Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

My goal for 2013 was to start a FREE Fit Club in the area for the community.

Since the obesity rates are overwhelminngly high and I would like to change that. And the best place to start is in my backyard, right? 

The FIT Club in Tennessee really inspired me

Brenham’s FREE Weekly Fit Club started on July 2 and we just completed week 8 this week. We’ve currently been holding it at the Rock Gym, behind the Community Education Center. This facility is heavily used during basketball season, so I’d been fervently searching for an alternative location for this time period. I contacted several different venues. Churches either charged an arm an a leg or wouldn’t let non-members in or wouldn’t even respond. Other places charged $50-75/hour which was out of the question since this is a free, non-profit event. 

Finally, Angela Hahn at the City of Brenham, suggested that I contact the BISD School Superintendent John Forsythe. And that was ended up being my lucky break. He was so nice & actually took the time to read my email. return my calls and allow to let us use Alton Elementary’s Gym for FREE. 

Today, on my lunch I went and signed the contract securing this location for every Tuesday from September 17 until the end of March. And also Sunday, September 29th for the use at 

, a Quarterly Beachbody event that I am hosting. 

I am so excited to see everything working out and so pleased that the community has been so supportive of this.

This afternoon was crazy. Hurried out the door at 5, raced home, picked up all the kids (who were hiding in the closet and scared tbe bejesus out of me – I must thing of a way to get even with them muahahahahahaha!), raced back to town to attend Haylie’s 8th grade Open House. 

Is it just me or does it seem like it was just yesterday that I was a kid?!!?!

I wish I still had pictures of myself when I was a kid at that age. 

We got her schedule,  met all her teachers, and I got to witness the squeals of delights and long embraces between her and her long-lost friends from last year. 

Afterwards we met up at the local restaurant Yumm’s with one of my besties, Joanne and her youngest, baby Cody. 

I had done so good with my eating today. 

Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk and almond butter
Snack: Carrots and Hummus (I can’t get enough of it – which is weird because just a few months ago I was forcing myself to like it because I knew it was good for me. which was hard after a lifelong aversion to garbanzo beans)
Lunch: Homemade shrimp, brocooli, yellow pepper stir-fry over quinoa
Snack: Chocolate Shakeology with water, ice and 1 tsp. of natural Peanut Butter

Then I had a HUGE Hombre Wrap (rice, beef, onions, cilantro, onions, and tomatoes in a spinach wrap) –  not really unhealthy, but way too big of a portion. And what makes it worse is that I topped it off with a scoop of rocky road ice cream and pink and brown sprinkles 🙂 Oopsy! (On and 2 Michelob Ultras) – Epic fail at dinnertime! 

What did you eat today? I hope you ate better than me!

Despite it all, I finished off the day with an amazing team call with two of my favorite Houston Coaches as guest speakers. Thank you Alex Salinas  and Stacey James!

Good night world! 

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