One life, one decision – multiplied

On February 2, 2012, I pushed play for the first time. I started my first at-home-fitness program: P90X Since then I have done Brazil Butt LiftLes Mills Pump, Les Mils Combat, 3 rounds of Beachbody Ultimate Reset & Body Beast. I am currently doing P90X Plus while I wait for the release of P90X3 next week.

This is what I looked like on day 1. I was MORTIFIED, even having my 12 year old daughter take this picture. On that day, I would have never believed that I would ever post this picture publicly.

On February 15, 2012 I posted this picture on Facebook, with this caption, “Down a pant size!”

Little did I know that this picture would change my course of life, future and way of thinking and living. I received a big response from this picture, which prompted my coach, Becky to offer me the coaching opportunity, that up to that point, I knew nothing about. I remember some of the excuses I gave her as to why I was NOT qualified to be a coach.

1) I hadn’t reached my goals yet. 
2) I didn’t know that many people. 
3) I only went to work and back home. 
4) I hadn’t completed a program yet.
5) I didn’t have any experience in the health/fitness industry.
6) I didn’t think I could inspire anyone. 
7) I didn’t know if I’d have enough time. 
8) I hadn’t had any luck with network marketing in the past.

She had a response for every reason I gave her, which disproved my way of thinking. I essentially didn’t believe in myself, but luckily she believed in me. 

Luckily, my 22 month history of being a coach, has proved that Becky was indeed was wrong and all my initial fears were bogus EXCUSES> 

It’s amazing that I indeed have in fact been able to inspire countless people, beginning with myself. 
Here are my P90X results and a really embarrassing side by side that really contrasts what a difference living a healthy lifestyle 85-90% of the time can do for your health, looks, self-esteem and future. 

P90X – 90 day results

December 2005 vs. December 2013
24 + 2 kids vs. 32 + 3 kids

When my husband Ryan & I started dating in early 2006, he had just came out of a miserable marriage where he drank every single day & never got a home cooked meal. Eating at fast food or other restaurants everyday can take a toll not only on your health, but waistline. At one point he weighed in at a little under 300 lbs. After going thru some hard times & basically drinking his meals he lost quite a bit of weight. But was still around 240-250 lbs.

Once we got together & he had me cooking healthy for him everyday & encouraging him to try foods he’d never even heard of he lost quite a bit of weight & even more so once he started going to the gym & training with Boo White! He lost so much weight that people didn’t recognize him & even people in his family accused him of being on drugs.

Then life got in the way & he got distracted & stopped working out. Once we got pregnant with Rebel, he gained as much weight as I did over 9 months.

He started Shakeology®  about a week after I did & earlier this year he was able to start a modified version of Body Beast (since he had major shoulder surgery in May 2012). What a difference that made.

We stumbled across these big-ass shorts that used to barely fit him the first summer that we started dating and now look at them.

Amazing what a few small changes can do to your health & outward appearance!

Each day, I have multiple people from all across the nation reach out to me for advice, tips, help, support and friendship. 

I have noticed a trend: everyone wants the results. Everyone needs to make the changes. BUT most people do NOT believe it’s possible. 

I don’t think it’s a reflection on me, as a coach. I don’t think they are doubting me as a person or my abilities. I don’t even think they are doubting the products. They are simply tired of failing and assume that this time will be just like the other times, that their weight loss goals did not come to fruition. So they give up. But then they see a post from me and their interest is perked once again.

I can’t even begin to count the multiple messages I’ve had with some folks, who want it. They have their goals very clear in their mind. Some have even been told by their Doctors that they MUST take charge of they health. But then when it comes time to pulling the trigger, they BOLT. Then I hear from them a couple months later. And then the same thing. 


One of the reasons people don’t live extraordinary lives is because they’re too fearful to take the leap and believe in themselves.
Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.
Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you.  What you believe, remember you CAN achieve.

Life has a way of just knocking you down. People don’t believe in you because they failed or knew someone who failed at what you are doing or are interested in. They start stealing your sunshine, raining on your parade, providing negative feedback which prevents you from following your heart and prevents you from reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Parents even do this to their own children, trying to protect and shield them from their own personal failures they endured. 

No matter how many people believe in you or don’t, you must be the ultimate believer in yourself.. 


I would like to share with you some of the changes and overall transformations that have occurred with some people that have trusted me to help guide them through their journey & have believed in themselves, over the past 22 months. (You can see other amazing transformations by viewing my Facebook Album)

This is one of my child hood best friends, Melissa. She has had such an amazing transformation, after yo-yoing in weight throughout the her teen-young-adult life. She is one fierce, strong woman who has even been featured by Team Beachbody. She is dedicated to her goals and dreams and luckily has a husband who is incredibly supportive and also wants the same things out of life. 

This is my friend Amber Cornist. We grew up in the same town together. Grew up, left town, had a family. 

No one can see the struggle or the 3 year journey that she has been on. She started with a decision in her 20’s to not let her health deteriorate because she was young & had seen the toll poor health choices had taken on family members and knew it would be unfair to her husband and kids if she could not keep up or heaven forbid was no longer around. She to date has lost 115 lbs! She did most of it on her own, but will be the first to tell you that finding a coach, plugging into the Beachbody community, and adding Shakeology®to help her with her nutrition struggles has helped more than she ever knew was possible. She has been able to find the strength, inner and physically to complete Insanity®P90XLes Mills Combat and is now doing Body Beast with her husband Cameron.

In April 2012, Tanya, wife, mother of 2, school teacher and professional photographer, committed to making the changes to her life. Her main driving force was that she wanted to be able to wear her wedding ring, that hadn’t fit in years, after having 2 children.

Be sure to watch her video about her life and the way she she felt after having her two daughters. It’s touching and something, many of us moms can relate to.

She started her journey with Shakeology, 10 Minute Trainer and then has completed TurboFire, Les Mills Combat and is in her final weeks of Focus T25 and will be joining me on January 6th, as we start P90X3.

Doesn’t she look great? 

This is my friend Jennifer. She thought I had lost my mind, totally changing my whole lifestyle, rather abruptly in the beginning of 2012.

Finally curiousity killed the cat. She started following CLEAN EATING principles around Thanksgiving & shortly after that committed to 10 Minute Trainer & Shakeology.

In less than 2 months she went from a SNUG size 10 to a 5/6 & has lost 20 lbs.

A year later, she is still drinking Shakeology and loves 10 Minute Trainer. 

This is my friend Allison Guerra Stewart. We met back in 2005. I still remember this message I received from her earlier this year, “Can’t believe what I saw on the scale this morning. I have lost 100 LBS since starting my weight loss journey. I’m so happy I could cry. I could not get under 165 before Power 90® & Shakeology®! This has changed my life. I’m at the lowest weight I’ve ever been in my adult life, and for the first time in my life I weigh less than my 5’7″ thin husband! 2 goals attained, and I know I’m going to reach my goal for Power 90 “After” weigh-in next week! I’m so happy I could cry!”

She sent me these pictures – The first one being 2 weeks before she had her son Jonathan & was about 250 lbs & the other one the day after he was born, still in the hospital. She said “I have very few pictures at my top weight because I was seriously in self-loathing. But I lost very little with Jonathan’s delivery, so I was still 250 after he was born (due to him being c-sectioned)”.

There is no substitute for consistency & handwork! 

Last November, Aimee Drake Ladewig and I didn’t know one another. But she still found the courage to reach out to me, a stranger, for help.  We’ve become extremely over the past year.  About 6 months into her journey this is what she had to say: “Who would have thought having a family portrait session with Gabri Ripple Means last September would push me to make a change. Gabri looked so great that I asked her what she had been doing, she said eating clean and exercising. Could it be that simple? I knew that I needed to do something but I didn’t know what….then I messaged Mindy Hord. Since I started my beach body journey I have completed 10 Minute Trainer and Beachbody Ultimate Reset and I am three weeks into Turbo Fire. I have Hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and am Insulin Resistant. I didn’t even ask the Dr. about Shakeology®, I knew that he would want me to go to his nutritionist. The last time I talked to my Doctor he was happy with my results and has taken me off the medication for my insulin resistance. So when he asked me how I was and what I had been doing, I had one response Shakeology.I know without a shadow of a doubt that Shakeology, exercising regularly and a clean diet has made a huge difference in my life and it will in yours also!” 

She has since then completed another round of Ultimate Reset and now is doing Les Mills Combat and has helped many others get stated on their own journey, just by sharing her journey, struggles and results.

Here is what he has to say upon receiving their latest family pictures: “When I put them side by side I was amazed. I am not calling it before and after because it’s not my after yet. I will say then & now. Last year when Gabri looked so good I remember thinking why can’t I do that. Well, I can and I am doing it now. Thanks to Mindy and all my Beachbody friends who help keep me motivated to keep it up on the days I don’t want to do it. Beachbody has changed my life and it is changing the lives of people around me. I love when my friends try Shakeology and feel awesome. I am proud when I find out that medications have been changed or have been lowered. One little decision that I did for me is helping those around me. So today that makes me STRONGER than I ever thought I was!”

This is my friend of over 15 years, Janice Gibbs Lyche. She trusted me last March & believed that she too could have just as great results as I had. If anyone knew us in our Sherwood & Burger King & Coors Light years, you would’ve never guessed we’d be where we are now! She has completed 10 Minute TrainerBrazil Butt Lift®Power 90® and TurboFire. She has lost over 35 lbs, 22′ and gone from a size 7 to a 1 in ONLY a year! And is still drinking Shakeology everyday.

The domino effect of CHANGE is incredibly mind blowing to me. Thru my consistency & public accountability I’ve helped so many people make the decision to just simply start & now they too have had AMAZING transformations. It’s contagious! We’re moms & even grandmas with distractions, struggles, inner Demons, and all deal with the frustrations of life, but we are all ferret minded to be better tomorrow than we are today. There’s absolutely NO reason you can’t do the same too!

I met this amazing lady thru Facebook last summer. I knew instantly that she was coach material and turns out she’s one of my ROCKSTARS! She’s lost 30 lbs, gained a ton of confidence, has turned her whole life around and inspired many. She’s never let anything get in her way. I am so proud of Nikki‘s accomplishments and happy that I get to call her my friend!

Here is Nikki’s Story

Samantha‘s overall transformation has been something I’ve been able to watch up close and personal for the past 18 months, since we’ve known each other for over a decade, live in the same town, our kids are close and we work closely running a local Fit Club

Her & I knew eachother because for years we were frequent customers of her bar. She saw us close the bar down several nights a month.

After she sold the bar, I didn’t see her for probably a year and a half. 

Her mom, Dyan and I were Facebook friends. She saw started seeing the changes I was making , but never really said anything to me, never asked any questions or had much to say. Little did I know though, that she was sitting back from a far just watching, all the while telling her daughter Sam all about what she was observing. 

Anyone who knows Dyan knows she is caring, kind-hearted and wants to save the world, but the light of her life is her daughter and two amazing grandsons. She was so concerned that her daughter drank so many energy drinks because she knew they weren’t good for her and knew that despite how many ROCKSTARS Sam had, she still seemed to have ZERO energy. 

So finally after getting sick and tired of hearing all about Ryan‘s Beachbody Ultimate Reset journey, Mindy’s colorful meals of the day and how happy she seemed, Sam finally did it.. she sent me a friend request. 

It only took her a few days to start asking questions. I answered all of her questions. Found out what she was looking for, what she’d tried, what her goals were and I suggested my favorite program to help someone get fitness & weight loss journey started – 10 Minute Trainer. I don’t beg anyone or try to convince them that this is right for them because I know it is what EVERYONE needs, but sometimes people are just ready and others are just interested and NOW is not the right time. Well at that moment in time it was EXACTLY the RIGHT time for Sam. On June 13, 2012, because she’s a number person and like anyone else, loves to save money, she decided without any hesitation that she would sign up as a coach for free to make sure she saved the MOST money on her products. I’d already told her that it was the best savings and if all else failed she could return the products and cancel her coach account within 30 days, get her money refunded and not get charged another cent. She knew it made the most sense. She, like me when I got started, was READY, BUT……………………. Really just assumed this would be yet ANOTHER weight loss attempt that would fail and just assumed she’d take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee and recoup all of her money. It was so funny, I still recall some of the first few conversations we had after she became a “discount coach” – She was ADAMANT that she wouldn’t be posting fitness motivation, inspirational crap or pics of her in workout clothes (because she hates pics) and she did state that she would EVENTUALLY like to do P90X sometime waaaaaaaaaaaaay down the line. I respected everything she said. I told her that it was up to her. She could remain a coach just to get a 25% discount and that was perfectly fine, but if she ever wanted to take it up a notch that I would be here just the same. Well, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that she was changing – on a whole new level other than just what size pants she was wearing. I just sat back and watched this mental shift and watched her start encouraging others. She surprised herself, at how she was becoming a mini-Mindy, something she swore would NEVER happen because that just wasn’t her. After working in the public she’d lost a lot of hope in mankind, but this changed her mind. Forget how much weight she’s lost, how many pants sizes she’s dropped, how many inches are gone never to be found again. What I want to focus on is all of the things she accomplished that on day 1 she swore was impossible or unthinkable. She’s found something that restored her faith in humanity, something other than her family that has gives her a reason to get up everyday, friendships that are irreplaceable and something she is passionate about and MOST of all I love that everytime I see her she is smiling from ear to ear and you can hear the passion as she speaks about this “Beachbody” thing and her CRAZY coach! I love you Sam! You’re helping change the world!


Sam has always hated pictures. The proof is the fact that there are few pictures of her prior to her using Beachbody products. The few that she does have, were ones taken by someone else at some event without her really even knowing it was taken. If you look at the pictures, you wouldn’t see the type of person she is today. Not because of what size clothing she was wearing then vs. now. 

It’s amazing to watch her develop into this person who loves talking to others & she has this glow about her now fueled by hope. I reminded her the other day of how many times I would come into the two bars she used to own, and we never exchanged any words other than the name of the drink I was ordering & how much it cost. We even sat on the same soccer field, watching kids play & never said a word. So I realize how hard it must have been for her to reach out to me about her inquiry about Beachbody products. She took a chance, but not without much skepticism. But what amazing things it’s opened the door for. She’s become one of my closest friends, someone I know I can count on in a heartbeat. An opportunity presented itself to almost 450 people – to be able to take advantage of having professional progress photos and headshots taken. I immediately shared this with my team. I am proud to say myself and 4 of my coaches were 5 out of the 6 people who jumped on this. Thanks for joining me Samantha ThorntonGabri Ripple MeansNikki J Mason and Jo Pair Reaves) I knew Sam would bellow about pictures LOL, but she was such a good sport and took my lead, stepped out of her comfort zone ONCE again, and stepped up to the plate & decided to join me. I can’t wait for all of you to see her pictures. She never wears make up and you will almost always find her in a ponytail, but she decided that Saturday was a great day to get dolled up. She definitely wasn’t 100% comfortable with it all, since it was pretty foreign! But she looked amazing. I am so proud of her. Forget the 45+ weight loss. I just love seeing the progress – the personal growth. I love seeing her GLOW! Now, thanks to having an Asian coach who has to have every memory saved in pictures, there are a TON of pictures of her –all with one thing in common – She is smiling. Her smile is worth more than what any scale can read. 

What did you think of some of these transformations? There are so many more, but I could’t feature all of them. Please be sure to check all of them out by visiting my Facebook profile. To hear more about what others are saying regarding their participation in my private online fitness support and accountability group click here.

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