Dream in HD.Set SMART goals. Find a WHY that makes you CRY.

Do you believe that you were created with a purpose? Each one of us for a different purpose?

Do you have someone or some goal that fuels you each & everyday?

I was never taught to dream, much less dream BIG.

I was never taught to set goals, unless they were tied to my parents religious beliefs.

Goal setting & dreaming was foreign to me up until mid-2012.

I’ve found that I was not the only one who had lived a life like this.

Often times, people settle for a life of mediocrity, because it seems like the less painful, easiest, safest route.

Getting someone to learn how to set PERSONAL goals takes time.

Often times, people set generic goals like “I want to lose some weight.”

Your goals must be SPECIFIC. Such as “ I will lose ___ lbs. by __/__/__ because when I do I will no longer feel ____ about myself and that will make me feel ______. When I reach my goal, I will reward myself by ________. Losing ___ lbs. and feeling ______ is important to me because _________________. My life will be different when I reach my goal because ______”


This is how your WHY is developed.

Your goals must be – SMART:

Your goals must be tied to your WHY – What propels you and drives you towards your goals/dreams.

There is no right or wrong answer when completing your “WHY”.


I require every new coach that I sponsor to provide me with their WHY.

Sometimes it takes people awhile to really find their WHY & that’s okay.

I love reading them.

It’s so personal, so deep, so heartfelt, so emotional.


In a nut shell, my WHY is to make my family proud, teach my children to dream & never give up and give others hope, teach them to believe in themselves and transform their life on every level possible.


So to receive this WHY from one of my personally sponsored coaches, makes my cry, makes my heart swell with pride and makes every step of the way worth it:

“My why is because it took forever for some one to champion me when I started my journey. It took months for a personal trainer to decide to say “LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE”! No one else did anything other than tear me down. I’ve lost friends and relationships over the last 7 years and they were probably people that needed to go. In September of 2009 I met a wonderful friend that to this day is my champion. She has called me out when I needed it, let me cry when I needed it, and pushed me relentlessly to being better and stronger. No one deserves what I have been through and some have been through far worse. At the end of the day we all need someone who hasn’t given up on us to be in our corner, to love without holding back, and to keep us on the road to being better than we were yesterday.

My why is because it’s time I pay it forward. Every choice I have made since having my daugther and becoming a single mom is, what will she think of my decisions when she looks back. I want her to see that everyone needs a champion… someone who will never give up on someone, no matter how hard their road is. We all deserve to reach our dreams… not only do I want to live and live big but I want others to as well!

I’ve had to take a leap of faith so many times over that last 7 years and just trust I wouldn’t fall too hard. I can say I have lived every single one of my worst fears in that time and come out better… it just took a long time. But there are no fears left that I haven’t faced. I’ve been penniless, homeless, without food for my child, and a single parent…. the first two more then once. When people tell me I have it so easy… I still give them a crazy look.”

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