Pinch me …. Am I dreaming?

Now, as an adult, looking back on my childhood & upbringing and reflecting on my parents life before adopting me, I realize that once they became parents, they somehow threw in the towel and gave up on their dreams, which catapulted in my father feeling like a failure and them all together feeling disappointed with their life which transcended to me feeling like a failure as their child.

I grew up, never fitting in, always looking to belong to something or someone which ended up in many bad decisions made on my part, which left me feeling like an utter failure in every aspect of life.

23 months ago, I really had much to be thankful for. I had been blessed with so many things, that others only wished & prayed for. Yet, I still felt empty inside and like I was missing something. Even though this was a feeling that I had struggled with my entire life and was quite familiar, I never got used to it. All of my life, I struggled with A.D.D., anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem. If you ask any of my classmates, they don’t remember that person. Why? Because I put on a front. I was who I was told to be. I was who I thought you wanted me to be. I was a pleaser. I was raised to never complain. I was raised to just do as I was told.

In life, everything comes with a price tag.
Nothing in life comes for free.
You need money to live – to eat – to get from point A to point B.
I was never encouraged to seek out a higher level of education.
I was never encouraged to dream.
I was never encouraged to be an individual.
I was never encouraged to find a career.
I was never encouraged to excel at anything but the bare minimum.

I bounced around from job to job, trying to find something I loved & felt passionate about. Having A.D.D. and that “impulsive” personality, I just couldn’t find whereI belonged. I settled for a career in the Insurance Industry because that’s what I knew, as I was the 3rd generation in my family to make a career out of working in the Insurance Field. It was easy for me. It didn’t require a a college education. I convinced myself that I loved it ONLY because it was the ONLY thing I was good at. I followed the path of my parents in more way than one – in career path and settling for a life of mediocrity – a path that was “safe” and predictable.

When I had hit rock bottom for the umpteenth time, along came this stranger that I crossed paths with, right when I needed her most. We connected right here on Social Media. FATE brought us together. She gave me hope. She believed in me. My family may have not believed in me enough or pushed me like I needed, but I have had many people like my husband Ryan and my best friend Manda who have always believed in me, but it was different this time coming from a stranger, totally unbiased. I CANNOT thank Becky Bergolla Brossett enough for what she has done to help me. She has no idea how her presence in my life has made life-altering changes to my marriage, family, mental state, emotional state, life as a whole or future. I believe 100% that she saved my life.

In just 22 months I’ve gone from a scared, screwed up, sad, lost individual to a successful, driven, happy, positive person who has HOPE and FAITH that everything will be okay.

Earlier this year, I set my goals. I dreamed BIG, something I’ve been pushed to do because of my affiliation with a wonderful company – TeamBeachbody. I can’t thank Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon enough for what they created, the time they’ve taken to develop systems to help us be better people and the research they’ve done to help create wonderful products to help us be healthier people. I’ve never been associated with such a finer group of people. I’ve never felt so special either. This morning, when I got home, from meeting with one of my new coaches Karla Carranza and being able to attend Haylie’s School Play (something I used to miss because I was stuck working a full-time job with little time off), I received a phone call from an unfamiliar number. I almost didn’t answer it, but something told me to pick it up. I was FLOORED when I heard Jeff Hill on the other end. He personally called to CONGRATULATE me on my BIG day for reaching my goal of becoming a 5 Star Diamond Coach. Isn’t that AMAZING?

Today, I am going to sit back, keep pinching myself and enjoy my day. The day I’d been working for this entire year.

I want to personally thank a few people, who may or may not know how much their presence in my life, their belief in me, their love, their support, their guidance has meant to me throughout my journey.

Thank you to my wonderful husband who has pushed me out of my comfort zone more times than I can count, who has loved me when I didn’t love myself and when I wasn’t so lovable, who has never given up on our love and who is my rock. Thank you to my best friends Manda, Joanne and Jennyfor everything you do to make me feel special and make my life easier. Thank you to my awesome coach Becky, my second mama-coach Kristina – Thank you for including me into not just the TSD family, but your own family. Thank you to my teammates TSD – Beachbody Coaches and TEAM RELENTLESS. Thank you to my personally sponsored diamond coaches who have made this dream possible – Your hard work is appreciated more than anything: Melissa BartoSamantha ThorntonNikki J Mason and Gabri Ripple Means. Thank you to 2 of my mentors, whether you know it or not, you mean a lot to me Jason PuckHead Diebold and Danielle FitandFunky! Thank you to our wonderful corporate team that pushes me, guides me and is 100% genuine Coby MitchellArnauld Nakaha and Jeff Hill! Thank you to Tony Horton and P90X for changing my life. Thank you to all of my friends and customers who took the chance on ME and chose ME as your coach and friend to guide you on your journey – your friendship means so much to me! I couldn’t have done this and would not be where I am today without each and everyone of you ALL! Thank you from the bottom of my little Asian heart!

And thank you to anyone who took the time to read my long winded message!


I HATE talking about the financial aspects of the business because money often times breeds greed and envy. And because many people have no problem paying for retail items such as clothing, shoes, booze, tattoos and food which provide income and profit for the said business owners, but when it comes to the weight loss industry, discussing earning an income off of such a personal and sensitive subject, it sometimes becomes such a taboo subject. And lets face it, some people just don’t like to see others get ahead or do better than what they feel they are doing now, not looking at the time or effort it took for that person to achieve success.

However, I am well aware that MONEY is what makes the world go round.

And after running two 60 day Coach Training Groups, I have found that money is the main motivating factor for the majority of coaches.

I originally started this to help others and that is still my #1 motivating factor. I simply want to help others achieve a higher standard of living & self-worth, starting with health and fitness and turning into something BIGGER on a higher scale. I want to help everyone develop into the person that they once dreamt of being and providing a life changing experience. I want to pay it forward because I have been blessed with a second chance and have a better life. But now that I am a full-time coach, the financial side of this business opportunity means something more than it did 3 months ago.

I have found that most coaches have a really hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at the beginning of their journey.

I just ran a personal report that showed the difference of last year as a 1 Star Diamond vs. this year as a 5 Star Diamond.
My business income has grown 400% since this time last year. The numbers reflect my hard work, which included consistency and lots of hard work and sacrifice. It was by no means easy. It took dedication. It took long hours. It took choosing between goofing off at times or getting the much eluded sleep and working hard, staying up late, giving up weekends to attend IMPORTANT VITAL events. But all in all, thanks to the patience of my family and friends and my tenacity, relentless effort, it all paid off. 20 1/2 months after I became a coach, I was able to leave my restrictive full-time job and am able to support my family.

(From November 2012 until late summer of this year, I supplied 80% of the family’s income after Ryan had sustained major injuries at work last year, which led to him undergoing a major surgery on his shoulder, bicep and labrum. Had I NOT been a coach, worked hard and treated it like a business, instead of a hobby or interest or something I did when convenient, we would have NOT survived financially on my income from my full time job.)

What job have you worked at where there was NO limit to what income you made?

What job have you held that you quadrupled your income in just one year?

What position have you held that you did not have to ask permission to take time off to spend time with your family, loved ones or just take a personal day?

What business have you owned in your lifetime where there was virtually no overhead? I do NOT have to pay weekly wages to employees, payroll taxes, insurance, etc. like many business owners.

What would it feel like if ALL of your efforts were for your OWN dream, not someone else’s?

What would it feel like if you knew that your hard work benefited and added meaning to others lives?

How would you feel if you could go to sleep every night with the satisfaction that you did good and added value to not just your own life, but countless others, day in and day out?

What would it mean to you if you were finally living your dream life?

How would you spend your days if you were your own boss??

If you are interested in living the dream starting NOW, message me for more information on my next 60 day Coach Training Program that kicks off mid-January!