I hate two-faced people. I never know which side to slap first.

I may not know which direction is North, South, East or West and sometimes I have to stop and pause a minute before I can differentiate my left from my right. But one thing I’ve acquired over my lifetime is an EXTREMELY accurate “GUT”. Leaving home at age 15, the only thing I had to rely […]

Haters goin’ to hate

Thursday night I posted a video from my personal Facebook profile, of my 3 year old son singing a song while in the bathtub. He said it was his “favorite song”: TEAMWORK (He learned it at school) I posted it because I thought it was cute and it represents what our team motto is: TEAMWORK […]

Is Negativity weighing you down?

When I made the decision to lose weight, I told NO one. Why? I was afraid of FAILURE. Having to answer to myself was bad enough.The last thing I needed was to have more people pointing out that I was a failure. Little did I know though, that public accountability would become my BEST FRIEND […]

Teen Mom to Raising a Teen.

I am one of those parents who is super strict on her children when it comes to respect, obedience, honesty, and responsibility for their actions and above all I strive to keep them INNOCENT. I will fight to my death to protect my children from harm, from anyone, however I am not one of those […]