Ultimate Reset: Round III, Day 2 – Time is never really a problem, it’s more or less if you find that it’s important enough or not!

Night 1 – I slept like a rock, despite waking up to pee 3 times (drinking over a gallon of water a day takes a toll on the old bladder) and Rebel waking up, standing by my bed at 3:00 a.m. requesting milk. Woke up feeling good, on morning 2. Stepped on the scale and […]

I want you to be part of my FAMILY!

From the day I was born, I’ve just had to go with the flow. From very early on, I’d never been given the freedom of choice. I was yanked from one environment to another. Because of that I believe I am able to acclimate to any situation or group of people quicker and more easily […]

Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

My goal for 2013 was to start a FREE Fit Club in the area for the community.Since the obesity rates are overwhelminngly high and I would like to change that. And the best place to start is in my backyard, right? The FIT Club in Tennessee really inspired me. Brenham’s FREE Weekly Fit Club started on July 2 and […]