NOW accepting Applications for my next 22 Minute Hard Corps Virtual Bootcamp!

Are you looking for a SHORT & SWEET & EFFICIENT workout that you can do from home?? During the month of March 2016, our newest program, 22 Minute Hard Corps, from Tony Horton, creator of P90X, is on sale + you can get the Sandbag for FREE. 
This program focuses on intense, short workouts, that are 22 minutes long and are led by Tony Horton and veterans, done in a bootcamp style.

The best part is that if you order your Challenge Pack during the month of March, you will be helping Veterans. As of today, we have donated almost $30,000 to a program that empowers veterans, who are adjusting to life at home: The Mission Continues.

Join me in my 8-week at-home “Virtual-Bootcamp” and you will receive:

✔️ My guidance, exclusive extras & tricks to get the best results
✔️ Access to my private test group for support & accountability
✔️ My discount
✔️ The full workout program of 22 minute a day workouts
✔️ An easy-to-follow SIMPLE meal plan
✔️ A nutritional solution to help you stay on track

::participants will be eligible to win prizes…participants cannot be a coach or currently working with a coach:: 

Click on this link to fill out my Challenge Group Application to be considered, so I can learn a little more about you or drop your email in the comments section below or contact me via email at

::Expect to get a response from me via email within 24-72 hours – check your SPAM folder, if you don’t receive a reply in your inbox::

If you have already ordered your Challenge Pack or program, be sure to watch this video I created so that you know what to expect once your package gets delivered to you.

I began the program as soon as it was available in my Beachbody on Demand Member Library, but officially restarted the program with my husband Ryan, on March 22, 2016, upon returning from our annual Success Club Trip (Click on this link to visit my Facebook page to see pictures from our cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica and roadtrip from Texas to Miami and back)

While we were on the cruise, we got the honor and privilege of being able to workout LIVE with Tony Horton himself. 

If you would like more information on how to get the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack with Shakeology while it’s on sale, be sure to contact me before the month is up, so that you can save $85 on your order or click on this link to place your order and get ME as your free coach!

If you would like more information on how to get the 22 Minute Hard Corps Performance Challenge Pack that comes with 2 of our 5 Beachbody Performance Supplements (Energize and Recover) with while it’s on sale, be sure to contact me before the month is up, so that you can save $75 on your order.

Check out these results from my friends Trey Bearor and Wendy Sanchez!
Seeing is believing right?

This is what Trey had to say about his results:


I had one hell of an amazing opportunity being selected to test out this new 22 Minute Hard Corps workout program before it gets launched in March.

And let me be clear…it’s no bullsh*t.

This was the ass-kicking that I needed. Clearly.

The meal plan was VERY simple to follow for 8 weeks, the workouts REALLY are 22 minutes (dude you even get a sandbag lol yess!), and Tony Horton does an excellent job giving you new, military-inspired exercises that will tear you up.”

This is what Wendy had to say about her results:

The results are in!!!!! This is 8 weeks of commitment and dedication!!!!

To be honest, I’ve been a bit nervous to share this but I do realize that this is my story and my own journey! 

I have come such a long way. From gaining 20 pounds in 2 month due to thyroid disease and a nodule, doctors telling me I need radiation done…. Feeling hopeless and unmotivated. 

Now here I am, 2 months of dedication and commitment and not allowing myself to be a victim!!! I am in control. And most importantly to see the look in the eyes of my kids and husband as they tell me “mom…. I am so proud of you!, honey… You rock!” Now that makes me heart happy! 

I am proud!!! I will intake this entire experience and inhale as a breathe of fresh air and as a victory”
Elizabeth Harke’s results are my favorite because her transformation shows that ANYONE at ANY fitness level or point in their journey can TOTALLY ROCK this program, because she started this program less than a year postpartum.
Check out her results and what she had to say on day 40 (with 16 days left in the program):

“This is what I’ve always wanted, but never believed I could have…

Energy. Confidence. Strength. Motivation to always keep going. And the platform to help others do the same! 

This is why I became a Coach in the first place… because when I was sitting in my soul sucking nine to five, unhealthy, overweight and feeling kind of hopeless, I knew there had to be another way. Once I found it, I realize how important it is that I SHARE IT with all the other people who know that my story isn’t JUST my story. Because they feel it, too!

Now, 40 days into my journey with the 22 Minute Hard Corps test group and nine months postpartum, I know that I CAN DO THIS. I can get my health, my body and my confidence back!! My body is CRAVING these clean foods and intense workouts.
It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt this empowered, and I’m just getting started!”

Day 60 Results

—> Would it be helpful if I started a new blog post that chronicles my day 1-56 (all 8 weeks), including the meals I eat daily?

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