Childhood Obesity by Hailey Hord

I’m so proud of my step-daughter Hailey Hord for picking a topic for her report that creates awareness and glad that she was able to use info from Carl Daikeler and I’s blog and educate parents today on how to help their children NOW. Here’s a CALL TO ACTION for 2015: Will you join my family and I in helping END THE TREND OF OBESITY, starting with your own family?! If you’d like help in learning how to help your family create a healthier lifestyle… Reach out to one of us or a local coach for guidance, ideas and support in planning how to make 2015 your healthiest year yet. 

Today, nearly a third of young people are overweight or obese. That’s 23 million children and teenagers.  Childhood obesity cost the U.S. annually 14 Billion in directly related health expenses. This means it’s just another setback in the economy.  Childhood obesity is rampant in the U.S., because ADVERTISINGfor fast food is everywhere offering cheap prices, Computers and TV have led to SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE, and parents are UNINFORMED, so they enable it.

Advertising for fast food is everywhere. Every other commercial advertises that they sell a food product cheaper. People eat food covered in grease that’s very unhealthy and can lead to problems later on in life, like Diabetes. It’s been shown that salads are 5 times more expensive than a cheeseburger. If people are on a budget they are more likely to get a burger rather than a salad. These commercials also appeal to parents because of how “cheap” they are and offering a toy in the meal for the kids.

Computers, TV, and Phones have aslo led to a less productive life. We spend more time on the couch than outside being active. We no longer go outside and play. We eat unhealthy and then sit on the couch and play on our devices. This adds up eventually. You will pack on Extra pounds if you don’t move around and eat unhealthy food.  By the time you are a teen you are overweight from no exercise. Parents might love you but they might not understand how bad junk food is for you.

Most parents are uninformed about how bad junk food is for you. They buy their kids fast food when they are running late and they think it’s easier. What they don’t realize is how bad it is for their kids. You are setting them up for bad eating choices. If you don’t show them how bad it is for them then they will never realize it until it is too late. Changing lifestyle choices and eating habits later on in life is ten times harder to do then when you are an adult and set in your ways.

There are many ways out there to change your eating habits. Beachbody, a company dedicated to helping people get fit is one of them. They have products that can work for everyone like, 10 MINUTE TRAINER, PIYO, 3 DAY REFRESH, P90X, P90X2,P90X3, P90, 21 DAY FIX, and more. They offer a drink called SHAKEOLOGY which has 70 different super foods. People need to be more knowledgeable about eating healthy and they need to realize it’s not as expensive as it seems. All of these superfoods alone cost tons of money. They need to stop paying attention to advertising and look at the children who are eating crap every day and End The Trend.

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One of my current Challengers recently shared this exciting news with me:

“My daughter (age 9) is also going to start the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan after Christmas. I told her I’ll treat her just like I did… before and after pictures and measurements. No weigh in though because I’m doing this to help her get in better habits, not put focus on her (extra) weight. She’s pumped about it and I hope it helps her self esteem too! I’m trying! I love the attitude and confidence your kids have about your families healthy lifestyle and it really inspired me!”

I love that MY family is inspiring others and we are creating a much needed awareness. And we are sending out the reminder that it is a PARENTS job to teach their children the importance and value staying active has in your life and that the lifestyle they have created effects their children not just NOW, but in the future.

Parents: Consistently provide a nutritious, healthy, balanced diet for your children. Teach them how to have a healthy relationship with food and maintain healthy eating habits.

Don’t try to convince yourself that just because they are kids that it means that they can eat whatever.

Don’t try to convince yourself or tell them that they’re “lucky” just because they can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound or foolishly think that it will stay that way as they mature and get older.

Don’t forget that just because RIGHT NOW they are young, seem to have a healthy, active metabolism and play sports, that they will always have a lifestyle that is equally as active.

Don’t forget to remind your athlete children that you don’t just exercise as part of your conditioning for that particular sport you are playing in school because the coach says or that it’s a seasonal think. Teach them, that exercise needs to be integrated into everyones lifestyle, for your health and overall well being and to maintain a healthy weight.

Don’t think that exercise is JUST for weight loss.

Don’t neglect to teach your children how to plan, shop, prep and cook meals on a budget on their own.

Don’t foolishly assume that they will naturally pick these skills up the day they head off to college or the day they get their keys to their first apartment. If they see you consuming convenience foods, or maintaining unhealthy eating habits (processed, fast food, pre-packaged, no fruits or veggies or skipping of meals), they will more than likely maintain the same or similar habits or have a hard time learning how to embrace a healthy lifestyle as an adult and will be less likely to try new foods or learn to like fruits or veggies if they weren’t present in their childhood.

If you struggle with YOUR weight and YOUR health and still can’t seem to get motivated to make the changes necessary to feel better inside and out, take a look at your children. Can you imagine how you would feel if the patterns you taught them by example, (which they had no other option as a child, but to eat the foods you provided and exist in the life you created), led up to your child growing up to be one of the many young adults in our nation today, who in their early 20’s are overweight, suffering from health problems and low self-esteem at such an early age? 

If you could change things NOW so that you never have to see your child have to struggle with their weight and health like you are, WOULD YOU?

Being a parent means loving your child more than you ever loved yourself.

It is easier to build up a child and train them the right way, than it is to repair, retrain and TRY to reprogram an adult and their learned behaviors.

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