Self love: Embrace & love your body – It is the most amazing thing you will ever own!

On Sunday afternoon, as we were laying in bed, being lazy, watching Netflix, my daughter Emily (13) put her hand on my stomach and said, “Your stomach feels like a waterbed!” Then she ran her hand across my stomach and said, “Your lines (stretch marks) feel so weird!”
My first, initial reaction was COMPLETE and UTTER mortification.
Then I realize, what I preach all the time, and that is self-love 
I reminded myself, that my body is amazing and that how I speak about myself is influencing my children, my daughters, and my son.
It is SO important to teach our daughters by example how to love our bodies because I see so many YOUNG girls who are so critical of their bodies.
I was that young girl once and it only gets worse. It is ALSO just as important to teach our sons about positive body image as well because low self-esteem and lack of confidence and body-image issues aren’t just for females. And it is important to teach our sons to be just as impressed at the beauty and power that the female body possesses, don’t you agree?

I realize that the way I look, the scars I have and the marks that I have, don’t matter to my children, so why should I be ashamed?

So my reply to her was, “Isn’t it weird and amazing that you were once inside of me and I carried you for almost 9 months & your sister and brother?! And you were my biggest baby [9+ lbs.]??”

My body isn’t perfect, and never will be, but it is amazing, for what it has done, been through and survived. It is amazing because it’s mine and there is no one else who is exactly like me.
We were all born with exactly what it takes to live a life of happiness with purpose. All too often, we get caught up in the negative and focused on what is wrong, which only clouds our ability to see the amazing gifts we possess and the opportunities all around us to improve our lives.

My gift is my imperfection and all of my past mistakes and failures. My purpose on this earth is to share my story.
Self❤️love, for some has to be taught, but it can be achieved.

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