I changed the wording from SUCK to STINK. Her reply was “Girl you are AMAZING. Don’t cut yourself short. You AMAZE me!”

I was thinking “DAMN Mindy! You just got busted and called out for what you tell others NOT to do. NO NEGATIVE self talk!” 

So my mind started racing. Thoughts started flying thru my head. My creative juices started flowing. How could I turn this into a LESSON to help others and to change my own way of thinking. 

When you want to train a dog to stop bad behavior you put a shock collar on them. There are even mattress covers that omit a light shockwave to help children to stop wetting the bed. DONT WORRY – I am not going to require shock therapy. But I was thinking there had to be some way to get you to STOP talking negatively to yourself. There has to be away to reverse your thinking. Then I started thinking about baby showers I’ve been to where when guests arrive they all receive a clothespin. Every time you catch someone say the word BABY, you can take their clothespin. The person with the most clothespin at the end of the shower wins a gift. Its something fun, less painful than shock therapy, right?

So I racked my brain on the 15 minute drive home and I came up with this idea. After I got Rebel down for bed, before I ate or got on my laptop, I spent 10 minutes creating this. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. THIS IS YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND IS DUE BY NEXT TUESDAY. NO EXCUSES. GOT IT? 

– I found an empty mason jar (you can use whatever – any container will work or a vase, a tupperware container, a large cup, a basket, a box, you name it)

– I found 2 of my favorite photos of myself (you can use 1 or 2 or however many you can find or print – there’s NO limit!)

– I found captions to describe myself and cut them out of some fitness magazines I had here at the house (you can do the same OR find quotes, captions, descriptive words off of the internet and print and use them)

– I hot glued (you can use any glue) them to the jar (as shown in the picture)

Okay so that is Part I of the assignment. Are you following? 
Don’t get all technical with me. Use YOUR create mind. There is NO wrong way or right way. This is YOUR masterpiece. YOUR creation that is going to be UNIQUE. 

We’re going to call this PROJECT: I LOVE ME.

You are probably wondering what the hell you are supposed to do with this thing once it’s created. 

You are probably thinking “Good grief. This is a project that one of my kids would come home with!” and trying to remember the last time you were given an art assignment. 

So, now I will tell you. 

I need and am “COMMANDING” or “URGING” (whatever term incites you to actually HONESTLY and 100% participate in this) you to pay close attention to PART II of this assignment …. and MOST IMPORTANTLY share this assignment with those close to you (family, best friends, co-workers, members of this group or your team) so that they can hypothetically “steal your clothespin” when you don’t catch it yourself (having support and others to KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE is VITAL). 

 — EVERYTIME you catch yourself saying (out loud or what your inner voice is saying) “I SUCK”, “I CAN’T”, “I WON’T” or apologizing for being you (remember NEW RULE FOR EVERYONE IN THE GROUP – STOP SAYING SORRY! that I posted on 2/23?) you MUST do this: 
1) Deposit $1 in the jar
2) Share your negative self-talk with someone (family, best friends, co-  workers, members of this group or your team)
3) Ask them if it’s true. More than likely you were just being too hard on yourself, NOT seeing the whole picture of what you are capable of and doubting yourself. I am 100% positive that the person you share this with will tell you how your thoughts are not correct (I’ve seen people compliment you and give you all compliments based on their observations on all of your posts about your strengths and best characteristics)
4) Then you are to write on a slip of paper what they said and put it in the box/jar/basket/container

Now for PART III of this project: 

You must PICK one REWARD for yourself. 
The REWARD must be something that makes you feel pretty/strong/happy.

I.E. a facial, entry fees for a 5K or obstacle course, new hairdo, new outfit, a day at the golf course. 

So.. when your jar has enough $$$ to cover the expense that your chosen reward costs, you MUST schedule it/purchase it. 

The money spent MUST go towards YOU and ONLY you. Not towards your spouse/kids/bills. 

In anything you do that is tough, you MUST have a reward for yourself. Something that motivates you, pushes you, gives you an incentive to keep doing something that does NOT naturally come easy. Since this exercise is about YOU and focusing on YOU and making YOU feel better, think better and improve your life naturally the reward should go to you and contribute towards the goal of making yourself feel better. So you will basically be fining yourself for negative behavior, replacing it with good behavior and rewarding yourself for the hard work.

I will do this exercise with you. A teacher doesn’t  just teach. A leader doesn’t just give orders. They do it with those they are teaching and leading. 

One thing that I learned about myself thru this is that I was so hard on myself my whole entire life. I thought I did NOT possess any skill or talent and have always said “I am NOT creative!”. Although I do not know how to sing, dance, play a musical instrument, act, or possess any athletic or artistic ability, I realized that I am in fact very creative. It just took finding something I was passionate about to get my creative juices flowing. It also impacted the fact that I had long given up on my ONLY dream I had as a child to be a teacher. Although I have NO college degree and do NOT teach in a classroom, I am in fact a teacher so I am fulfilling an old original dream and I am fulfilling my core purpose of helping others. 

There will be NO assignment on day 18 because I KNOW many of you will have not had time to read this post or may be freaking out that you don’t have a jar/container/glue/picture that you like/your printer has no ink/etc etc. So this will give you ample time to get caught up on the weeks assignments, get supplies, find the 10-20 minutes that this should take.


WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS TASK POST A PICTURE ON YOUR WALL AND TAG ME. WHEN POSTING THE PICTURE. DO NOT JUST POST THE PICTURE!!!!!!! Share WHY you are posting it. Share your thought. Share the rules so that EVERYONE who is around you and watching you are on alert to call you out on any negative self-talk they witness.

And if you see me breaking any of the rules, you are to immediately call me out and make me follow the same rules. 




If you are reading this, I encourage you to do this exercise as well!