Support.. it works wonders!

Continuation of Blog Post: My adoption story… journey to finding out where I came from & who I am! Recently, I started sharing more about my struggle with depression. (Click here to read more about it) I started realizing, that maybe it wasn’t a chemical imbalance or something to do with the situations I’ve been in, but maybe […]

My Adoption Story

My Adoption Story: finding myself, searching for facts… I always knew that I was adopted, but I never ever thought I would dig into my adoption story that is until I was 32. In 2013, my search to find out more about ME and my origination began. (Click here to read how it all began) […]

Another chapter closed (no looking back)

OH HAPPY DAY! My Passport/Citizenship/Adoption Saga/Journey officially ended on January 24th which marked total freedom. I was so happy when I received my final document in the mail and on that day I was able to hold  my Certified copy of my adoption, US Passport and Naturalization Certificate in my hand. TODAY HAS BEEN A GREAT DAY!!!!I just […]

Opening doors that have always been locked

Wow! The last 24 hours have been extremely emotional for me. I feel such a relief, having given my notice, and setting a date and planning to spread my wings and fly. I feel nervous, excited, happy, scared, but most of all it feels incredible to be able to conquer FEAR and also do something […]

My life, my beginnings…..

On January 11th (or 12th) I was born to Min-Jung-Kim in Seoul, South Korea and was shipped off to a Korean Foster Home. 9 ½ months later I was shipped off again to the United States and placed in the home of a childless couple. Growing up, I never really felt like I fit in. […]