I am not just your “Coach”. I am your friend.

Almost 18 months ago, my coach Becky Bergolla Brossett texted me and said “You need to become a coach!”
We talked briefly on the phone (less than 3 minutes long).
I told her – “I don’t know. I am only 2 weeks into P90X & I really don’t know much about fitness and not sure if I can inspire or motivate others.. maybe when I am done with P90X.”

Yesterday I ran a report and guess what there are 218 people on my team now (this includes coaches I’ve sponsored & the people their coaches they’ve sponsored)
A little less than half of the coaches that I have personally sponsored, were STRANGERS to me before I became a coach.
I have a private virtual fitness & accountability support group that has almost 350 members in it.

My point?

Because Becky didn’t shut down when I said NO, but simply provided me with an answer in which proved my ‘so-called-reasons’ into an EXUSE, over 200 people decided to also take the chance to PAY IT FORWARD and help others. And now as a result thousands of others have been presented with a chance to make the decision to make their health and personal goals as a priority.

I thank goodness that she did NOT give up on me, did NOT accept no and BELIEVED in me when I had such little faith in myself.

I am looking for 5 individuals (boys or girls) who like me, have no time to go to the gym, but desperately want to look better and feel better, are tired of the way their life has currently been going, want to learn how to dream big and are tired of being ALONE.

I devote my time to each person for free to help them reach their goals, learn to believe in themselves and that the sky is truly the limit.

I am NOT out to get your money.
I am NOT out to use you.
I will NOT abandon you.
I will encourage you, but not hassle you.
I will become one of your best friends.
I will change your life.

Coaching (to me) goes WAY above just “selling” someone a Challenge Pack or swapping Shakeology recipes or taking a sweaty picture together after Brenham’s WEEKLY FREE Fit Club!

Some people just DON’T get it. I spend hours upon hours upon hours, helping others behind the scenes. I invest my time, my money, my energy, my heart and soul to help others. I don’t like to call people my customers, even if I haven’t even met them in person. I consider them my FRIENDS. My relationship with people becomes so much more than just health & fitness guidance. I honestly feel like I’m more of a “Life Coach”. I spent my time listening to people about their family, relationships, work, worries, etc because we are FRIENDS and it’s NOT just a business relationship. Many have told me that they confide and trust in me more than those who they have known for years or live close to them. My support and friendship is not limited by whether or not you are a paying “customer”.

If you are ready, then let me know.
Don’t base your decision on just who I am now, but the person I USED to be compared to who I’ve become NOW.


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