Take the Bet: A New Year, New You!

A New Year is right around the corner. Would you like a New You to go with it?

I’ve never been a risk-taker or much of a gambler. But people, now that is is a different story. I am always willing to take a bet on others. I have faith in EVERYONE, even when they don’t have faith in themselves. I believe that with support and the right mindset, greatness can be achieved. That is where I come in. I offer unlimited support and guidance when it comes to changing your perspective and belief system (mindset).

Meet Valerie, a wife, nurse and mother to 2 toddlers (under the age of 3) and a teenager, who has taken a bet on herself all as a result of the decision I made to take a bet on myself, because my coach Becky, took a chance on me.

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Meet Amy Brock. She is a friend and one of my coaches who has had GREAT success with controlling her auto-immune disease with Shakeology®. She has suffered from Crohn’s disease for years. Shakeology has been an absolute blessing in her life. She not only lost 10 lbs. but went 2 months without being hospitalized or miss work due to the complications that come with having Crohn’s.

However, her immune system is weaker than most. I checked on her because I hadn’t heard from her in awhile. And then she told me this:

“I caught a bug and it hit me the hardest because I’m immune suppressed. My doc was so worried because my EKG showed and arrhythmia and admitted me to the hospital. I had a couple packets of Shakeology in my purse and they said they were shocked at how many nutrients were in it so they loaded me up with a TON of anti-nausea meds and fluids and even made orders that I drink 3 shakes a day along with my approved bland meals. My cardiologist said he will start to recommend Shakeology now to his patients.”

In the past 2 weeks, I have heard THREE times now from 2 of my friends who drink Shakeology that their Doctor told them TO continue drinking it.

I wish more people would question their everyday foods that they consume as much as they do Shakeology and it’s ingredients.

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**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**

I encourage you to ALWAYS CHOSE YOU! Give yourself the oxygen mask FIRST that holds the key to a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

It’s not coincidental that Beachbody is hosting our 2nd ever 4-week “Health Bet Challenge” starting on January 9th, right when it’s typical, expected and a standard for many to start paying attention to their health & fitness & weight loss goals. This is nothing like DietBet, where you have to pay in your own money. Our CEO, Carl Daikeler is making it sweet – pledging a pot that can hit $3,000,000.

Wanna a slice of the $2-3M pot? It’s simple……

1. Commit: This was your New Years Resolution already right?
2. Workout, drink a shake, and log your activity ALL on our new-ish app that is LEGIT AF!
3. GO ALL IN on your health & fitness with a group of others who are on your same path, with your same goals, and who will be YOUR accountability to kick off 2017 right.

Because the holidays are approaching and I need firm commitments for this group NOW, I’ve created an application for those who are willing to invest in themselves to claim their spot in my challenge group. I am limiting this to 2 groups. One group will be open to TEN (10) women and the 2nd group will be open to TEN (10) men who would like to start working with me in the upcoming New Year.

And to make things sweeter, the first 3 to commit will get a bonus incentive.

THIS IS IT GUYS. 2017 is here and its time to get moving on our health and fitness for the new year. It can be that “New Year, New You” bullshit we tell ourselves every January 1st OR we can actually put our money where our mouth is and OWN IT. If you are a parent, REMEMBER that ONE DAY your child WILL follow YOUR example instead of your advice!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get it right and get paid in the process.

APPLY HERE if you want to work on a NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR:

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