From FOGGY to FRESH in 3 days!

Feeling fatigued. Time to reset my body over the next 3 days! Gonna get rid of this bloating and gain some clarity back! Feel the same as me?? Sluggish? Tired? Needing naps? Unable to focus?? Then I know how you feel. Want to join me and try out 3-day Refresh?  

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After returning from our 2-week road trip to Miami and on a 5-day cruise, I just haven’ been able to operate at 100%, like I felt I was prior to our trip. I have been feeling sluggish, experiencing a major mental fog, sleeping for long hours, but waking up groggy. I was starting to rely on caffeine and my pre-workout drink, Energize and even that was not doing the trick. My eating habits I would say were 100% on POINT before we left on the trip and took a MAJOR decline while on the trip due to the fact that most of our meals were eaten on the road or being prepared by someone else. Since we’ve been back from the trip, I haven’t been able to get my eating back 100% on point, but I would say I’ve maintained my clean eating 80-85% of the time, so should not be feeling this bad.  
The last round of 3-day refresh that I did was back in October. I am long overdue. I decided to chronicle this round each day, each meal, so everyone could get a chance to watch it unfold, see what I am eating, how I am feeling and hopefully inspire others to try it out themselves. 
Day 1 – Getting Prepared
Day 1 – Thoughts for the day, while I mix up my FIBER SWEEP after my weekly therapy session!

Day 1 – Lunch

Day 1- Dinner

Goal: ? Get rid of the bloating – I feel like a WHALE ?
. (I probably shouldn’t have eaten that ? Burger ?last night, which made the ⚖scale⚖  go up ?) 
2 more days left. I got this! Round XVI ?

Day 2 
It’s FRI-YAY! Time to ✔Check-in✔
Good morning everyone!
Today’s day 2 of my 3-day Detox/Cleanse!
Here’s my daily accountability report!

Day 2 – Lunch

Day 2 – SNACK

Day 2 – Dinner


Do you think 3-4 lbs. isn’t a big deal?? 3-4 lbs. can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!
Top picture: Day 1

Bottom picture: Morning 3
Day 3 – Lunch
Meal 3/3 on day 3/3 complete! Forgot to do a LIVE update because I was too busy cooking for everyone else!
Celebrated a BIG victory tonight! I hit the 6-month mark of my sobriety!

Morning 4!
Up and at ’em. Completed Round XVI of 3-Day Refresh. Lost 4 lbs. & 3″ off my waist. Feel great, gained my energy back, kicked my caffeine habit! Feeling refreshed. Gotta eat my eggs. Now headed to Houston with the kids for a day of fun!

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The OFFICIAL “before” & “after”:
I am so thankful that the 3-days I spent completing my 16th round of the 3-Day Refresh is what was needed to get back on track. I kicked my caffeine habit and regained my energy and was able to jump right back in to my workout! I am ready to CRUSH month 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps!