Keep Calm! Strawberry Shakeology is coming!

The countdown begins! 
4 more days until the release of the 
6th flavor of Shakeology
Non-vegan strawberry

Strawberries are my favorite fruit.
When I was pregnant with Haylie and Rebel, I’d eat a carton a day. 
They both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE strawberries too. 
(Emily likes them, but is more a veggie-girl.)

I was so excited when I found out last week that we’d have a new addition to the Shakeology family because I am a Shakeology addict and strawberry fanatic, love trying new things and knew that this would make all of my customers and friends happy. Everyone loves variety! 

I received a few samples in the mail yesterday. I couldn’t wait for the kids to get home so we could all try it together. Check out our video review (Sorry about the last part. I turned the camera horizontal instead of vertical. Don’t get a crick in your neck!)

Supplement Facts:

Calories – 130

Calories from fat – 10
Cholesterol – 5 mg
Sodium – 120 mg
Total Carbohydrate – 15 g
Dietary Fiber – 3 g
Sugars – 7 g
Protein – 16 g

My FIRST 30 day Shakeology Challenge of 2014 starts on January 27 – I have a few spots left in my group.

These are the requirements to be part of the group!
• Drink Shakeology daily. 
• Take note of changes in your energy levels, mood, regularity, and cravings throughout your journey.
• Take photos and measurements on Days 1 & 30

Which flavor will you be choosing?

1) Non-Vegan Chocolate 
2) Vegan Chocolate
3) Non-Vegan Greenberry
4) Non-Vegan Vanilla
5) Vegan Tropical Strawberry
6) Brand NEW Non-Vegan Strawberry

Or will you be going with the NEW Neapolitan Triple Combo Box that comes with 8 chocolate, 8 vanilla and 8 of the NEW strawberry??

If you haven’t ever heard of Shakeology I am sure you are wondering WHAT IT IS & WHY YOU NEED IT. 

It is the most nutrient-dense, superfood*-packed shake on the planet. It’s made with the healthy stuff you should be eating every day, but typically don’t. It has the perfect combination of proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics. Plus, it also contains many rare ingredients, including adaptogens, camu-camu, and sacha inchi—things we can’t get from an ordinary diet. It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. 

It can be used for weight loss, or drink it to optimize your health, but don’t get it confused with other weight loss shakes on the shelf at your local grocery store. While other shakes on the market contain a few of the key nutrient groups, Shakeology is the only one that provides them all in one shake!

If you are wondering why YOU should drink Shakeology click on this link which will direct you another one of my blog posts which goes into greater detail of the benefits along with testimonials from my friends and customers: real people, real results. 

This is what MY coach, Becky & her sister Kristina has to say about how Shakeology changed their life:

But the shortened version of WHY you should drink Shakeology is because it can transform your health by helping:

Curb cravings for sugar and junk food

Promote healthy weight loss Increase energy levels
Improve digestion

and regularity
Support your immune system Support cardiovascular health 

Let’s face it, the American diet is terrible. Rarely do any of us eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables; instead, we reach for what’s quick and easy—packaged food and fast food—which have been so over-processed that their nutrients have long been destroyed.

The reality is, we’re running our bodies on empty. And like a car, we need fuel to go. Good fuel. Not empty-calorie junk. When you start thinking of food as fuel, you realize how important Shakeology is in helping you focus, feel energized to get thru simple daily tasks and live a longer, healthier life.

The proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics helps your body eliminate toxins that have built up over the years due to eating bad food. And its 100% whole-food ingredients fuel your body with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and nutrients that the average diet lacks.

Who should drink Shakeology?

Beachbody customers
Simplifies your meal plan. And if you’re doing a Beachbody fitness program, Shakeology gives you the extra oomph you need to push through your workouts, which can aid in weight loss, as well as maximizing your fitness goals.
Older, yet active, adults (55+)
Increases energy levels, which helps you stay active,
as well as helping keep you healthy so you can enjoy life.
Busy parents
A quick and convenient way to get complete nutrition. Supplies more energy to help you keep up with kids and a hectic lifestyle.
Busy professionals and college students
Easier to prepare (and tastier) than a salad. A quick
and convenient way to get complete nutrition on a full schedule. Excellent as a healthy snack when eating a full meal is not possible.
Health-minded people
Save money by replacing many nutritional supplements with just one shake a day.
People who don’t like fruits and vegetables
An easy and tasty way to drink the nutrients your body requires without its tasting like it’s “good for you.”
People who don’t eat breakfast
Studies show that people who eat a healthy breakfast daily: Are leaner
Have more energy
Have fewer junk food cravings

Snack LESS during the day Have a faster metabolism

* Superfoods are the most incredibly healthy foods on our planet. These foods are low in calories, high in nutrients, and go beyond meeting basic nutritional needs. Instead, they have high concentrations of multiple nutrients that work together to support the immune system and help fight aging.

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