My Adoption Story

My Adoption Story: finding myself, searching for facts…

I always knew that I was adopted, but I never ever thought I would dig into my adoption story that is until I was 32. In 2013, my search to find out more about ME and my origination began. (Click here to read how it all began) I recently started to open up about my adoption and  how it’s effected and shaped my life and who I am. Being part of a support group full of like-minded individuals with similar stories has helped me TREMENDOUSLY.

Here is MY story.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV


I did it. I finally made myself just do it. I usually have no problem forcing myself to do things, most people find difficult, but for some reason, this 23andMe kit sat for over 2 weeks. Got it registered on the website and it was so hard, having to click “not sure” to so many of the questions as well as filling out one of the surveys, that made me realize just how many anti-depressant and anxiety medications I’ve taken in my lifetime. I’ve never shed a tear, over my being adopted, until recently. Words cannot describe the emotions I’ve experienced lately. It always has felt, like I suffered so much ALONE, which is why I have flourished as a coach…. My mission is to help others who’ve experienced a lifetime a life of feeling hopeless, alone and lost. I’m trying to focus on the positive… That I’ll get answers, that’ll provide clarity or some sort of closure and understanding.

For now, though, a small photo album, a file full of about 100 photocopies regarding my first year of existence and this tube in this biohazard bag is all I have…….


Recently, I started sharing more about my struggle with depression. (Click here to read more about it) I started realizing, that maybe it wasn’t a chemical imbalance or something to do with the situations I’ve been in, but maybe instead, something that other adoptees experienced. So I asked. I was amazed at how many adoptees share some of the same signs of trauma, that I have lived with all of my life. Are these all common symptoms that are a result from being adopted? 
    • I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety my whole life, and I grind my teeth too! I’ve had a lot of setbacks, and sometimes it’s hard to cope, but I feel that my past experiences help to make me a stronger person. If I can look back at what I’ve overcome, it shows me that I’m strong enough to deal with what comes in the future.

    • I’m bipolar and grind my teeth 


  • Yep. Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and teeth grinding have been constants in my life. For the longest time I thought these were due to some inadequacy on my part. Now knowing that these are pretty common for adoptees and the trauma we’ve had to cope with has made me more forgiving with myself. We’ve been through a lot of crap!
  • Mindy Hord Oh yea. I forgot ADD

  • You are not the only one that ground your teeth, I do as well. My teeth are very small.

    Research has suggested that cannabis may be a…

  • Omg I still grind my teeth at night,and suffered from OCD. Also def had a bad drinking problem in my early to mid 20s. ADD too!

  • Probably not as a result from being adopted, but yes to anxiety, no to depression.
  • Depression and anxiety here, which are exacerbated by epilepsy and its associated medications. i was also once diagnosed as bi-polar, but that was based on a horrific reaction to a new epilepsy med that sent me into a psychosis. good times, kids! good times!
  • Mindy Hord It’s nice knowing I’m not alone. 
    My teeth are totally flat from grinding my teeth
  • Mindy Hord David no wonder I smoked so much pot during my teenage years

  • I wouldn’t categorized my adoption as trauma even though my parents lacked all parenting skills. It seems as though many baby boomer parents had no clue about parenting. And yes I do grind my teeth at night! I should really wear my mouth guard!

  • Some depression, OCD for sure and grind my teeth as well.

  • I’m sure, I have RAD, A-PSTD similarities, & have up down swing moods, been scarred w/ this adoption thing all my life !!!!!!!!, if u need some1 2 chat w/, i’m sure, many n here who r willing, including muaaaa!!!!!!

  • I’m a fellow tooth grinder who should also wear night guards but does not. I too have struggled with depression and have been diagnosed with PTSD and PNES
  • Mindy Hord How has everyone learned to cope??

  • It’s not easy, but I’ve become pretty damn resilient over the years. I just press on
  • Counseling, a caring husband and my faith in Jesus. I chose to take one day at a time, look on the bright side, be thankful and value myself.
  • Mindy Hord Resilience. One of my best characterostics
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  • Yes to both. I also have PTSD.
  • Mindy Hord Ah I’m not a freak after all. I always thought I was crazy

  • I grind my teeth and I wake up with night tremors still from when I was little…and bad dreams on and off

  • I always grind my teeth too!!! I’ve done it since I was little. Anxiety has only come on strong as an adult. I too have dealt with drug and alcohol issues too!!! I thought I was the only person dealing with my issues. That’s why I love this group!!!!
  • Mindy Hord It’s so nice knowing I’m not the only one who’s suffering from this

  • When I’m tense I fiddle obsessively with my hair… And I had lots of tummy ache when I was small… I guess I needed my moms attention more than an average kid … And nowadays I’m still very sensitive with tummy ache
  • I have OCD.

  • I grind my teeth very badly. You are not alone
  • Mindy Hord I would break out in hives

  • I also grind my teeth when sleeping, especially when I am stressed.
  • Mindy Hord My teeth are completely flat!

  • I clench my jaw when I sleep – all my molars are cracked and pieces break off. Causes headaches during the day too.

  • Lots of issues- also grind/clench my teeth to the point of breaking teeth and crowns. My dentist loves me.

  • Practical Oral Care for People With Developmental Disabilities – This booklet presents an overview of…

  • It would make sense that we could have anxiety issues and perhaps develop OCD behaviors to manage the anxiety.

  • My dentist made me a mouth guard for my teeth. You can ask the dentist to make you one if you haven’t already.
  • Mindy Hord I’ve had several mouth guards since I was a kid. Interesting to see that this is a common thing we suffer from

  • Drug and drinking problem? I did both, no problems!!! I just couldnt maintain my high for 24/7! LOL!!
    But, seriously sometimes it is about self-medicating, addictive personality, addiction genetics, and just simply about being unhappy…sometimes all a
    t once! 
    Quit cocaine in 2006, can’t remember the last time I had a drink, can’t smoke pot (and I live in Oregon where its legal) I don’t even smoke cigarettes anymore!
    Still struggle with depression…one day at a time baby…just one.
  • I have a little bit of OCD. I obsess over fixing problems. They can be really tiny, like the other day I could not find my classroom keys and I could not stop thinking about it. I actually texted another teacher to see if they were where I thought I left them.
  • Yes to anxiety, depression, and teeth grinding.
  • Mindy Hord Man I always thought u was the only one who was a teeth grinder. My teeth a flat!

  • I have stress fractures in my teeth.
  • Mindy Hord Crazy how jacked up we become because of our adoption
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