Got Shakeology?

People ask me ALL the time things like:

– Is Shakeology® really worth it?
– Why is it more expensive than the protein powder that I bought at GNC Live Well?
– Why is it so expensive? 

My response??!?!?!?

OF COURSE! Why would I drink it EVERYDAY (sometimes twice) and give it to my WHOLE family for over 3 years now?

Here’s how I explain it.

If you are hungry you can fill your belly in 2 ways.
What fits your “budget” or what your body needs.
Sure, you can go eat something off of the dollar menu.
Sure, it will fill your belly.

But it does NOT nourish your body or provide the nutrients your body needs to function PROPERLY and is full of empty calories and artificial ingredients that weaken your health.

Eating a meal is NOT just about filling your belly. It is about FUELING your body so it can get thru the day. So you can fulfill your duties. So you stay healthy.

I drink Shakeology because it isn’t just a filler. It fills in the gaps of my nutrition.
It is full of everything my body needs to thrive and to stay healthy. The fact that it helped me lose weight at the beginning of my journey and maintain it is just an added bonus. 

 I don’t want to be cheap, fast and easy (anymore).

This was on display when I visited Central Market in Austin, Texas. Over half of these items are included in the list of 70 SUPER FOODS contained in Shakeology. 

Do you see the price tags on these items?

So many people seem to think that their own home-concoction is better & cheaper than Shakeology which can be purchased for $3-4/serving!

There are MANY ‘protein (meal replacement) shakes” that are less expensive, but doing a side-by-side comparison show that Shakeology is superior because of the intangibles like quality of sourcing, efficacy and the balance of incredible HEALTH benefits & the delicious flavor that is unique to SHAKEOLOGY!

Are other Shakes ingredients derived from whole food sources as they are in Shakeology? Too often the “magic ingredient” has been isolated from the enzymes & phytonutrients which actually are what is needed to make the “magic ingredient” effective when consumed.

With Shakeology, you NOT only get what you pay for, but you get more because of how great it tastes & what it can do for your health! 

Everyday, countless people walk thru the doors of GNC Live Well, health food stores or stand in front of the “health food” aisle at their local grocery store, scanning the shelves of protein or “meal replacement” shakes. 

Their decision is usually based on the following:

– price vs. quality over quantity 
– convenience (instant gratification – you walk in, you walk out vs. having to order and 
wait for it to be delivered
– what is written in BRIGHT, BIG, BOLD letters on the front vs. the ingredient list on the back
– something they read in a magazine or saw on The Dr. Oz Show (Do remember Television Show hosts and celebrities get PAID to promote these things. It doesn’t mean that it is exactly their opinion. Anyone remember Oprah promoting her love for the Microsoft Surface from an iPad? Case in point)

I wonder if all these people realize that the moment they walk out the door with that purchase, ready and full of EXCITEMENT at the prospect of finally losing those extra pounds, feeling better than they ever had and one day looking just like that hot bodied person stamped on the front of that tub of powder they’re holding that there is one BIG difference, that makes ALL the difference than if they had of purchased Shakeology® thru a coach???

What is the difference? They are COMPLETELY all on their own!!!!!!!

Their purchase simply supported the growth of a LARGE company, that’s vision is based solely on numbers & retaining your money, not whether or not you succeed. Their products are produced in mass quantities and they market to attack those who want instant gratification with little to no thought or hard work put in.

No one from that company is going to check in on you, provide support and encouragement when you are feeling down, cheer you on when you reach a goal or provide assistance and help answer your questions to help you understand health, fitness and clean eating.

Why am I different?

I faithfully use the programs. I have done P90X3, Les Mills PumpLes Mills CombatBody BeastBrazil Butt Lift, 3 rounds of Beachbody Ultimate Reset and am currently doing 21 Day Fix. I also own 10 Minute Trainer, Power 90®, P90X2, Hip Hop AbsChaLEAN Extreme®TurboFireFocus T25 – Focus on YouInsanity The Asylum and RevAbs™.

Not only do I drink Shakeology EVERYDAY, but so does my husband, 3 children and 2 step children.

I don’t just sell the products, I am a product of the product. My story and my body is a living testimony that the products work.

I attend every single corporate event offered by Beachbody within driving distance and every trip offered where I receive an abundance of training to help make me a better person and coach everyone I help profits from.

When you DECIDE to COMMIT I help you to SUCCEED. I am with you from that very first moment you start “thinking about it”, when you scan the “shelves” of Beachbody, when you actually click on PLACE ORDER. I become part of your life, part of your journey. I will even take you shopping, help you create meal plans, and most importantly I will become one of your biggest fans and best friends. I am the one who will text you, call you, email you to check on you for FREE. The only thing I want is for you to SUCCEED. All I expect is your friendship and honesty in return. 

FACT: Shakeology is NOT a diet or weight loss shake nor a “protein” shake. It is a NUTRITION SUPPLEMENT. 

Shakeology can save your life by preventing preventable disease and illness

MYTH: Shakeology is an overpriced Slim Fast or alternative to Kellogg’s Special K Protein Drinks, Carnation Good Start, or Muscle Milk with anything. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover or price tag!

Have you looked at the price of a Muscle Milk? I did! The price tag said it was $3.29. 

Did you know that, that is actually 5 cents MORE than what ONE serving of Shakeology® costs when you are a coach? 

I am not knocking Muscle Milk, because I have drank it and it didn’t taste that bad BUT it also doesn’t deliver the same HEALTH benefits as Shakeology, nor does it contain 70 whole, nutrient dense ingredients that are PROVEN to help improve your immune system and help you improve health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, intestinal issues, thyroid issues and improve your mental clarity.  

Someone told me that she would LOVE to try Shakeology® “I would if I had money like you!!” 
I asked her what she was referring to. She said “It’s too expensive unless you are getting fat hook ups or not paying full price there’s no way to afford it!”

Do you believe that too? 
Have you done your research on the ingredients or health benefits? 
Or did you just assume you couldn’t afford it and give up?
Did you do the math and break down the cost per serving?
Have you taken a look at your budget?
I have a friend who took a look at what she was spending on her hair, nails, meals out and even was in the middle of foreclosure, but believed so much in what Shakeology® could do for her, that she MADE it work and 2 years later she’s still drinking it daily!

My friend and newest member of TEAM RELENTLESS Ashley Mel posted this in my new 30 day Shakeoology Challenge Group yesterday “I was sceptical about it at first. I didnt see the need to spend $130 a month on, what I thought was just a weight loss shake. Then Mindy educated me and I did my research. I even tried to find reasons why not to buy and I could not find any. Now it’s my favorite meal of the day. I have been drinking Shakeology for less than a month (26 days to be exact) and I’ve already lost 8 lbs. I started off at 178.4 and now I’m at 170.4.”

After a few weeks people start to realize that they’re actually SAVING money on food by drinking Shakeology®. Why? Because at $4 a meal, Shakeology is much less expensive than fast food and random snacks.

I found this testimonial interesting:

“The best thing about Shakeology is it saves my family about $500 a month on our food bill. We have a credit card just for food and it was always around $1,000 a month. Since we started drinking Shakeology our bill is around $500. We no longer buy snacks or junk food—we just make a shake. I didn’t think at first we would be able to afford it but now we can’t live without it.”

—Brian L., Mesa, AZ

I never understand why everyone assumes you have to be rich to maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle.

I have been able to leave the grocery store with 8 bags (only 1 containing non-food items). Every food item was all natural, unprocessed (I bought organic if there was the option) and met my clean-eating-requirements. Total: $115.

It always irritates me when people make uneducated statements about Shakeology based on assumptions or when people publicly post information, comparing Shakeology to other shakes on the market (shakes that often don’t have the same goal in mind for their customers so really shouldn’t be compared. Just like in UFC or boxing. Just because two people fight or box doesn’t mean they’re in the same class or should go up against one another.) I haven’t had the time to research all the other shakes on the market, marketed for improved health and weight loss, but I can tell you that 21 months later I still remain a loyal Shakeology customer because nothing I’ve found contains anywhere near the same 70 ingredients or has proven to deliver the same benefits. Some in the past however have asked me about the meal replacement shake: Raw Meal. From what research I’ve done I did like the fact that it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, only organic.

I actually laid my eyes on a canister of it. 1 canister costs $41.99. 1 canister provides 14 servings. So if you do the math, like most people do who are truly committed to sticking to their budget and financial goals – the cost per serving comes out to $2.99 per serving PLUS tax. 

So I’m not knocking this product because I do find that it’s creator cares about providing something that promotes health, by omitting artificial ingredients and marketing a QUICK fixed to only lose weight.

What I am illustrating is that the cost per serving is only $0.26 cents less than Shakeology. And I wonder, does it come with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the way it tastes or it doesn’t deliver results that get you closer to your goals?

Most people select an option that fits their budget or what they think something should cost.

So before you quickly cast aside the idea that you could ever afford this – break out your calculator, abacus or finger and toes and do the math. Do your research. Ask a coach questions. Take a look at what you spend your money on. How much do you spend on fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, hair, nails, coffee & impulse purchases a month??


Before you write off anything, do your research of what you are getting. Educate yourself, so you can make an educated decision.
There’s a reason a Kia Rio costs much less than a Lamborghini and a Filet Mignon costs more than ground beef.


It is LOW on the GLYCEMIC-INDEX, so is ideal for people who are diabetic!

Foods can be tested on what’s called a GYLCEMIC INDEX – a 1-100 scale that shows how the body’s insulin (blood sugar level) adjusts after consumption.

The higher the glycemic response (for those who aren’t diabetic) the more likely it is to push you into FAT STORING territory!

In terms of sugar, many protein shakes have 1g of sugar or less. This is because they’re using ARTIFICIAL chemical sweeteners (CHECK LABELS for sucralose, aspartame, or sugar alcohols). Shakeology’s small amounts of sugar comes from NATURAL sources which are easily processed by the body and in fact has been tested and certified by an independent lab to have a LOW GYLCEMIC INDEX of 24, which is lower than most fruits (apple is 36 and orance is 43)

If you would like to try Shakeology, risk-free for 30 days or if you would like to purchase a 5, 7 or 14 day trial pack through me, please contact me by emailing me or sending me a message via my website or Facebook.

I absolutely LOVE my Shakeology for breakfast, it is easy and tastes delish. Considering I was not a breakfast eater prior to Shakeology, it is the perfect meal for me. 



This is one of my favorite SIMPLE recipes: 
1 serving of Vanilla Shakeology
1 c. OJ (fresh squeezed)
1 c. unsweetened organic almond milk  
Shaken (or blended with 1 c. ice)

Here’s a great message from our CEO Carl Daikeler about why you should drink Shakeology everyday.  This is a MUST WATCH! 

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    I have tried shakeology before. It definitely leaves you full for hours. Shakeology also regulates elimination of the bowls. I have IBSD symptoms, and shakeology helps. My husband and I are picky eaters and we both love it!

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