Haters goin’ to hate

Thursday night I posted a video from my personal Facebook profile, of my 3 year old son singing a song while in the bathtub. He said it was his “favorite song”: TEAMWORK (He learned it at school) I posted it because I thought it was cute and it represents what our team motto is: TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!

At the end of the video, there was about 2 milliseconds of his buttcrack that was shown when he stood up. Some ass clown reported me. I was notified that it was removed and I was banned from posting anything for 24 hours.

It ROYALLY sucked because for weeks  I’d been counting down the day til Fit and Funky came to MY town to have dinner with me & my team & then do an Insanity Certification and when the time came I could NOT say a word. Boo.

What I don’t get, which has come to my recent attention is that there are people who INTENTIONALLY follow me (REMEMBER I don’t MAKE you “like” or visit my Facebook pages or blogs – Everyone has to do it on their own accord!!!!!) and read my shit – read what I post on social media (Facebook, blog, Instagram) and are not in the slightest bit interested in improving their fitness level or improving their health, but instead just find ways to pick me apart or are just plain nosey, looking for something to gossip about.

Here’s my tip – Go find you some happiness. I wish you well.

In real life, I talk a lot. I am very opinionated. I am VERY open. If it happened, I talk about it. In person and ON social media. It’s real life. And I share my opinion. I love fitness and helping add value to others life so I talk about it ALL the time. Not just on social media, but at home, on the road, in my social circles and even dream about it. So you bet your sweet ass I am going to talk about it all the time. If you treat me bad, if you provide bad service, or if you treat me good and do something incredibly extraordinary, you WILL be talked about and discussed in real life and on social media.

Whether you believe it or not, a lot of people value my opinion.  So choose wisely how you wish to treat me.

I am not trying to win “Most Liked” or be everyone’s favorite. Who has time for that?
The people who would kill to see me fail, only motivate me more to rise above and NEVER quit.

If you are reading this to try to find some sort of weakness or something you can stir up trouble, I know without a doubt that your actions will bring to the table no good.

I can go to bed at night with satisfaction and sleep good knowing I am ME and am true to myself and put others before myself. Everyone else should do the same. Life would be a lot happier, simple, less complicated and you’ll no doubt be blessed.

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