Is your PASSION evident to others?

Some people may laugh at me.
Some people may roll their eyes.
Some people may think it’s fake.
Some people may think it’ll be short lived.
Some people just can’t understand because they just don’t get it.

But for me, Beachbody is my everything, just like my family.
I eat, sleep, breathe it. I even dream about it. (Random fun fact: Last night I had a dream about Shaun T and Focus T25).
Beachbody runs through my veins and my passion becomes stronger.
It started the first time I completed my first workout in February 2012.
Something sparked inside of me.
When I completed the 1st week, I realized I did something NO one else I knew had completed.
It light a flame inside of me and I started feeling and thinking things I never felt before. That emptiness, that loneliness, that void that I’d always felt, that longing to belong somewhere, to fit in, to be something, to be important, to be needed, to be wanted, to be fucking amazing, that huge GAP in my soul has been slowly closing over the past 26 months. My heart is full now. My life is full with amazing people. People who love me for who I am. People who value me. People who inspire and encourage me. People who don’t tear me down. People I don’t even know trust me and value my opinion. Sure some people try to call me out, call me trashy, are combative and snide, but I just let it roll right off, because I know I won’t be everybody’s favorite person and I know I push the limits, but you know why? Because that’s ME. I have integrity and stick to WHO I AM, and will never again be someone I am not just to make people like me. Either you love me for who I am or don’t…. Either way, I am here doing what I do for me and my family.

My MAIN mission this year when I revamped my WHY, after much contemplation, was to help others believe in themselves and to stop caring what others think because that dictated their lives and held them captive and prevented them from living life to the fullest and being HAPPY! And everyday I want to share with anyone I come in contact with just how amazing Beachbody is.. what it’s given me – which is LIFE, PASSION, PURPOSE.  This isn’t some “weight loss company” that sells you SHIT! We sell you on yourself. We save lives. I want everyone to know how committed I am and LOYAL to Beachbody. I have seen people who go through great transformations, have their lives changed, but then go to where they are offered more money and then they don’t succeed. I’d never turn my back on what helped me or saved me. About 6 months ago, somewhere in one of our discussions, Ryan Hord asked me how much money it would take for me to walk away from being a coach. (Meaning, if we as a couple made XX amount of $, would I then stop being a coach??!!) My answer didn’t take time to think over. I knew the answer RIGHT AWAY! It was “There is no dollar amount. I will do this for the rest of my life because I love it! I love helping others!” And that is the truth.

I’ve been thinking about this for the past hour.

When I attended Leadership, everyone there had a chance to apply to be part of Beachbody’s first Coach Test Group to participate in the 21 Day Fix Test Group that kicked off a few weeks later. I applied. Didn’t get it.. Wasn’t surprised because I estimated that since there was 225 coaches + guests, at least 300-400 probably applied, so it was a LONG shot that I’d actually get picked. Then on 3/31 I received an email from corporate that said, “You’ve been selected to join the PiYo Coach Test Group because of your dedication to Beachbody and our mission to end the trend of obesity.”

I was tickled because that one line made it crystal clear that through my actions and statements and way of life, my dedication didn’t go without notice.

But I assumed that the group that was selected for this test group was just selected off of the stack of applicants that were left over after they ran the #21DayFix group, but earlier today, I found out that my assumption was incorrect. That at least one of the members had NOT applied at Leadership. So it hit me, were were hand selected, which makes this opportunity even more special to me, which is why I have taken it so seriously. Not deviating or tweaking the program. Trusting it 100%. Dedicating myself 110%. (Even giving up beer.. which is HUGE for me). Sacrificing. Ditching all the excuses. Not giving any information that I am not allowed, even to everyone who asks me.

For me coaching is not really what I consider a “job” because it doesn’t feel like work, but I do take it 100% seriously.

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