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Mindy Hord

I, Mindy Hord am a 36-year-old wife & mother of three. I am a Korean adoptee, raised on the West Coast in Northern California, but currently reside in Texas. I went from a teenage mom, with no college degree, living paycheck-to-paycheck to an inspirational and influential mother of three earning a 6-figure income after finding my passion and purpose through fitness in 2012. I have continued to grow my  knowledge in fitness and nutrition and coach people all across the nation as well as Canada (and will be expanding to the U.K.) My passion to help others overcome failure, increase their confidence and skill set stems from a lifelong desire to serve others & make a difference in others life.

I am someone who has struggled with low self-esteem, overcoming drug/alcohol addictions and an abusive childhood. I have a history of overeating as an emotional eater. I had never been athletic or fit until I stumbled upon Beachbody in early 2012, after reaching my lowest point in life and highest weight. After becoming involved in the Team Beachbody Community, I was finally able to achieve peace of mind and stopped blaming others for what my life had become. I have learned to step outside of my comfort zone, put others first and ditch the excuses. Prior to 2012, I had never set a goal or had any dreams, but have learned how to which has helped me find my passion & my purpose. I am now on a path to achieving my wildest dreams. I have committed to helping others believe in themselves and never apologize for who they are or try to fit in and be like everyone else. I am just like anyone else, but I have turned my life FULL of failure after failure into a future destined for success. I share my story and how I turned my life around as a lesson and inspiration in hopes of helping others. After becoming a coach on February 15, 2012, 625 days later, my life changed drastically. After 21 months of working diligently as an online health/fitness/life coach (Independent Team Beachbody Coach), I was able to leave a 10+ year career, in the Insurance Industry to pursue a full-time career as a Coach. I have been my own boss since November 1, 2014, and since then have built a STRONG relationship with my family and FINALLY feel like I am the mother I always wanted to be. I am designing my own life, instead of living a life designed around someone else's terms. I invite anyone who is searching for guidance, support, and accountability to join me.

My passion has always been people: seeking out love & connection and helping others. I am currently working towards my goal of writing a book about my life, becoming a certified life + addiction/recovery + relationship coach.

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