Confidence Club & 21-day Challenge

Do you wish you had more CONFIDENCE? 

Do you wish that you had been raised in a household that promoted high levels of self-esteem?

Do you feel that you can easily increase your CONFIDENCE?

mindy-hord confidence confident

Are you tired of self-doubt, self-criticism, and holding back?

Do you often feel like you’re not good enough?

Are you ready to change your life and reclaim your self-confidence?

who you are mindy hord be yourself

Let’s start with a thought experiment. Take a moment to imagine yourself, only a supremely confident version. If you had zero body hang ups, no doubts about your value as an employee, no worries about your innate lovability, and no second guesses as to how good your karaoke really was and whether people have just been lying to you this whole time…what would things look like?

Think of how you’d be at work, at home, with those you love and those you don’t. Think of all the things you’d do differently. Imagine yourself saying and thinking all those things, now, in detail.

Now, this is the important thing: You can feel this way right now. Yup. You can feel brave and confident and full of a sense of your own self-esteem right now, just as you are.

What’s your reaction to that? If you’re like most people, it’s something along the lines of “Yeah right!”

While everyone can agree that it’s great to have self-confidence, we generally imagine it’s only reserved for those special people who’ve earned it and that we’ll get there someday. But why not right now?

If you want to:
– Learn to become the best version of yourself
– Learn to stop being so dependent on what others might think
– Gently push yourself outside your comfort zone and realize that that’s indeed where the magic happens!
– Be more confident in social settings
– Reach your goals and dare to dream big
– Speak up and express yourself in public
– Deal with your fear of rejection or abandonment or judgment

My 21-day CONFIDENCE CLUB will be beginning on December 15th. Would you like to be part of a 21-day CHALLENGE to help boost your confidence?

If you would like to be part of the secret group, feel free to fill out my questionnaire, which is 100% confidential and I will put you on the list to participate in the group:

Mindy Hord Confidence

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