If you lost 100 pounds, how would your life change?

Have you ever met someone that you just knew would help you change your life?

Do you need help losing 100 pounds+?

Many of you may not know that I spent a week as an inpatient and several weeks as an outpatient at Rock Prairie Behavioral Health back in 2015, after I suffered from a mental-breakdown where I was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, which I suffered from since childhood, but had never received a final diagnosis. While there, I met some amazing people, who helped me and have allowed me to help them as well. 2 of which are Regina Basquez Nechar and Christina Cauvel Fairchild. They both have been great friends and I have been the same in return, because that is what friends do. They both believed in me when I was at my lowest and when I came back, they cheered me on and as they watched me make my comeback as a wife, mom, , coach and business woman, they decided to join me. I can’t thank them enough for not giving up on me when so many of my “friends” abandoned me at the time. I am so proud to share today as my TUESDAY TRANSFORMATION spotlight, Christina‘s story! She has lost 119 lbs. since her birthday when she first committed to work with me last February 20th. I have watched her climb her way out of the worst situations and hold her head up high. I have watched her confidence soar, which shows in the video she made sharing her story and gave me permission to share.

If you know Christina, please give her a hug and a virtual high five and if you don’t know her, I hope that you find her story inspiring and know that with our help YOU can do it too! There is no reason you can’t. The only thing standing in your way is you. If you are looking for a change and want to receive the purest of love with no-judgement, you have a spot in our hearts and on The RELENTLESS Squad.

This is what 119 lbs. GONE looks like, and she isn’t stopping here!! I am so proud of her!

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