Hey YOU! Before you start doubting, step into MY gym!

Recently I saw someone who was disputing the fact that you can actually get results from working out at home. 

I believe everyone must find what works for them. Some go to the gym. Some workout one on one with a trainer. Some run. Some just live a life being a slave to counting calories. Others workout from home to achieve their goals. 

As long as you are moving. As long as you are educating yourself and focusing on health NOT just weight loss, it doesn’t matter. 

However, don’t for one second think that you can’t get one kick-ass workout from home! I’ve seen A LOT of people who had a gym membership for years, get their ass kicked 30 minutes in to a home workout! Remember these programs have been created by world renowned trainers. LOTS of TIME and RESEARCH have been put into creating these programs. This isn’t the same as going to the gym and running on an elliptical for 45 minutes like I used to do. This isn’t the same as running 5 miles a day. You think it’s for chumps, come to MY gym in MY living room and show me what you got for 5 days a week at only 30 minutes, then tell me. Within 12 P90X3 workouts I am seeing improvement with my core, a slimmer waistline, increased strength and more defined biceps and calves. Have you seen that kind of improvement in 6 hours at the gym?

I always respect everyone’s choice in exercise routine. 
You’ve gotta find what works for YOU. 

However, coming from personal experience, feedback & testimonies from others and observations of others, I’ve found that your average person who pays for a gym membership either:

a) does not go to the gym consistently
b) stays in the cardio room because the machines are self explanatory
c) does the same exercises & sticks to the same routine week after week.
d) pay $40+ once a week to work out with a trainer to get some direction, but are lost the rest of the days of the week

Then months or even years go by and they have plateaued or had little to zero results.

They grow frustrated and even depressed at their lack of results and grow even more unhappy with their body.

When offered the chance to try out an at home fitness program in lieu of their current routine, they decline because they ASSUME that if they’re not getting results from the GYM of all places, the place designed especially for those who want to get fit and lose weight, then how the heck could you possibly get results from home!!!! And the last thing they want to do is spend more money on something weight loss related that yields no happy ending.

They end up going less and less to the gym because they figure, “What good is it doing anyways? Its a waste of my time!” Yet they refuse to cancel their gym membership because that’s admission of what they consider failure. So months and months go by that they pay their membership fee for a service they are NOT taking advantage of.

All the while, that money paid out in monthly increments could’ve been saved and accumulated to use to purchase their first Challenge Pack – something that combines fitness+nutrition and comes with FREE support from the Team Beachbody Community (comprised of thousands of people in the same shoes) – A Challenge Pack that can be returned for a full refund within 30 days if dissatisfied. A Challenge Pack that comes with real, viable items, that can always be sold or traded for other programs in the future to further and continue your journey. A Challenge Pack is essentially like having your own personal gym at the privacy of your own home which includes your own personal trainer, nutritionist, and cheering squad. It comes with everything, including a meal plan and schedule to follow which takes out all the guesswork that usually leaves people feeling very confused and frustrated.

One of my personally sponsored coach and friends just shared this in my private accountability group: “P90X is the first home workout program that my husband is doing. He’s also done like 2 Les Mills Combat workouts with me and Debbie Siebers’ Slim In 6® before. He just told me this morning that these home workout programs are harder than he thought.”

Recently, a friend and one  of my personally sponsored coach’s Tanya Hollowell Tarvin‘s conducted an experiment!

This is what she had to say, which I find very enlightening:

“I did a little experiment this weekend. I asked a friend of mine, who’s a known “gym rat” to go to his gym one day to do his workout. 

I asked him to choose an
y combination of exercises, but they must include:
*5 arm exercises
*5 glute/leg exercises
*5 Core exercises
*5 balance/stability exercises

I further asked him to track the following:
Driving time to and from gym at 4 pm in afternoon (which included finding a parking spot)
Time to check-in, get changed in locker room, etc
Waiting/ “down” time between machines
Maximum time heart rate was elevated
Total time to complete the exercises required (from start to finish on the gym floor)

Here’s his report:
1.Driving to gym=36 minutes
from gym home=27 minutes
2.Time checking in and changing clothes=12 minutes
3.“down” time or waiting between machines=13 minutes
4. Max time heart rate was continually elevated= 2 minutes
5.Total time to complete 20 exercises I required on the gym floor=40 minutes

Then I asked him, on a scale of 1-10, how effective do you think your workout was? His answer…3
“Did you break a sweat?” His answer….No
How much did you work your core? His answer…very little

THEN, I gave him my disk from P90X3 with the Total Synergistics workout, and asked him to do it yesterday. I asked him the same questions as above.

Driving time to and from
gym= 0
Time checking and changing clothes= 0
“down” time or time waiting to use machines/equipment= 0
Time max heart rate was elevated= 6 minutes
Total time to complete workout= 30 minutes

On a scale of 1-10, how effect was the P90X3 workout was? His answer…10
“Did you break sweat?”
His answer….definitely
“How much did you work your core with P90X3?”
His answer…every move!
“Were you surprised to get a better workout in 30 minutes without leaving your house?” His answer….definitely

So, let’s do the math shall we???
Total time needed to complete a workout at the gym= 128 minutes= 2 hours 8 minutes
Total time to do a P90X3 workout with BETTER results= 30 minutes

It’s no wonder people get discouraged and give up going to the gym! Who has the time to waste? And for no results?! Not me!

Ummmmm, how much did you pay for that gym membership again? Oh! And don’t forget to add in your cost for gas to and from the gym and waiting in traffic!

You have to do what works for you. But if what you are doing is NOT yielding results or you are NOT utilizing what you are paying for, why not at least try something different for at least 30 days. What do you have to lose? 

Never underestimate the power of Beachbody!

If what you’ve been doing for months or years isn’t working, why not try something new?

Effective, February 3, 2014, Beachbody will have FOUR at-home-fitness programs that offer effective, workouts in 30 minutes or less. Choose from the following:

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