Celebration Mode: Paused – Ultimate Reset Round III, Day 4

Today marks the 4 week mark since I turned in my 8 week resignation notice.

I’m so excited. Dreams are turning into REALITY.

The countdown has begun– I have 4 weeks until I am a FULL-TIME Wife, Mommy & Beachbody Coach.

I remember when I “said”I’d like to make this a career & wrote down that I’d like to be able to quit my job BY my 2 year coach anniversary on February 15, 2014. Even though I wrote it down, it really didn’t seem like reality or something that would ever pan out. I am not sure if it’s because I’ve never really succeeded at anything and still didn’t really fully believe in myself or because I was scared or it seemed too good to be true.

As the time gets closer, I get more anxious, somewhat nervous, but overall EXCITED.

I received a letter in Rebel’s folder the other day and noticed that I had been nominated as a Party Mom for his Valentine’s Day Party.

My INSTANT reaction was“WTF! How am I going to be able to take off of work to go?”

Then it dawned on me, for the first time in my 14 years of being a Mommy, I will actually be able to have time to plan for it and attend and take him home, instead of hurrying back to work.

I then threw away the school calendar that hangs on the refrigerator away. Every month I look at it, making sure I am well informed ahead of time of any days the school is closed, so that I am not caught off guard as I have been in the past, and stuck last minute, scrambling for alternate child care, since we have no family help. It then dawned on me, for the first time EVER, I will be home to spend time with my children and possible take them to do fun things while they are off for Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years and Spring Break. Oh how this brings me joy. I think they are more excited about NOT having to spend an extra hour on the bus each day. We discussed last night at dinner, who would get picked up first from school and how our evenings would be.

I can’t wait to be able to drop Rebel off in the mornings and not have to hurry off with him crying, begging for “one more kiss, hug and puppy dog”.

I can’t wait to not have to rush around frantically every night, racing against the clock and only having 2 ½ waking hours with my children.

I can’t wait to see them first thing after school, hear about their day and not be so stressed out and exhausted that I don’t even hear what they are actually saying.
I can’t wait to go on my first field trip.

I can’t wait to be able to work out during the day and not be distracted by the laundry piled up everywhere or the guilt of not spending time with my kids.

I can’t wait to fire our housekeeper because I actually have time and energy to clean my own house.

I can’t wait to be able to have some alone time a few times a month with my husband.

I can’t wait to start living a free life.

I am still reeling from my experience at my first Success Club Leadership Retreat in Dana Point, CA (9/18-9/22)




Ryan and I had NOT been back to California since July 2008.

We’d had no reason to go back there since we’re pretty much estranged from our families and honestly finances never allowed for us to fly back there with 5 kids and the lack of help, prevented us from going back on our own.

When I found out that all of my hard work qualified me for another FREE trip (minus airfare, although I did receive $300 travel cash) to Dana Point, CA I was overjoyed.



Although I’d never want to live back in California, I truly forgot how much I missed “HOME”.

I stepped outside of the John Wayne Aiport after we retrieved our luggage. I caught myself holding my breath, anticipating that HOT, STIFFLING, HUMID air as I’d been used to in Texas. And then I left it. Cool, clean, air – a gentle breeze. I stopped dead in my tracks, put my arms out and about cried. It felt good. I was home!

When we arrived at the Laguna Cliffs Resort, I couldn’t believe the resort, the view, the EVERYTHING. First thing, I saw Michael Neimand, Jeff Hill and other Beachbody staff, working so hard, setting everything up for the arrival of the majority of the guests the following day.

I can’t even begin to describe what an amazing opportunity and privilege it was to be among the TOP 225 leaders of Beachbody and then to realize I was one of them. If you’ve never been an event hosted by Beachbody, you need to. They certainly pull out all the stops and spare no expense. To be truly valued as a person, by this amazing company is something I’ve never experienced. They reward us for our hard work and show their appreciation and help us out personally on so many levels.

The Success Club Leadership was AMAZING. The food, the atmosphere, the company, the knowledge and training that we received at the General Session, including 2 hours with the incredible Robin Benincasa, to the LIVE workouts with Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and Autum Calabrese. The team building exercise was really eye opening and A LOT of fun! But most of all, I loved being with Becky, Kristina and Danny & Aidette.





This is a trip that will be a MUST for me to attend each and every year. (I am excited that NEXT year it will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona)

I became a coach on February 15, 2012 – On a total impulse decision. No real thought was put into it. I had NO goals. I had done NO research. Some may call it crazy. I call it FATE.


I am NOT religious, but somehow the universe knew exactly what and who I needed right then and there.


There are certain requirements that need to be met to qualify to be an Elite Coach.


In 2012, I was 19 points shy of qualifying and only had 1 active Diamond Coach at the end of 2012.

So I missed the chance to become Elite in 2012.

That was okay, because that, at the time, was NOT one of my goals.


When the new rules came out to qualify for Elite in 2013, I nearly died.


The requirements changed so that you must have sponsored 2 NEW diamonds in 2013 and have a total of 5 personally sponsored diamonds by 12/25/2013.


I honestly, allowed myself to accept defeat, reasoning that there was NO way I could ever make that happen in 1 year time.


But then a few things happened.


My amazing coach Becky and her sister Kristina kept telling me that they KNEW Id be Elite.

Then I was blessed with the chance to work with Coby Mitchell, our Regional Sales Manager, one-on-one and he kept pushing me to reach Elite by the end of the year.


Then over the course of this year, I’ve attended THREE Beachbody hosted events – The Success Club Trip in Orlando, FL in March, Summit in Vegas in June and then The Success Club Leadership Retreat in Dana Point, CA in last month. Each time we attended these events, Ryan and I would sit and wait for several of our Elite Coach friends to return from their Elite parties, meetings, and would sit in separate areas from them during meetings . At Summit, when I was recognized on stage for being a 3 Star Diamond. It dawned on me, as I sat there and stared, eye-level at all the Elite Coaches down there on the floor of the arean, in the “Elite Seating”: “Why NOT me? I can do this!” So I made a pact with myself that I would indeed be down there on the floor with them. I have promised Coby that the NEXT time he sees me I WILL be Elite.


I will not even lie – There are days that it’s so hard. I feel that my head is going to explode. I am tired. Mentally exhausted. I want to throw the towel in. Why? Because it’d be easier. But I DON’T because this is my PASSION. This is what I was BORN to do DO! I may tire easily, but I do NOT give up! I am Mindy Hord. I am relentless. I am a fighter. I am scraper. I am a survivor. I work hard.

I have been pushing hard to set a good example. Help others achieve what I’ve achieved – physically, mentally and emotionally.


I sometimes question my ability to lead efficiently because some try to pick me apart and blame me for things that I have no control over. But then days like today, I wake up and my heart swells with pride. I am pleased to announce that today my dear friend Aimee and Joni have reached a very important milestone. Congratulations to my new Emerald Coaches.


I met Aimee thru her sister-in-law via Facebook. She was ready for a change, for her HEALTH. She was READY. NO excuses. No pills. No easy way out. She wanted to do it the RIGHT way. And she’s had MAJOR success. She looks like a totally different person. But most of importantly. I’ve watched her grow as a person. She’s outgoing and is becoming RELENTLESS! She’s setting goals and conquering each one! Congrats my dear friend! Love you to pieces!


Joni and I went to school together. She from day 1 has yearned to learn. Shes done everything Ive asked her to do. Asks the right questions and follows thru with the right actions. She is laser focused and driven beyond belief. She just signed up as a coach last month. And is already an Emerald Coach and has even achieved Success Club and will be recognized as a Success Starter.



I’ve been working so hard, that it honestly didn’t dawn on me until I was driving to work yesterday and then texted Becky this:





By my helping others get what they want, this in turn has helped me get closer to one of my final goals for 2013. My 2nd Coach Business Center is NOW Diamond. So as of October 3, 2013, I started my 4 Star Diamond Qualification period!



I am so CLOSE. I am so happy I could throw up!


The day got better. I had my call with Coby and he told me that I was the first to know, but that I was selected to be on the Houston Market Council (The purpose fo the Council is to organize and execute meeting efforts in our area such as trainings like Franklin Covey Time Management Training and Beachbody Challenge Trainings, etc). What a great honor. What an amazing responsibility to be considered for.


I was so happy! I thought: “Who wants to celebrate with me tonight!?!?”


Then it dawned on me! I am on day 4 of The Ultimate Reset. Celebration Mode PAUSED. It’s okay. It can wait.




All in all, even without celebrating, day 4 was great.


Morning 4 was just like 1-3. Woke up when the alarm went off, took supplements. Pushed snooze twice. Got up. Got Dressed. Ate breakfast on the way to work. Fresh Fruit. (Forgot my organic yogurt). Lunch was a repeat meal. Lentil Lime Salad & Microgreen Salad. Snack time – the same: 10 whole wheat crackers + 1 hardboiled egg. Dinner was one of my favorites: Stir Fry Veggies & Quinoa (Skipped the Tomato/Cucumber Salad- Cucumbers make me go: *GAG*). Again, night #4, after cooking two separate meals (I made the kids EXTRA Lean Ground Beef + Organic Spaghetti Sauce and 100% whole wheat noodles and fresh fruit), cleaning up, packing my lunch for tomorrow, and doing a 30 minute coach call, I was headed to bed by 9:45 p.m. If “lack time” is what is preventing you from trying this, think again. If this busy, mother of 3 has time to get everything done and get in bed in the single digit hours, so do you. The only thing I will continuously bitch about, regarding The Ultimate Reset is the fact that I am FREEZING! (Body temperature fluctuates during the Reset and is COMPLETELY normal. Your body is cleansing, directing blood and energy away from your extremities and toward your internal organs.)



The key is planning ahead and being prepared!

One thing I’ve learned in the past 20 months is that you CAN do ANYTING you set YOUR mind to. The sky is the limit. Stop limiting yourself with your EXCUSES.

Message me NOW to get started. You can thank me later! (www.facebook.com/coachmindyhord min_in_texas@hotmail.com)

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