Are you still growing?

Is there a wall at your parents house with little lines and scribbles representing your growth from year to year as you grew from a young child into a young adult?
Are their picture albums of you from infancy, to the toddler years, and throughout school, graduation, marriage and as you become a parent?
Those are both  ways to track physical changes which yield VISIBLE proof of your GROWTH.
Over the past year and a half I’ve seen countless TRANSFORMATIONS – Before vs. After pictures from customers, fellow coaches and Beachbody Challenge winners.
I have a BEFORE, progress and current pictures of myself throughout my journey that started almost 19 months ago.
It is frustrating at times, because I have heard COUNTLESS times from others “Pshhhh. Whatever Mindy. I only wish my after picture looked like your before picture.”
I get it. However, I have allowed those comments make me feel like my transformation was not as monumental or important as that of someone who has had a 50-100 lb. DRAMATIC transformation.
I have been searching for an old picture trying to find how I used to look, something that used to represent how I felt. But I am having a hard time finding one.
This is the only one I have found that I can really tell a difference – This was around Thanksgiving 2008 vs August 17, 2013.

Honestly, I was the girl who would search and search for hours shopping and come home empty handed because I could not find the right clothing to hide my “problem areas”. So I would scour the internet until I found the type of clothing I was in search of.
I am all for self-confidence, however I have seen plenty of people squeeze their XL self into a size schmedium shirt which was not flattering at all. I have never been that person. I will not lie, my ass is often hanging outta my shorts, but I went to great lengths to hide my muffin top after becoming a mother. I knew how to dress to make myself appear to look a lot better clothed than I did naked. So there are no pictures of me from years ago to compare side by side that would make your jaw drop and go WHOA!
But I am no longer going to entertain the idea that my transformation is any less significant or carries  less impact. Like Kristina told me this past weekend, I must get that out of my head. There are plenty of people who have lost 100+ lbs who have not been able to help anyone other than themselves, so just because you have not had an earth shattering transformation to the “eye”, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be treated as one and it doesn’t mean that you can’t inspire others to lose far more weight than you have.
I do, truly wish that somehow there was a way to PHYSICALLY show the PERSONAL growth of someone, like with a chart or aside-by-side picture.
All I have is my words backed up with my actions to serve as my proof of living changes to those who watch me, not to pick me apart, but to learn, to grow themselves.
I have videos that I’ve made, blogs, Facebook posts about my personal growth, realizations, and changes I’ve made, but honestly nothing really can measure or truly portray the transformation within.
This weekend I was able to witness firsthand a change within a person. I saw it with my own eyes. It’s nothing I can capture in a picture or measure with a measuring tape. It was something you could just sense, see, feel.
 See – I took this chance late 2012, paid $297 and registered for Dani Johnson’s 2 day seminar First Steps to Success in Fort Worth, Texas for the end of January 2013 because one of my mentor’s Jason suggested it and said he was going. I knew I would gain something good from it because I had seen and heard so many successful coaches who had plugged into her. (Confession:  I owned her book First Steps to Wealth, another thing suggested by Jason, but had yet to read it) But I had NO idea how it would totally ROCK my soul and single handedly change my whole life. I stepped into that hotel ballroom the first day, totally unaware that my whole thinking, core purpose, would change just in the first 4 hours, not realizing that I would be sitting their bawling like a baby sitting next to people I didn’t even know, totally vulnerable. I had so many ah-ha moments over the course of two days, that my head was spinning. I immediately put everything I could into motion. I have told countless people about Dani Johnson, referred them to her Facebook page, her website, given her book as a gift to many. I believe in what this woman has to say so much, that Richard Neal said after all he’s heard, I myself was one who has made him totally consider actually going, after many had suggested it multiple times, something about my belief compelled him to  become more open to it. To tell you how much I believe in the results of what she teaches, I came back and offered to pay for any of my personally sponsored coaches to go. One of my Colorado coaches attended the one in Anaheim in July.  One attended one in Orlando in March. I just attended my 2nd seminar this past weekend and brought along my husband and 2 of my personally sponsored coaches and one of their husbands, along with my coach Becky and her sister Kristy who flew to Dallas from Miami to attend this event with me, and 3 of my Houston Coach friends.  While I was there, I was approached by one of my Miami Friends who came over to tell me that because of a conversation we had in March in Orlando where I was telling him all about Dani Johnson, he caught a red-eye flight from Miami to Anaheim last month and then a month later came back to Dallas, with my girlfriend and mother. I am so happy for those who #1 took a chance on my word only #2 actually saw the value that I did #3 are paying it forward by sharing the same opportunity with the ones they love.
It was amazing to know that by me telling others about my experience and being so passionate about it, I showed up with 9 others and seeing 1 other person who was there with 2 others because of my recommendation. That’s a POWERFUL ripple effect. Together, the group of people that I brought with me, sat on multiple times, sharing our realizations, things we’d been burying, running from, hiding, suppressing and the things we needed to change. We cried, we hugged, we just sat there with our mouths hanging open together man times. What a great bonding experience.
What was most impressive was seeing the mental shift of one of the people who came with us.
When you register for this event, it’s only $100 extra for a child or spouse to attend.
When I told Louise this. She immediately told her husband, David that he was attending with her.
He didn’t have to be dragged there kicking and screaming, however I really wouldn’t call his immediate reaction as enthusiastic.
I really admire the courage it took to drive almost 4 hours to an event you knew nothing about, to be surrounded by people you’ve never met, who you think you have nothing in common with and being totally out of your element.
He was kind, cordial, polite, but it was awkward no doubt.
We made small chit chat at lunch. Dinner was much more easy going and relaxed and we all enjoyed hanging out. And him and Ryan really hit it off, which I knew they would.
David showed up Sunday morning, with a smile on his face.
He wasn’t really all too thrilled when we all had to break up into 4 groups.
But he survived and seemed to be happy when we all had lunch.
Toward the end when we took a short 10 minute break, I looked back and saw him talking to this complete stranger. I wondered what the man’s story was.
Shortly after that we all met up in the hotel lobby.
David come walking up, gives me this quick hug (I still don’t even think he realized it), with a HUGE smile on his face and said “Did you see I made a new friend!” and proceeds to tell all of us about their conversation. I wish you could’ve been there to see his transformation and the mental shit over just a 2 day period. He wants to order many of Dani’s books, come back again and this time bring his daughter.
I know he showed up thinking “How long will this drag on?; This really doesn’t apply to me!; How am I going to endure 2 whole days with strangers and health freeks to top it off!”
He didn’t say it, but I almost guarantee that was his first initial feelings.
By the end his response was that it was nothing like what he assumed it would be and was not as painful as he envisioned.
Bless a person with an open mind and heart who maybe skeptical but not closed off to change.
Remember: If you’re actions, inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, be more and become more, you’re a leader.
When I decided to attend my 2nd seminar, I really knew it would be a great refresher and reminder to stay on track and stay focused on these things I had learned from Dani just 7 months later because we all know that we can fall off track and back into bad habits. Or unproductive habits. But I honestly didn’t “think” I was necessarily going to have as many ah-ha moments as the first time. HA! Slap me upside the head for thinking. I am always teachable, always able to keep changing. I’ve grown considerably in 7 months, and because of that I could really see other things that made me go “DAMN! DUH MINDY!” on a deeper level. I got my soul rocked AGAIN by Dani!
One of my big realizations was another way I’ve been failing my children that I need to take immediate action on reversing.
Also FORGIVENESS. When was the last time you forgave? I mean really? Saying “I forgive” really isn’t the same as TRUE forgiveness. I started 2013 off with forgiveness and that’s been my goal all of 2013. It’s opened up AMAZING possibilities and REALIZATIONS …and above all INNNER PEACE! You can’t put a price tag on that! There are a group of people who have hurt me deeply, that I wish bad things on and harbor major resentment over and still allow their names and actions to come out of my mouth daily and I know that is not healthy nor the type of person I want to be, so that is my next goal is to forgive. I must remind myself, hurting people hurt others.

Remember forgiveness is not about restoring your relationship with the past transgressor, but rather blessing and releasing yourself from the bondage that anger and resentment and hatred straps you with!

Ever caught yourself saying or thinking things like this?:

“If I ever won the lottery, even if it was just $100,000, I could breathe.”; “If only I had enough money to pay of X, Y, Z, I would feel better.”, “If only this business would hire me making X amount of dollars, I could pay off X, Y, Z and be closer to financial freedom.”, “If only I had X amount of dollars, I could take my kids on a vacation, follow my dreams, relax, etc.”, “If I could make this amount, I could quit… my job and start this.”

Do you ever get tired of being a slave to money?
Dani Johnson said that she has been free of that bondage for years and it’s so freeing.
No one can “buy” her. She is free to do what she wants, with her family, helping others, traveling the world, and no matter how much anyone tries to “lure” her with, she cannot be bought.

I was asked, what my dollar amount was – what was the amount of money it would take to get me to quit Beachbody.
There was no 2 second pause. No time needed to ponder. No need to sit down and write out a list of bills, financial obligations, wishes, etc.
There is nothing that could make me quit. Especially nothing tied to money.
I have seen so many coaches in the past 18 month come into this business, and many of these new coaches who have reached out to me in the past 6 months for help, and I look around now. Where are they at? Gone! Why? Because their motive was money. Not people.

My desire in life is to help you. I am constantly thinking of ways to add value to YOUR life. Whether it be teaching you time management skills, how to believe in yourself, how to fit into your skinny jeans, how to make you feel sexy, how to get you off those stupid pills the doctors prescribed you to control or mask those pesky health concerns that could be fixed with diet and exercise, teaching you that your failures are something you can use to help others, helping you get better with money, etc. How would me quitting and settling for a life of mediocrity ever help us fulfill our dreams?

My motive is not money. I do not have a price tag on my head. My WHY, what drives me and propels me forward every day is so deep seated, so intertwined in me and has become my core purpose, and has firm roots in my mind, heart and life, that I will not fail. Quitting is not an option. Money is not my drive.

What drives you? Do you have a price tag on your head or on your dreams?

Personal development is the conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and to grow as an INDIVIDUAL.
I whole heartedly believe in the power of personal development & owe my success of the person I am today to the power of engaging in daily personal development.
Everybody wants to be somebody, but not everyone wants to grow. Are you ready to grow?

What a great weekend I had. I came back feeling empowered, inspired, and ON FIRE. 
Thanks to everyone who shared this experience with me. I love you Becky, Kristina, Samantha, Louise, David, Jenny, Monte and Edna. Great seeing you Mikey! 

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