Everyone’s ‘Happy Ever After’ is just a Challenge Pack away!

I just hit PUBLISH on my last post announcing that I will be hosting 2014’s 1st quarter Super Saturday in Sugarland on my 33rd birthday – Saturday, 1/11/14,

One of my favorite parts of the Super Saturday events is getting to hear fellow coaches and local customers share their “Success Story of achieving their health & weight loss goals with the use of Beachbody products. Seeing the before & after transformation pictures are quite impressive, but hearing the background behind their after picture & the person that is standing before us, what a picture cannot begin to depict: what prompted them to make the change, the struggles they encountered & overcame along the way, how they have benefited from having a coach, how being part of a challenge group and connecting with others from the Beachbody Community helped them achieve their goals.

Usually by the time it’s all said and done, there is not a dry eye in the house. You can see and feel the emotions and you can relate to some of what these people have felt or gone thru. It is crazy and sometimes a little scary, how their story seems so familiar, as if they are speaking thoughts straight from your mind and heart. You cannot believe that you feel this connection to someone you had never seen or met up until this day.  And maybe this is first time in your life or in a long time you realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This opens your eyes and gives you the strength to not give up or get let a temporary feeling of discouragement allow you to cast aside your goals because you know that what you are going thru is normal and now you have seen proof with your own eyes that the AFTER photo is actually attainable.

As a Member of the Houston Market Council, I have been reaching out to some local people, coaches who I have sponsored or some of my current customers, who have had great results since joining Team Beachbody & would be a great candidate to be one of the speakers at this Super Saturday.

I decided to look to see if anyone would be willing to share their story, so I posted what I was looking for in my private online coaches group asking my coaches if they’d be interested in speaking. I received a few responses. One of my dear friends said she’d be willing to as a last resort, if we couldn’t find anyone else, because she felt her “story wasn’t that fabulous”. Another one of my dear friends said she too would be willing to speak, even though she’s “only lost 15 lbs.” I was so proud of them for being willing to step up to the request, but I also made sure that BOTH of their stories were in fact FABULOUS and AMAZING. It’s about the journey not the difference on the scale between day 1 and day 90. Even the before & after picture do not fully depict the WHOLE essence or provide the details of the transformation that is not visible to the naked eye. People often sell themselves short and do not give themselves the credit they deserve for their achievements and accomplishments.

There is always going to be someone else out there who has lost more weight than you. There is always going to be someone who has struggled longer or had to overcome more obstacles. But that does not make you story any less fabulous. It most certainly does not make you any less inspirational as the person who lost 100 lbs. 

The amount of “Success” in your story is NOT measured by the amount of weight you lost. 

Anyone who has been a coach and connected with other members of the Team Beachbody community, can tell you that when you connect with others who share similar goals and struggles, and you embrace this as a lifestyle change, not a fad or a diet or a temporary fix, the number on the scale no longer is  your primary  focus. Somewhere along the journey to look better, feel sexy, fit into your favorite pre-prego jeans, lose the love handles or man boobs or show up looking sexy as hell at your High School reunion, you notice a mental shift. The way you think changes. Your confidence starts to increase. Your relationships improve. You no longer tolerate negativity or behavior that you once didn’t like but felt like you deserved it. Each goal that you reach, as you inch closer and closer to your ultimate goal, you start realizing that you actually aren’t a failure. You stand taller. You walk into the room with confidence instead of slipping in quietly behind everyone else. You realize that you are actually pretty bad-ass. You start buying new clothes in colors you’ve never worn. You start wanting to be a better person. You begin to learn to like yourself. Then when others start to notice the changes in your body, the compliments you get boost your self-esteem to the highest level it’s ever been. You start thinking about doing all of those things that you once hoped you’d get around to and told yourself “Someday I will do that. But not now. Maybe later” or “That looks like fun, but I am too shy; don’t think I am good enough; my body couldn’t handle it; I don’t want to be caught dead in shorts and a tank top.”  You start attracting a different type of people. You start realizing that you are a not all of those nasty things your mind once convinced you of. You learn to forgive yourself. You start smiling more. Your catch yourself talking to strangers and it doesn’t feel awkward. You actually feel compelled to start making new friends and for some reason you let your guard down and trust these complete strangers who you only met because of common goals related to your own health & fitness goals. It seems strange, but you just go with it. And before too long you look back and you can’t even recognize the person you’ve become, but all you know is you like this new you and you like the way it feels. These are the things that start occurring that make YOUR story FABULOUS, even if you only lost 10 lbs. Success and a better life cannot be gauged or weighed on a scale. 

People have no clue what power that single decision that leads to a small box of DVD’s and a bag of Shakeology working its way into your house can have on your attitude, mind set, family, way of living and future. It makes me sad because so many people will never get to experience these changes or see what’s behind those doors that start opening up because they refuse to commit because they have already convinced themselves it won’t work or that they can’t do it. They don’t know what they’re missing out on. 

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Success Stories.  She has achieved a noticeable change to her physique in less than 4 months after delivering her 2nd daughter via C-Section and even encountering some major complications after the delivery  as a result of using, Debbie Siebers 6 week at home fitness program Slim and 6 and incorporating Shakeology into her daily diet. 

Impressive, huh? But honestly the physical changes are so minuscule in the grand scheme of things, when compared to what I am most proud of, her TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION. Anyone who knows Crystal knows that she is an honest, hard working, intelligent, strong-willed, fiercely loyal quirky woman, who has a stubborn streak that she doesn’t even try to hide.

Unfortunately in her lifetime, she’s been subjected to people who tried to crush her spirit, break her down and even though she is a fighter who will never back down, much less give up, her spirit was dampened. Her trust was pretty non-existent. Her guard was built up higher than anyone I know. She was an extremely private person. Even though she is outspoken and bold, she was not one to really reach out and make new friends.

She sent me a friend request on MySpace shortly after the birth of her first daughter Morigan. On this week 5 years ago, just after the Christmas holiday, with no warning became a single mother to a tiny newborn baby which led to an ongoing custody battle to protect her daughter that she never imagined would go on for over 5 years. There were times she was at the end of her rope, to the point of complete and utter mental & emotional exhaustion, but she never gave up, she kept fighting. She was relentless. It did however take a toll on her health due to the constant ongoing stress.

Later on that year, we officially met when she moved into an apartment across the street from where we happened to be living at the time.

Crystal is outspoken, but I am BLUNT, like no sugar-coating anywhere within a 100 mile radius. Often times, my words cut like a double edged sword. They words do not leave my lips with the intentions of hurting or provoking the recipients anger. My words are an unbiased, honest, come-to-Jesus synopsis of  my opinions after observing a situation and the people involved. But they are NEVER meant to hurt. As harsh as the truth can be. As hard as it is to swallow. As difficult is to accept. I always hope to get people to wake up and get themselves out of the dark place they have made camp at. I am not a counselor. I am not therapist. I am not always right. But I am and always have been good at reading people. I scare people sometimes because I can read their inner most thoughts and know them better than they know themselves at times.

Crystal was angry, resentful and at times cantankerous, justifiably so.
But one day, I simply pointed out to her that although she had the right to be angry, she didn’t need to make it so apparent to others. And more than anything, I knew what she was going thru, knew she didn’t deserve it and knew how frustrated and scared she was, but I noticed that she was expending too much of her energy on dwelling on how miserable she was and was allowing it to skew her vision of what was good in her life, namely Morigan. I didn’t want her to look back later on and regret giving her energy to an unworthy source or for her anger to transfer to her precious daughter.
She did NOT like what I had to say. I made her angry. She didn’t’ think I knew what I was talking about. But then a little reflection on my words and self-reflection led to her ah-ha moment when she decided that she was going to change her outlook and how she reacted.

She still was incredibly guarded. And trusted no one other than her best friend and a select few of her family members. One day I asked her, “What made you friend me?” Because now, after getting to know her, I knew that her contacting and trying to connect with me, a stranger, married to Ryan Hord of all people, was so uncharacteristic of her. She really didn’t know what prompted her to reach out to me.

As the years have gone by; after all the things we’ve been thru, certain things in our life keep us connected. We’ve found out that we have had many life events that were very similar in our lifetime and it’s crazy how our lives are so parallel, but yet so different.

I met her boyfriend, at the time, Randy at the Washington County Fair in September 2012. I actually liked him. But wondered if she was healed enough to trust and be ready for a serious relationship that required a lot of things that would make her panicky! I only wanted the best for her, so just sat back and watched.

She started asking me about Shakeology around then, but would never make a commitment, which didn’t surprise me because with her, it has to be her idea when she’s ready and Morigan is just like her mama in that aspect.

She found out she was pregnant shortly after I met Randy.  I worried about her after all she’d gone thru with Morigan’s Dad. I wanted her to be able to enjoy all of this. I think we talked everyday of her pregnancy. There were days when I was there telling her it’d be alright, other days that I was telling her what a weirdo or nutcase she was (totally out of love) and other days where I was telling her she was wrong and needed to step back and chill before she made any hormonal based comments.

Shortly before Maize was born she said she wanted to start Shakeology. I knew that she needed to start Slim in 6 after she had the baby. But she wasn’t having any talk about any exercise program. So I didn’t push. I told her that if she’d just order the Challenge Pack that included the program I’d reimburse her the difference and the take the program to keep for myself.  Again, remember I know her better than she knows herself at times, so she took the bait hook, line and sinker. Once the package came in and she looked it over, she informed me that she was going to keep it and use it as soon as her Doctor released her to start exercising.

After complications, recovering postpartum, adjusting to life in a new house with a 4 year old and a newborn with colic, she decided it was time to start the 6 week program. Right around that time, our Regional Sales Manager, Coby Mitchell was due to be in town for a corporate event I was hosting. I had arranged for a private dinner so that my personally sponsored coaches had a chance to meet him. I invited Crystal. I had a long range goal and vision for her. I just had to figure out how to get her to agree. She replied to my invitation with a ‘maybe’. Then she said she’d be there. Less than an hour before we were to all arrive at the restaurant, she called to tell me that she wouldn’t make it. I came up with a solution to each of her problems and told her that even if she showed up late, I expected to see her and that was that. She reluctantly agreed. Anyone who knows me, knows that if I have your best interests in mind, I have hard time accepting “No” for an answer. She was unsure of everything and everybody when she first arrived and sat across from me at the table. But I watched her and I watched Randy watch her and by the end of the dinner – 1 1/2 hours later, she walked out a different person. Randy, immediately saw her flourish when surrounded by positive people and he liked the positivity he felt by being with all of us, strangers to him. The next morning, on September 29, 2013, I received a random message from her informing me that she just signed up as a coach on my team!

Within the first month, she achieved two of her goals as a coach – achieving Success Club in the 1st month as well as advancing in rank to an Emerald Coach.

But most impressively, she co-hosted with myself and 2 other coaches an Open House event, and she never suffered from any anxiety before the event. I’ve watched her open up her page and make it public, which was a monumental move for her. I’ve watched her reach out to strangers and have in depth conversations. I’ve seen her anxiety levels decrease drastically. I’ve watched her accept invitations to events where people she didn’t know would be and she came without any protest. And while there, I watched her try to make friends with them and get to know them. It made me so happy to see that she was able to openly trust and reach out to others. She has made many new friends and formed some pretty awesome friendships just since she became part of Team Beachbody. She’s hugged me several times and not even realized it which is BIG because she never was big on hugs or having anyone touch her, especially strangers. Weekly she tells me she loves me, which is not something she regularly does. I’ve never seen her smile so much and if you ask me I’d say she has a glow about her.

I had the honor of being invited to their intimate private wedding in New Orleans on December 13, 2013.  I originally had planned on telling her I could not make it, and then showing up and surprising her, but I was afraid that she would end up having a total meltdown which would ruin the point of the surprise. It was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended simply because I got to see her and witness all of the changes from bad to absolutely perfect. I was there to witness her finally get the happy ever after, that she has always deserved that she didn’t think she was worthy of much less ever find. IIt warms my heart to see her become that beautiful person that I knew was in there, under all those protective layers she clung to. I got to observe Randy and I saw a man that truly loves her and I saw that she doesn’t doubt it and she deserves to have  that security. He is truly the guy that is perfect for her and I don’t have to worry that he will mistreat her.

(Isn’t she an absolutely gorgeous bride?)

Then earlier this week, she contacted me with the most heartfelt, loving, selfless, genuine, idea to help someone else. She’s always been a good person, but to see her want to pay it forward, and orchestrate the whole thing, just made my heart smile.

Today was the day I was worried she’d have a little anxiety with it being the holidays and the same time that her whole world fell apart after their first holiday as a family, when Morigan was a newborn. I figured I’d hear from her and have to reassure her that it’d be okay. But the only thing I received from her was a text that said: “Merry Christmas. Love y’all”. ……………………………………………

And at that point, I realized “She is going to be just fine.” 

This is a true Beachbody Success Story. This is what Beachbody can do for you. It goes way above beyond anything that involves a scale or measuring tape or barbells. The value added to your life is priceless. For me, as her friend and coach, this transformation that was brought to you by Beachbody is what deepens my roots and loyalty to this company because Crystal and I’s life transformation is a real testimony to what the coaching opportunity has to offer anyone and everyone who believes!

I am a believer. Are you?

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