I’m a 90’s kid!

Everyone has that one picture that they look back on from their youth that makes them go “Damn! I was skinny! I wish I still looked like that!” (Don’t lie, you know you have one!)

(SIDE NOTE: I don’t believe that “SKINNY” is what matters.

Because in my teenage and young adult years I remained pretty slim, however I was NOT physically fit. I ate vegetables, but also loved greasy fried & fast food, drank too much and smoked too much.

Being skinny often gives off a false sense of health.

 I hear people all the time refer to their husbands or friends as being so lucky that they are skinny and can eat anything they want.

So not true! Those are the people who run a risk of major health problems.
Just because you are skinny doesn’t make you immune to having high cholesterol or high blood pressure or heart attack or stroke or diabetes.)


Today I challenge you to find that one old picture that motivates you and pushes you to not only look good, but feel good again!


Post it from your Facebook Profile and tag me & tell me why your picture motivates you to create a healthier, more fit lifestyle.


One lucky person will win the 30 day HIP HOP ABS Program from me!


The top picture is my all time favorite from my teenage years. I was 16!

I figured I’d add some more pictures that remind me of how skinny, yet how unhealthy I was back then, that I thought I’d throw in for some humor. The 90’s rocked, but not as much as my Rocky Mountain Jeans & Pager, right?

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  1. I know those boys in the picture with you! I moved in to my aunt Cindy's when I turned 18 . I lived with Monica Felkins and Maria Ramon at that house. Great memories with those girls!

  2. I lived with Monica from the time I was 16-18 between her mom and then Larry and Cindy's house – I have the best memories tehre!

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