Behind every SUCCESSFUL Beachbody Coach is their very supportive spouse!!

I will be hosting a Team Relentless Live YouTube broadcast that will be open to the public: Getting your spouse’s support with guest speakers Tom Barto & my husband Ryan Hord on Sunday, August 3 at 8:30 p.m. CST. 

I have seen AND heard over and over and over from fellow Team Beachbody Coaches just how difficult it is to get their spouses to support them on their fitness & weight loss journey, let alone drink Shakeology or join them on their journey, or even see the coaching opportunity as legit. I have seen over and over again the most successful top coaches speak on the National Wake Up call, team calls, live corporate events like Super Saturday, Leadership and Summit attribute their success not only to their own personal hard work and vision as well as their team but because they have had their spouses support and without it they could not have accomplished what they have! I know personally, I would not have been successful without the love, support, patience and understanding I’ve received from my husband since I became a coach on February 15, 2012. He has supported me in every crazy idea I’ve had, encouraged me when I was scared, worried, and doubting myself, attended every event and helped with the household duties and kids when I was on late night calls and working my butt off so that I could help us have an even better life. He knows without a doubt, even when I don’t think so, that I can and will succeed and can do anything I set my mind to and knows how great this opportunity has been for our family and our marriage.

My team has grown tremendously over the past 2 1/2 years and my success as a coach is not just a result of my consistent, relentless hard work, but because I have had the support and help from my husband and Ryan. I have noticed that some of the most successful coaches of Team Relentless and within the organization are those that have support from their spouses. 

Please join the call on Sunday to hear some tips I will share that has helped me gain the support from my husband over the past 2 1/2 years of being a coach, that others on my team have applied. On the call will be my childhood best friend and personally sponsored diamond coach, Melissa Barto’s husband Tom Barto and my husband Ryan will share a few of his tips to help get your spouse’s support!

Some of my personally sponsored coaches have shared a little about their success story that involves their spouse. Please tune in to the call on Sunday evening while I share a little more about some of these couples and observations about how they have worked together throughout their coaching career. Click on this link at 8:30 CST to join my live YouTube broadcast.

Melissa and Tom Barto – Santa Rosa, CA

In the beginning Tom wasn’t super supportive & of course thought it was a “Pyramid Scheme”, but I was being hit hard with Postpartum depression & just told me to do whatever made me happy, at any cost. Little did he know how much it would impact our lives & marriage. Once the business aspect came into play things really changed. It has allowed me to not have to go back to work outside the home & begin to profit & help reduce our large debt. 

In the last 2 years, my husband has made a lot of changes on his own after sitting back & watching. For some people it’s a slow process because they are afraid of failure. 
Each live event he attends, he gets the “bug” & starts to dig a little deeper. He has had great success with weight loss so he talks to a lot of people & plants the seeds.

I truly believe that without his support I would not be where I am today. Nor would I be able to go where I am headed.”

Samantha & Trey Thornton – Fort Worth, Texas

“To have the support of my spouse in my Beachbody business means the world to me. I have an accountability partner who pushes me everyday to make sure that I’ll have to completed the tasks at hand and I am working towards a better me. My husband knows how important this is not only to the success of my business, but to the success of my goals.  To be able to bounce ideas off of someone I’m taking constructive criticism is crucial and definitely needed, especially on the days when I lack motivation he is the extra push that gets me going. While I know that it is up to me to ultimately crush my goals having my husband’s support is what pushes me even farther.”

Alina & Jeff Campbell – Whittier, California

Being able to work from home as a Beachbody coach is amazing, but in all honesty it would be rather difficult if my husband, Jeff, was not supportive. In the past I have worked with other companies, and did not receive the support from him. It was a daily battle trying to convince him that I could do it, I would be successful with this company. He always talked about how they just want my money and it’s a scam. No matter, I always would keep trying. Although, after about 3 months of his doubts and lack of support, I would give up and walk away. Why? Well, it was because I wasn’t getting positive reinforcement from my husband. There will always be days when you feel like you just can’t keep trying or pushing, it makes it easier to walk away and give up when you have someone that never believed you would be able to do it anyway.

Since being with Beachbody, Jeff’s attitude is VERY different. He has supported me from day 1. He truly believes in this company, as I do, and their products. Recently I had a few off days. I was doubting that I would be able to become a successful coach while continuing through school. I was ready to walk away and give up. When I talked to him about my frustrations, he immediately told me that he KNEW that I was going to be successful with this company. He KNEW that I could do it, that I was stronger than I was giving myself credit for. After that talk, I felt energized and ready to fight for what I really want. Since then, I have been pushing hard, working hard daily, and been feeling great about the work I’m doing. Having his support is such a great feeling and helps keep me knowing that I’m doing the right thing for our family and others. The most important thing, in my opinion, is having the support of your spouse or significant other on any journey you choose in life.”

Amber & Cameron Cornist – Omaha, Nebraska

My husband Cameron has always been my biggest supporter in my health and fitness journey. We have worked out on a off together for years. Since becoming a coach not only is he understanding of the time I need to take away to work, but by talking to people about me and what I do, and by joining me in a few workout programs. He used many Beachbody products while doing Body Beast in the fall and took a huge step this year in letting me share his results photos. It was way outside of his comfort zone but he said, “Go ahead and share them if it will help your business.”

“Dom supports me in everything I do. He was very special at first when I told him about coach with Beachbody. He didn’t think that a monthly invest ment and commitment to shakeo was going to pay off. But once he saw the fire it has lit in me and my passion for helping others and the products we use he backs me 250% just as I have supported him in his journey as an apprentice journey man. He know that Beachbody is helping me find myself and achive goals I didn’t think were possible!”

Alicia and Rick DePhilippis – Brenham, Texas

 Let’s start from the beginning! Prior to meeting my Rick, I had gone through a horrible marriage and divorce. One that contained abuse, alcoholism, and control. My son was conceived in this marriage, and is, honestly, the only good outcome of the marriage. I never had any support from my ex, and always felt like I wasn’t good enough to do better, be better, and feel better. The only real support that I ever had came from my parents, coworkers, my daughters’ father, his family, and my girls. When I met Rick, everything changed, and we just instantly clicked! We were both open and honest with each other about every aspect of our lives; past and present. He was very supportive of my career in management with a natural gas compressor manufacturing plant. I, later, decided to go back to school to get more specialized training in Management. He supported me there, as well. I was laid off from that job, in August 2013, but that only chipped the surface of our perfection. It got close to breaking us, but we fought hard to keep it together, and refused to let the ship sink. We are both fighters, and refuse to give up on anything. We got officially married on September 20, 2013. 

   In May, of this year, I decided I wanted to quit smoking. I was tired of feeling like shit and tired of spending all that money! He jumped on the bandwagon with me, and quit dipping, as well. Then, after watching Mindy for a few weeks in the PiYO test group, I talked to Kristina Lewis, and decided to become a Beachbody Coach. We were seriously living paycheck to paycheck, and things sometimes get pretty tight, so $140, for a challenge pack seemed a little steep, but I talked to him about it anyway (determination). I came with hard facts and a purpose. After about 30 minutes of listening and hearing the passion in my voice, he was all in, and very supportive of my decision. He now participates in all of the Fit Club meetings with me, as well as all of the PiYO workouts! He is loving it! He talks to everyone about our journey and shares his experiences. He isn’t afraid of yoga and Pilates! And he is a VERY manly man! His next big journey is to be come a Coach and start Body Beast. Guess who’s going to be joining him in his Beast transformation?? That’s right!! ME!! Nothing compares to having your spouse support you in every aspect of this journey. It feels great to have someone who will challenge  you to push harder and dig deeper, every day! Someone who isn’t going to let you fall completely off of the bandwagon. Someone who lets you be human, but also holds you accountable. And someone who isn’t afraid to shine with you. I look forward to having him on my team, and building an amazing business with my life partner. We are Team Beachbody, all the way! And I couldn’t have asked for a better companion, team mate, and partner.”