Happy New Year – Make 2017 your HAPPIEST & HEALTHIEST year!


As 2016, comes to a close, I want to wish you all a safe and happy New Year.
I also want to take a moment to focus on everything that has gone right. Not EVERYTHING has gone right, but I choose to focus on all of the positives.

• I never once thought “I wish I was dead!” 2016 was the first year I didn’t have any suicidal (or homicidal) thoughts
• Every unnecessary penny spent was toward memories made with my family.
• I invested time and money in the tools in which I knew would help heal me, make me whole and happy: therapy, Shakeology®, workout programs, personal development and a life coach.
• Not one cent of my money was spent on alcohol. I spent 365/365 days sober.
• My marriage is stronger and sturdier than it was 365 days ago.
• I’ve learned to love myself, stop running from pain, put myself first and not feel guilty.
• I gained balance in my life. My time, energy and focus was equally split between my needs, my children, my marriage, my business and recreation.
• I’ve helped influence others and inspire them to make the necessary changes that has helped them overcome the curveballs that were thrown at them, that made them stronger and watched many people become infinitely happy within the past 365 days and I know I had a hand in helping them all because I didn’t give up on me or them and have chosen to be vulnerable and share my life, shortcomings and all with the world.
• I decided to drop the limiting beliefs that I had been holding on to for years that had inhibited my growth and ability to live and lead others at my full potential.
• I learned to control the controllable (me) & let go of what was not mine to controllable.
• I inspired my two oldest children Hailey & Haylie to focus on their health.
• My Emily stepped outside of her comfort zone and has become so brave and grown into her own person.
• My children got to travel with me and outside of the country and meet people who have and will continue to be great role models for them which I know will greatly impact on their future and who they become
• I helped a LOT of people lose a LOT of weight and gain a TON of confidence

This year has been full of WIN after WIN. I made my COMEBACK just like I said I would. 2016 was just a warmup. 2017. I’m coming for you!

You wanna ride with us for the next 365 days?
Will you be my next success story?


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