From 1 to 226 in 20 months!

When someone tells me ”No”, I don’t take it to heart. I translate it to “Not right now.”

Depsite what ANYONE tells you (people are in denial or will get defensive and say the opposite): EVERYONE wants to look and feel their best.

But sometimes they simply just aren’t ready.

Lucky for all you who are NOT ready because you are building up the courage to approach me, or maybe I got inside your brain a little too much & it scared you, or maybe you are saving up the funds to be able to join me, I NEVER ever give up on you nor do I forget you. I believe in EVERYONE. Success isn’t for a certain class of people or personality type! We can ALL succeed at our dreams. It just takes the decision to try, the willingness to put in hard work and someone to support, believe & drive them.

People most the time underestimate the power of ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT.
Having a coach and peer support are the missing links that many don’t realize is what is linked to their past “failures”. We’ve all done it. Gotten on a kick to lose weight or get in shape for one reason or the others. (You know – an upcoming event like a high school reunion or wedding, or watching a movie with some hot actor/actress who is incredible shape or running into an ex or your spouse’s ex and feeling a little inadequate about how you look is motivation enough, right?) So, you know how it goes, you start off with great gusto, and then as time goes by, life sets in, distractions pop up, we fall off the wagon, we listen to our inner voice that tells us we’ve failed in the past and this is no different.
You know what happens when you have a coach? You have someone checking in on you. You have a group of people who are doing the same thing. And when you have a bad day, get off course, get distracted or feel horrible about eating a plate of brownies or missing 4 workouts, you have this awesome support system, and tons of people telling you it’s OKAY and to just get back out there!

Had I accepted NO for a final answer.
Had I given up on those who had started to give up on themselves.
Had I only cared about money & those who could afford to join me NOW.
Had I gotten discouraged & given up & taken it personally when people fell of the wagon or never opened their box of DVD’s or allowed their Shakeology back up and sit on a counter and threw in the towel, where would I be? What would my life be like? What type of mind set would I be in?

Thank goodness I never give up – on you, on me, on life – because here I am – 20 months later! And my fitness family is continually growing!

I ran a report last night & my team has grown from ME to now 226 coaches! And I am even more pleased to announce TEAM RELENTLESS’ newest coaches: Cassandra Penhollow & LaBeth Foster! Welcome to the the Team ladies!

My advice to all of you out there – You CAN do anything you set your mind to! To all of you new coaches: JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

This takes time and patience. Don’t give up! Do it for the right reason! I feel bad for all the coaches who started when I did and threw in towel way to soon!