Meal Hording with Mindy

I grew up on leftovers. After I left home at 15, I swore I would never eat leftovers again. Shortly after Rebel was born in 2010, we fell upon hard financial times and I quickly learned to eat leftovers. Over the past 4 years, I’ve learned how to take leftovers and make them tasty. (Growing up, often times we’d have 10 small-large tupperware containers containing leftovers from previous meals that week and would have a hodgepodge meal).

Today, I made another breakfast, which took less than 5 minutes to prepare, using leftovers from last nights dinner! What did you have for breakfast today?

 – 1 red + 1 teaspoon:  2 eggs scrambled in 1 teaspoon of organic pure, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, topped with crushed red pepper
– 1 yellow: leftover sweet potato fries heated up in hot skillet

Lunch: (took less than 5 minutes to reheat/prepare)

 – 1 red: leftover ground chicken pattie leftover from earlier in the week
 – 1 green: diced tomato and cilantro
 – 1 purple: fresh raspberries

Snack: (on the go snack)

 – 1 red: Chocolate Shakeology shaken with cold water
 – 1 purple: apple


INDULGED IN A CHEAT MEAL TO CELEBRATE MY ACHIEVING 8 STAR DIAMOND QUALIFYING RANK IN MY BUSINESS – Ate at one of my favorite local restaurants: Asian Cajun and had some chicken drumettes and wingettes.

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