1, 2, 3. On your mark. Get set. Go. Stick your pinky toe outside your comfort zone. Now, BREATHE.

On January 23rd, I posted this picture. With this caption Who wants to win a FREE bag of ChocolateShakeology®!??? Here’s the rules:1. Watch my YouTube video2. If we are not friends send me a friend requestwww.facebook.com/coachmindyhord3. LIKE my coach fan page www.facebook.com/coachmhord4. Share this status announcing this contest5. Send me a video telling me WHY I should […]

21 days to a new lifestyle!

Do you have 21 days to spare? How many of these apply to you? • Want to lose weight • Don’t want to make long time commitments • Have tried and failed at complicated diet plans • Don’t want an extreme fitness program • Have started their weight-loss journey with Shakeology • Are new to […]