Job Opportunity Available – Turn your DREAMS into REALITY

Some of you have known me most of my life. We went to school together and grew up in the same small town in Northern California.

Some of you I’ve only known for the past 13 years, since I have lived in Texas.

Some of you I’ve never met “officially”, but we talk often.

Some of you have been assigned to me thru Team Beachbody when you ordered a Health or Fitness program to help you reach your goals.

Some of you found me thru social media – you may have stumbled upon me or found me thru a friend of a friend.

I want you to know that even if you have never murmured a word to me, you are important to me.

Some of you had BIG goals and dreams that you shared with me at one point.

Some of you have reached them.

Others have not.

Regardless of what your story is.

I am still here.

I still care.

I still want to help you.

Some of you have followed my story closely.

If you haven’t or don’t know about my life.

 I want you to know or want to remind you that my life has not always been about health and fitness.

I grew up thin, with an amazingly fast metabolism.

Regardless of what I weighed, looked to others, or what size I wore, I hated myself.

I grew up feeling like an outcast in my home, at school, among my peers and in life in general.

I put on a front, a façade, so that no one really knew how miserable I was.

As a child and young adult, I never really knew how to cultivate strong relationships with people, although most people would describe me as a people person.

I had no problem making friends, just a hard time finding the right type of relationships and friendships.

I left home at age 15 and have been on my own ever since.

I’ve struggled with failed marriages, use of drugs and alcohol and having children at a young age. I beat myself up for years and labeled myself as a failure.

When I was at another low point in my life, I stumbled upon a stranger (Becky) via the internet, on a chance happening. Call it fate.

It changed my life forever.

She believed in me.

She pushed me.

She gave me hope.

I finally had someone who expected something out of me.

I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me – she showed me the way to a better life. For that, I am forever grateful! I don’ think I can ever tell her enough:

I had just turned 31. I felt like I was way older, mentally and most of all physically.

I’d given up on ever being anything.

I had no college education.

I had 3 kids who needed to be provided for.

My marriage was on the rocks – not because we didn’t love one another, but because we had no goals, nothing to work together as a team, and were full of negativity, bitterness and anger for the hand that life had dealt us. We were the victims of life.

I felt lost.

I had settled. Settled for a life of mediocrity. I told myself that my past failures prevented me from having a better life and convinced myself that I didn’t deserve any better.

But then this person, this opportunity, this new life started opening up for me. The crazy thing was – it was all thru HEALTH & FITNESS.

It started off as something I figured I’d just “try out” because after all, I had no background or experience in this field. I doubted myself because I’d never excelled at anything. I’d been given a gift of just winging it and getting thru everything under the radar. I recall telling my coach Becky, that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to inspire or help others, especially since I was only 13 days into my FIRST Beachbody program – P90X and since I’d not yet even reached my goal. But low and behold, when she told me “ I was already doing it and doing a great job.”, she was right.

Once I started seeing that by simply doing what I was already planning to do (workout, attempt to eat better and drink my Shakeology everyday), others were watching. Others were asking questions. Others were wanting to join me. Others had hope. Others started to be inspired.

It felt good to finally break free from the chains of negativity.

It felt good to be good at something.

It felt good to help others.

It felt good to do something for myself.

It felt good to start living.

It felt good to start dreaming.

It felt good to feel proud of myself.

It felt good to have others cheering me on.

It felt good to have strangers love me for ME.

Before too long, I set a goal to be able to quit my full time job in the Insurance Industry by my 2 year anniversary of February 15, 2014.

I remember when I first wrote that date down, it was just a wish. It really seemed far off and impossible.

But as the months went by. As I worked harder. As I found that I loved what I did. As more people started coming to me for my help from all across the country.

I started to realize that I could make a difference. Then it became not just a goal, but something I was pushing to do.

OnSeptember 6, 2013, I turned in my 8 week resignation. Not too long after my own coach, left her 15 year corporate, six figure income job at a construction company in Miami, FL.

The morning I turned in my resignation, my hands were shaking. I felt like I was going to throw up.

But as soon as it was over, I felt a huge relief come over.

Friday is my last day. I can’t believe the time has come. I can’t believe I’ve been working for someone since I was 14.

I share everything I do, to give you all hope. To share with you that it is possible.

You don’t have to be great to leap.

Somehow this girl who grew up in a teeny, tiny rural town, who has been on her own over half her life after leaving an abusive home, had children young & out of wedlock, no college education, no family support, who had more failures to overcome than someone twice her age has made it to #53 out of 139,907 coaches. If I can do it, so can you.

I want you to know you can do it. I am reaching my hand out to you.

I am looking to sponsor two new coaches between now and the end of the year. I am extending the invitation to YOU. If you are looking to make a life change, big or small.

If you are drinking Shakeology®; if you are looking for something to hold yourself accountable; if you are wanting to earn some extra income before/during the holidays; if you are looking to switch careers like I did, here is your chance.

Message me for details!

If you are looking for:

·         a friend

·         someone who will never give up on you

·         guidance

·         encouragement

·         support

·         helping hand

·         somewhere to belong
If you are:

·         not afraid to try something new

·         not afraid to work hard

·         motivated

·         teachable

·         looking for a discount on health & fitness products

·         wanting to take your passion for  health and fitness to another level

·         have completed a Beachbody program

·         have reached your health/fitness/weightloss goals

·         have a background in health/fitness nor do you have to be an expert

·         have you “sell, sell, sell” or meet some crazy quota

·         post pictures of yourself shirtless or in a sports bra or bikini on the internet

·         attend tons of trainings (my training is all done online, at your own pace)

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me one of the following ways:
Phone: (979) 203-1664
Twitter: @coachmhord
Instagram: fitASIANmom
If you’d like more information on coaching, you can access a team coach opportunity call:
Dial: (424) 203-8409Access code: 139850

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