Be a GOAL setter!

I want to share what I shared with my online coach training group – OPERATION: NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND today. “There are many things each and everyone in existence desires to achieve or accomplish.Many people have unspoken goals and dreams.They never vocalize them or share them with anyone.They leave them bottled up in their […]


In January 2013, Beachbody started offering various different Challenge Packs at a discounted price each and every month. The prices that they are offered at make it ridiculous to pass up. Shaun T products have been a hot commodity ever since his newest program Focus T25 hit the market in late June.   This month, […]

Dream Come True: Time with Super Master Trainer, Top Coach: Danielle Hinson

When you were a child, did you have a hero? Maybe it was your older sibling, your parents, a super hero on television. I don’t remember specifically saying “I want to grow up to be like ___________.” when I was a child.  Over the past year, I’ve realized the importance in having a mentor. It […]