Food can either fuel your body or weigh it down. DECIDE.

I’ve received a few questions regarding the P90X3 Nutrition Plan.

As I’ve stated numerous times, the ONLY way to achieve your goals, acquire the results advertised and get that so desired “after” picture, a few things are required:

  1. CONSISTENTLY complete your workouts. Modify if needed, but don’t adjust the level of intensity or effort put into it. You can STILL get a great workout by following the modifications. (Engage the same body parts and muscle groups, but just lessen the range of motion.)  DON’T skip workouts – You are only cheating yourself.  

  2. You MUST follow the nutrition plan. It was designed to work in conjunction with the program you purchased. You CANNOT out-exericise a bad diet. Your version of “eating health-ier” is not the same as following the guidelines. If you want to not only get results NOW, but maintain them, you MUST educate yourself on proper nutrition, how to maintain a balanced diet and regular eating schedule. There is no better way to make these changes which will help you create a habit, which will brood into a permanent lifestyle change, than reading and following the nutrition plan that came with your program. If you take the time to read it, you will learn so much, especially from the P90X3 Nutrition plan, as it goes as far as telling you how to prep foods and how to prepare different ways such as sautéing, roasting, steaming, etc. It helps those who do not know how to cook or do not like to cook and removes the guesswork. 

  3. ENGAGE and INTERACT in the accountability group. Regardless if you’ve not lost an inch or a pound or have lost 5 lbs in the first 1-2 weeks, it REALY makes a HUGE difference mentally if you connect with others and use the group as a place for accountability. The group is NOT just for the victories, but for when you are struggling and looking for encouragement and a kick in the ass! Be sure to reach out to others in the group. Send them a friend request. Get to know them. Find out if your goals are similar to theirs. Post your workouts when complete (along with a post workout photo), your meals for the day or any questions or concerns you have. 

Here are the directions on how to work on your meal plan for the 90 days (this doesn’t replace the need to THOROUGHLY read the book – more than once if needed), but this is just a breakdown.

  1. Take the Nutrition Quiz on page 19 
  2. Match your score up with the Calorie Plan on page 20 
  3. Match your Calorie Plan up with the Daily Meal Plan on page 21

When consuming your foods each day you will want to make sure that you consume the correct # of protein, carbs and fat at each meal or snack time using foods listed between pages 32-37.  Use meal ideas from pages 40-45. There are great recipes for spice blends to season with on page 46 and salad dressing recipes on page 49-50.

Be sure to use the portion size guide (page 23 and listed to the right of each food listed). I personally like to use the free calorie counter app from MyFitnessPal, which helps me to stay accountable, keep track of the calories I am consuming and the pie chart helps you monitor if you are getting the right amounts of protein/carb/fats. 

I scored a 3 on my Nutrition Quiz so need to consume 1,800 calories per day and follow Plan B which consists of 135 g of protein, 180 g of carbs and 60 g of fat. 

So for example a typical day for me would look something like this:

Energy & Endurance
Results & Recovery

Breakfast: 1 egg + 4 egg whites + 2 slices of Turkey bacon + 2 c. of spinach
Snack: Apple + 9 whole grain crackers + 3 tsp. PB
Lunch: Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, 3-4 oz. of shrimp, 1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds
Snack: Shakeology + almond milk
Dinner: 4 oz chicken topped with 1 oz of cheese + 1 c. of brown rice 

64 oz. of water

Pay attention to your body If you are feeling like your energy is decreasing, your mood is changing, are not losing any weight or if you can barely make it thru your workouts, then I would suggest adding calories to your diet. Try adding 100 extra calories at snack time and see how you feel.

Remember, with anything, workouts or your diet, perfection will not be achieved instantly. Be prepared for some trial & error, especially if this is the first program that you are doing or first nutrition plan that you are following or if you don’t normally cook. Do your best and try to improve from week to week. 

The best way to succeed is to prepare and plan ahead. Use the tips from page 51 to help you save time. I like to plan my meals out for the week and do my shopping the weekend before. I cook large batches of chicken, brown rice, quinoa and beans ahead of time. 

Good luck!