What is a Team Beachbody Coach? It’s SIMPLY, a customer, who has seen great results from using #Beachbody products and wants to help others reach their goal.

A coach can help keep you motivated and can stay in touch with you over the phone or virtually, over the internet. 

Having a coach costs you NOTHING. Millions of people have been partnered with they roaches to achieve their dream bodies. 

If you are a customer, did you know that YOU can become a coach? Did you know that even if you have never purchased or tried a Beachbody product before, you TOO can become a coach?? 

As a child, did you dream of being a teacher, nurse, firefighter, doctor, police officer or working in a field where you could help others? 

Are you someone who is currently living paycheck to paycheck? Or in debt 5-6+ digits high? Are you someone who at the end of the day, comes home tired, stressed and cranky because your job is physically and mentally DRAINING? Are you someone who constantly wishes that they had more time with their families or TO THEMSELVES because you spend more time on the clock, than you do with your loved ones? Are you tired of having a LONG to-do list at home, full of personal items, but never have enough time? Are you tired of having to ask permission to take a day off or leave work early? 

I will be starting a NEW coach training group on March 2nd and would like to invite YOU to participate! I have a special welcome gift basket that I send out to all of my new coaches!

What is it? 

This is a training group that is exclusively for coaches who have been a coach on Team Relentless for some time and may have gone inactive or have sponsored 1 coach and want to get to Emerald or have been a coach for sometime just for the discount or a coach  and  is now ready to learn more about the business to see if it’s for them or a coach who would like a refresher or didn’t get a chance to get a formal training when they joined. This group training will help you become more knowledgable and confident as a coach and will help you understand what is involved with coaching and HOW to be successful at it. You do NOT have to be a salesman. All you have to do is be yourself. 

How is it taught? 

The information and training will all be facilitated through a private Facebook group. 

What is required of me? 
My only request is that you check-in to the group at least once a day M-F for 15-20 minutes MAXIMUM to review my daily post. You can use the weekends to get caught up and review the information. 

How will it help you? 

What I am about to tell you is NOT to brag, but to simply share with you the opportunity at hand. 
In 2012, between 2/15-12/31/2012, I earned over $21,000 as a coach, working part-time, juggling my full-time job and my roles as wife and mom. In 2013, between 1/1-12/31/2013, I earned almost $70,000 and quit my job on November 1st, to come home to my family and become a FULL-TIME COACH. A few weeks ago, I received the 1099 from Beachbody and was astonished, that I earned almost $135,000 as a coach, working from home, traveling almost every month and even being away from home, traveling 11 states during the month of March. 

I ended 2013 ranked as #51 and ended 2014, ranked as #127 out of all of the coaches in our organization and  have remained an Elite coach both years. Your upline, my coach, Becky and her sister, have been Elite 3 times and both ended in the top 40 in 2014. (My Coach, has been a coach since August 2010 and is about $100.000 away (in perusal earnings) from the Millionaire Club.) You have a strong support system and are part of a team with amazing leaders who want to see you succeed. You cannot and will not fail. 

I want everyone on my team to seize the opportunity like I did so that they no longer have to live by someone else’s rules helping them build their dream, if they don’t want to. I want to teach you MY best practices in hopes that you will implement it and find true happiness in helping others, as I have, living a designed life full of freedom and choice. I want you to have opportunities that have always been a “wild dream”. I want you to feel fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the day. 

I made this video that shares a little bit more about coaching, the benefits and how to earn money. 
If you would like to be added to this group and can commit to 15-20 minutes a day for 5 days a week, please reply back for more details. 

If you would like to learn more about me … 

Here is a video I made that tells you about my 3 year journey as a coach so you can get to know me better. 

And here is an additional video that I made that tells you my story and background (fast forward to minute 7:00)

I got the privilege of being in the PiYo Coach Test Group and got the BEST results in my life!