Attention: New Shakeology customers

Out of the hundreds of people that I have been able to reach and help kick start their journey, there are the some who have a few concerns about the “symptoms” they encounter in the beginning and some even take a while to acquire a taste for Shakelogy.

Have you tried Shakeology® in the past and thought “YUCK :)~” (I know all you Shakeology lovers.. it seems inconceivable, right?)

How many times did you try it? 

What recipes did you try? 
How long did you try it for? 

Listen to what my friend, Betsy has to say about her INITIAL feeling about Shakeology 

If you know something is good for you and would be a solution to many of your health/fitness/physique gripes, how hard would you try to make it work?

Since taking it upon myself to introduce Shakeology to others, I’ve heard lots of reasons as to why someone REFUSES or is unwilling to at least give it a try. Some people tell me that they are “not a shake person”. The last thing I want to do is force anything down anyone’s throat. You all have the right to your own decisions and opinions. I’ve always wondered what that meant “not a shake person”. I finally realized after getting feedback from others that what it really meant is that the person had tried a different shake on the market that did NOT taste worth a crap or it didn’t deliver the results promised. However, I have gotten a few people to take the chance and give Shakeology a try for 1 week. And low and behold they are all SHOCKED at how much they like THIS shake & how it delivers everything I’ve been saying it does!

My question is:

If you ate a chocolate bar that didn’t taste so good, would you give up chocolate all together?
If you bought a car that turned out to be a total lemon, would you only buy trucks in the future?
If you didn’t like catfish, would you never try halibut or cod or any other seafood?
If you didn’t like pineapple, would never try another fruit in your life?
If you had a bad experience at a lake, would you never enter another body of water?


Have you been drinking Shakeology for a week or so and noticing that you are pooping more often?

This isn’t a subject I normally discuss, but it is a topic that needs to be addressed. 

Some have tried Shakeology and immediately think that they are allergic or that they have a stomach bug. And they discontinue it because they think that Shakeology = life long seat on the pot.

Not really the case. Shakeology does not have the effects of a laxative, but it DOES improve your regularity! Shakeology will make you poop more frequently. (More in the beginning and then more on a timed schedule after you get most of the toxins out of your system. This is why it’s important to be using Shakeology every day or otherwise it won’t have the same effect.

I am going to nerd-out for a second to educate all reading this:

Shakeology® contains a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics helps your body eliminate toxins that have built up in your digestive system over the years due to eating highly processed foods, fast food, and junk food. A healthy digestive system makes it easier to absorb the nutrients you need for optimal health. It starts cleansing your body from the inside out.

Ever wonder why you feel so tired, sluggish and bloated? Think of years of ingesting harmful things that pollute your body with toxins that back up in your digestive track, preventing your body from really absorbing the proper nutrients that your body needs for fuel. Then picture Shakeology as having little micro scrubbers that work at removing the back up as it is digested. (

Without removing this “back-up” or even blockage in your digestive track, no matter how much you clean up your diet NOW, it’s essentially like putting fuel in your car and watching it completely run out of the tank as you are filling up.

If you are interested in getting your body to run right, decrease your cravings, lower your cholesterol, increase your metabolism, suffer from diabetes, thyroid problems, acid reflux or IBS or Chrohn’s lets talk. 

Wouldn’t you rather do it the all natural way without the use of costly medicine that just mask the problem?

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