Beginner level fitness for beginner level fitness enthusiasts!

Beachbody has a HUGE variety of fitness programs for people of all ages, size, sex, shapes and fitness level.

Would you describe your current fitness level as “beginner”? If so, GREAT NEWS! You are in luck! We have several at-home fitness programs to choose from that are the best for beginners! If you have never regularly worked out or it has been a while and you want to ease back into it these are the programs for you! 1st up is my FAVORITE program called Country Heat. It was just released in over the summer while we were at Summit in Nashville, TN. I will be TOTALLY honest, when I first saw that we would be releasing a Country Music/Line-Dancing inspired I did a few eye rolls and totally PREJUDGED it! I did NOT think that I would like it, mostly because I can’t dance, didn’t do well with CIZE, that had released the summer before because I was not coordinated and because I do not like Country Music. 

Have you ever ran a crossed something or someone and instantly judged it and then later on realize you were wrong?

I learned to not judge a workout based on a 3-minute YouTube video.

I learned to not judge a whole program based on its DVD cover!

I learned to not judge my abilities based on what I couldn’t do before or the stories I’d been telling myself.

I have told myself for my whole life that I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I’m not coordinated and lack rhythm.

I learned that I may not like Country Music as a whole, but found that I LOVED the Country Heat Playlist. I loved having music pumping the ENTIRE time, though every 30-minute workout.

Check out the playlist here.

Truth be told, I never had any outlet to improve my coordination or dance skills since I was never allowed to attend dances, watch MTV or play sports or do cheerleading or anything that most kids get to do at a young age that improve hand-eye coordination.

APPARENTLY, it’s not too late.

Because my SUCCESS STORY that I have to share with you is that I completed a 30-day dance-inspired program, from start to finish. I started it on August 1 & finished it despite being on vacation from August 4-16. I got great results despite indulging in more cheat meals than I would like to admit. But the best thing is, my coordination improved TREMENDOUSLY & I found my body actually able to move along to the beat of the music by the end of August, something I had sworn would never happen because I thought I was tone deaf. I learned that your body naturally wants to move at the sound of music with a catchy beat even if it’s country music that you wouldn’t ordinarily listen to.

I learned a lot about myself, gained a lot of confidence and lost 12″ and 7 lbs. between August 1 and September 8.

Here are my results. 

Would you like to watch my “Final Review” of the program?
If so, click on this link: 

This program is great for beginners because it is ONLY 30 days long. It’s easier to commit to 30 days in the beginning than 8 weeks or 90 days, don’t you think? Plus, there is NO EQUIPMENT needed and the way the program is designed, you won’t wake up sore and unable to move during those first 1-2 weeks of starting the program, which is usually what detours people from making it past day 4 or 5.


Hear straight from the creator, Autumn Calabrese about the program who spoke to our team before the program released. You will find out all of the REAL DETAILS about the program, so you don’t judge the program by the 3-minute trailer…

My 2nd favorite program is the 21 Day Fix!

You may have seen the infomercial on TV for this program. The program consists of 30-minute workouts and a genius meal plan. You get 7 workouts with this program, one for each day of the week. The workouts are a great mix of Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body and active recovery days with Yoga and Pilates. You will need some hand weights and a yoga mat for this program which you can get at your local Target, Walmart, etc. if you do not already have them.

The meal plan is a portion control system that teaches you how to eat the correct portions and proportions of different food groups. You will receive a set of color coded containers to use as measuring cups to put your foods in…for example, the Green cup is for vegetables. So if I was having Broccoli I would fill my green cup with Broccoli and then put it on my plate and that would be how much I am to eat as one serving. This isn’t calorie counting. It teaches you to realize what a portion looks like and trains your brain to think in Colors 🙂

Prior to the release of Country Heat, I recommended this program to probably 90% of my clients as their first program because I think it’s that amazing. Here is a video for you to check out

Here is a video for you to check out:

Click on this link to view the album on my Facebook with some before and afters and meal ideas.

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